Good morning! *is handed a note, checks clock* Ahem. Good afternoon, rather. There is news coming on a few fronts, but unfortunately today is a “run around and put out the fires” sort of day, so I won’t make any huge announcements. Suffice to say I’m Continue Reading

Poor Joe

Poor Emphysema Joe. Ever since the Zombie Gnome Battle Royale, he’s been hiding. He doesn’t even torment Norbert like he used to. I might try to have Miranda intervene. Or move Fred and George’s summerhouse nearer to keep him company. It’s not Continue Reading

Excerpt of FORESWORN

Another goodie for the readers at the Summer YA Book Party! The confusion he made me feel did what confusion always did to me. Made me mad. I hated not knowing what was going on at all times, hated the blurred edges that showed up too often in life. Continue Reading

Excerpt of FORECAST

A new excerpt of FORECAST (Bk #2 in the Sisters of Fate trilogy.) for the readers at the Summer YA Book Party! Taran called and asked me to meet him for a late lunch at a fast-food seafood restaurant on Miracle Strip Parkway the next morning. Guess Continue Reading