American Malls

Where you cannot find bookstores, but you can buy an electric car. I walked halfway past before realising what it was–a Tesla store. “There’s cars in there!” I murmured, stopping dead. There was also a Victoria’s Secret, but those are everywhere. Continue Reading

Mall Adventure!

I was in a mall yesterday. It went about as well as one would expect. Apparently my beloved desktop is one of the few that had bad hard drives installed, and Apple, genius and benevolent overlords that they are, sent me an email warning me and Continue Reading

What I Do Instead

Sundays are generally for my long runs. I have a number of routes to choose from including a couple loops that take me through the parking lot of a church. Generally I don’t see a single soul as I lope between cars, hearing the music from my Continue Reading


There is only one possible image I can post today. Image from Hyperbole and a Half. Because maybe everything isn’t. Love wins. Source: Lilith Saintcrow Maybe Continue Reading