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Kitten Has a Name

Thank you to everyone who entered the Name That Kitten contest, whether here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or via email. :) After much deliberation, the Precious Little Tax Deductions, Loving Husband, and I have agreed on the kitten’s name:


(Tux, Tuxy, Tuxedo, and “STOP THAT” are all acceptable variations.)

So the contest winner is…Debi Murray! :) **throws confetti** Debi, you know the drill: please email me with your mailing address, and how you’d like your copy of To Bear An Iron Key personalized. :)

In other news, I finished this month’s MFA packet for my mentor — two days early. That means A) I have time to do some revising and B) there WILL be wine tonight!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Brick Breaking Tips for Writers And A Contest


Hey - want to see an author break a brick? That's me. :) Now, you have to understand why this moment is so important to me: during my taekwondo black-belt test, I was not successful in my two attempts to break a brick. I'd attempted with a … [Continue reading]

For Those With Cats, Part 2: The Kittypocalypse, plus TKD question

So today is the kitten's fourth day with us. He doesn't really like kibble but wow, does he inhale his wet food! And he'll eat Nyxie's food if I'm not watching, so now I keep her wet food dish on a shelf if he's in the vicinity. Every day seems to … [Continue reading]

For Those With Cats

Sorry, but this one has nothing to do with writing or reading; if you're not into cats, I apologize for wasting your time. We have an almost 2 year old female cat whom we'd adopted from a rescue agency through a sponsoring pet store. Nyxie's been … [Continue reading]

Cover Reveal – INFINITY BELL

Infinity Bell final 600

I have a new fantasy trilogy coming out this year: the House Immortal series.  The first book in the series is HOUSE IMMORTAL, which will hit shelves and e-reader screens* (oh, and ears--it will be available in audio via Tantor) on September 2nd. … [Continue reading]