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Jenna’s New Release and Fun with Pronunciation!

First up, one of the DeaGiftedDead_119Kdline Dames has a new release this week!


By Jenna Black

Politics and magic make dangerous bedfellows.

Deep within the Order, the seeds of corruption have taken root. While younger generations of the Gifted have embraced modern democratic values, a secret society of old-guard zealots seek a return to the past, when only European men of distinguished bloodlines held power.

Now, three venerable European families and a maverick American each plot to seize control of the Order and shape it to their will. A cutthroat game of political intrigue will decide the winner; and the stakes couldn’t be higher, for ruling the Order carries with it the power to grant—or deny—an afterlife.

What begins as a battle of wills could turn into an all-out war. And magic could prove deadlier than any missile.

Congratulations Jenna!!!

And now for something silly. As most of you know, Rachel Vincent and I have been critique partners for years. For most of those years, she wasn’t living close but now we’re in the same town and enjoying the face to face time. We were joking about how a lot of us spent more time reading than anything else growing up, so some of us mispronounced words. I was particularly bad about this. I saw this joke the other day and you know, it’s good to know others did this.


Thought it would be fun to share some of the words I mispronounced. The list is a lot longer–these are just off the top of my head.

niche (I’ve seen actual arguments break out over this word. Good times.)

annihilate ( I can’t even begin to explain how I mispronounced this in my head-think I mostly gave up halfway through.)

gauge (I’m ashamed to admit this word is sometimes misspelled in my manuscripts. STILL.)

hover (Most embarrassing way to learn the correct pronunciation ever–while on a date.)

writhed (Agh! I even wrote this wrong. Was long “e” sound in my head. I know, sounds weird that way. But I read my first Harlequin Presents at 12 and that was a POPULAR word in those.)

Yeah, Colonel…just like in the joke.

quinoa  (WHAT. THE. HELL? I still can’t pronounce this one.)

gnocchi (Such a fun word. Yummy stuff, though!)

bruschetta  (Confession. Hangs head. I only recently learned I’ve been saying this one wrong. A long time.)

albeit (I still sometimes forget this actually has three syllables…)

kilometer (In my defense, a teacher taught me the wrong pronunciation on that one. And how many times do we hear pronunciation mispronounced? LOL)

hyperbole (Luckily, I learned this one early.)

segue (I knew the right way, but I’d read it wrong in my head so young, it kept sticking.)

ennui ( Another stubborn brain fart of a word!)

viscount (Should I admit this? The age when I discovered Barbara Cartland?)

There are more but I’ve embarrassed myself enough yes? And don’t even get me started on names. I will stumble over strangely spelled names and with all the science fiction I read growing up, I stuttered my way through many a story. But here’s one I didn’t know until I went to a live reading at sixteen. Siobhan. LOL. I sat there stunned and then turned bright red when I remembered reading the name aloud in class. I think I’m turning red now just remembering it.

So…which words have you mispronounced? ;)

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