Common Fellows

Someone’s writing a book with mushroom hunters (not me, not me) and so I am taking pictures of whichever ones I come across. Spring’s the best time, with the rains coming in, but you can find them in damp spots all summer long–if you know where to Continue Reading

Hurry Up, Wait

Now that we’ve successfully painted two rooms, I can’t wait to get my bedroom done. And the hall, which will probably be next. And the living room, which will require a ton of prep–moving bookshelves away from the walls and stuff. The big headache Continue Reading

We painted. Nobody died.

So, yeah. Remember that huge hole in my bathroom wall? The one that was a result of extensive water damage, the one we found all about when it was leaking down to the basement? Yeah. That. Well, we finally got actual greenboard in there–the Chez’s Continue Reading

Rabbit Run

When I can’t run, B and I walk. This park is one of her favorites, full of interesting smells. The fence runs along a majestic bank of blackberry tangle, parallel to a highway. The traffic drone is soothing, I imagine, to the rabbits who have made Continue Reading