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Halloween Treat!

Dame Rinda

Dame Rinda

Here’s a cool Halloween Treat for you guys! A couple of Harlequin Teen books were picked for a fun three day promotional price drop at Google Play. You can pick up FORETOLD for $1.99 and Gena Showalter’s ALICE IN ZOMBIELAND for just $2.99. These prices only last through November 1st. Click on the book covers to go!




aliceinzombielandIt’s fun being in a promotional thing with Gena. I’ve known her forever. Well, maybe not forever, but I remember when she first joined the Oklahoma chapter of RWA–I think I was still president at the time. This was before either of us had published a novel. I’d published some short fiction and er…a bunch of those “true” stories in a few fun magazines. (Like True Story, True Romance. You know, the ones your grandma thought were all real. LOL.)

We hit it off and had fun on our chapter loop. Too much fun according to some at one time when we did a sort of battle of wits and Photo-shopped each other into a bunch of pictures. Sooooo tempted to post a few of the funnier ones, but we got in trouble for being too naughty. ;)

Is it possible to be too naughty?

Anyway, I was pretty jazzed to have my book picked along with hers.  And for another Halloween treat, here is a goofy pic of us taken a few years ago.


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