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Halloween shenanigans!

[First, a note to anyone who may have missed it: This is available now!

Hunt small

For details, take a look at my blog post here.]

Somehow, I’ve let most of the week go by without posting (Many thanks to Dame Rinda, who posted yesterday about a Halloween book sale!), but that’s really no surprise, considering. I had a gap between deadlines for the last half of summer and the first half of fall, but when it rains it pours, so I’m now working on about three things at once. Which means that, unfortunately, we weren’t able to make a Halloween gingerbread house this year. We’ll be doing a Christmas one, though, so I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures.

This year for Halloween, No. 1 and Maestro (my husband and son) temporarily enclosed our front porch and turned it into a mini-haunted house, complete with a creepy soundtrack, animatronic fire beneath the caldron, smoke machines, and a flickering Edison light (and an LED strobe). The whole neighborhood saw them working on it all month, and as the saying goes, if you build it, they will come. We were swamped with kids (and some parents) working up the courage to venture into our haunted house for candy. Several even asked if they could take pictures with my husband, whose costume was really awesome.

Alas, most of my pictures (taken on my phone) don’t do the spectacle justice, but here are a few shots, without the flashing lights, smoke machine, and ambient darkness.

front yard

No. 1 and Maestro in our grave(front)yard.

Haunted porch

No. 1 and Maestro in our mini-haunted house


Maestro’s speciality: The Blood(bird)bath

This year I went as the PJ zombie girl from the first episode of The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, we failed to get a good picture of me. Again. Probably because I take most of the photos around here. ;)

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