Running away

Sometimes, as a writer, you simply have to run away. Sometimes the pressure of deadlines and expectations --both your own and those of your editors and readers-- become so overwhelming that if you want to survive you simply have do something … [Read more...]

Brushing off the dust

It's Thursday! And that means I totally missed my day to post yesterday. Sorry, sorry, sorry! To make it up to you, here are Dame Jenna's winners:   Paige Vest, who said: "Yay! for release day!! Congrats! I’d love to have Dark Descendant … [Read more...]

Playing with Myths (and a Release-day Giveaway)

Today is the release day for Deadly Descendant, the second book in my Descendant series about private eye Nikki Glass, who found out in Dark Descendant that she's descended from the goddess Artemis. It has a striking, sexy front cover (though I can't … [Read more...]

That’s a lot of No

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to two high school writing classes about the writerly life. Public speaking makes me very nervous. Even standing up in front of a crowd to read a bit of my newest book gives me a serious case of the … [Read more...]

Winners for Dames Rinda and Kaz!

I wanted to pick you all! Some of the comments cracked me up. But the random number generator chose these two winners for my Kithra and Replicant giveaway. Congratulations! Email me at rindaelliott(at)gmail(dot)com with your email addresses and … [Read more...]