What Does It Feel Like?


Dame RindaHow about some honesty? I struggled with whether to write this post or not. I rarely rant because I worry about sharing too many of my feelings online. And there are so many “rules” out there for writers these days, it’s hard to keep up … [Read more...]

New Release Tuesday

the bandit king lilith saintcrow

Happy Tuesday, everyone! First, an announcement: Dame Lilith's book, THE BANDIT KING will be out this Friday, June 1st! Mark your calendars and fire up your ereaders. There are only two short days before you can get your hands on this … [Read more...]

The Quirk that Won’t Die

I think it may be a sign of the Apocalypse, but (assuming I successfully complete this post), I will have written two blog posts this week. Sometimes I swear it's easier for me to write a novel than a blog post, so I plan on rewarding my … [Read more...]

SHADOW BOUND is out today!!!

UK SB front cover

So, today, Shadow Bound is officially out! At least, the US paperback version. I'm hearing that the US ebook versions are out in some formats, but not yet in others. I'm also hearing mixed reports from other English-speaking countries about whether … [Read more...]

What ever happened to civility?

Warning: something of a soapbox rant coming up.   I'm a big believer in free speech. Really, I am. But I'm also a believer in treating people the way you would want to be treated yourself, and lately it appears that there's a whole … [Read more...]