It’s one of those days when irritation boils just below the skin. I can’t wait for a run to shake the fidgets out, to get rid of the unpleasant prickles. B can’t wait either, she keeps nosing at me. “NAO? NAO? WE RUN NAO?” Even loading her in the car Continue Reading

Weekend Persistence

A nice sunny weekend, and now I need a day to recover from everything I did on my days “off.” I did manage my One New Recipe Of The Week, Thug Kitchen‘s spiced chickpea wraps with tahini dressing. It’s the first time I’ve ever worked with tahini, Continue Reading

Belated Cover Reveal

Okay, so I’m slack. You all know this. I know this. But I wasn’t aware just how slack I could be until I went to check something on my website and saw that I hadn’t revealed the amazing cover for City of Light here–the one place it should Continue Reading

The Gap

These are tiny, super-strong magnets, Buckyballs, the type one is cautioned not to swallow. The ex, who somewhat fancied himself Fuller’s unrecognized heir, bought them. Now that the kids are in their teens and understand what they can do inside Continue Reading

Nasty Letters

I get mail. Some of it is…breathtaking. First Name: *redacted* Last Name: *redacted* Your Email *redacted* Re-enter email *redacted* Subject: steelflower Message: Loved this book. I just read that epiracy killed the series. How does it not kill your Continue Reading