A Ramble-I’m Good, I Really Am!

Dame Rinda

“You need to get out more. Do something.”

Hard to say how many times I’ve heard this, but I have. A lot. Sometimes, it amuses me, but at other times, it kind of annoys me. Yeah, sometimes getting out and about is just what I need, but it seems to really surprise people when they learn I actually LIKE working at home by myself.

I think some people have this idea that we lounge around miserably bored and lonely most of the day then slam out thousands of words in a few minutes. Um no. Now, I have spent the better part of a day goofing off and then being surprised by a stint of great writing. I’ll admit it. In fact, I’d trade all the chocolate in the world for a steady stream of days like those. But more often than not, I’m sitting in a chair for hours, going over words and research until my gaze is blurry and every joint has petrified. I’ll send off that piece to my eagle-eyed CP, and get it back only to realize I missed all these annoying grammar things because I focus so heavily on story. So then, I’m going back over everything again.

I love it though. I do.

The other part of that “you need to get out more” has to do with people not understanding that I’m not lonely at home–that I actually enjoy working at home. I loved Dame Lili’s last post on being an introvert because I completely identified with it.  I like going into my office and settling in where I can play music or just let the silence wash over me so I can focus. And I’ve been extra hermit-y lately because I have a lot of projects in the works and some big decisions to make on them. I still want writing as a career. That only comes with self-discipline and hard work. And OMG, stubbornness!

So, in an effort to get me out, one of the invitations I get a lot is to join a gym. At first, I thought I was being insulted. I mean, I’m in okay shape. I work out. But no, people actually think the gym is fun. (And good for you if you do!) I have a sister who would live in one if she could. But honestly, I loathe the place. Seriously, I get sweaty and grouchy when I work out and I much prefer my elliptical, a set of earphones and the ability to bitch out loud at imaginary scientists who haven’t discovered a way to stay in shape without exercise.

The best thing about working out at home? Netflix. I can set up my big monitor and catch up on shows. I can ogle hot Doctor Keeton in Off the Map.

Or marvel over the genius that is Sherlock.

And really, who needs a gym when you can plug in Hart of Dixie and watch these guys?


Sigh. You know, I had a point. What was it again? Oh yeah, something about being happy working at home and watching hot actors for inspiration. I’m writing a lot of romance lately, so maybe that was my point…



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    I’m with you Rinda. I love working at home, on my own schedule, not having to go somewhere or be on someone else’s schedule. Like I thought today was clear to work on a specific project, but not, three meeting got scheduled between 5pm and this morning. .
    Work-outs, home definitely.
    Some day I will get to hibernate at home and work on writing
    Some day my prince will come…oops-another story altogether.

  2. says

    I couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing worse than going to a public place and having everyone stare as you try to look halfway coordinated trying to do unfamiliar exercises. Worse yet? Gyms with pools. I love my Hydrotone but I refuse to show up in public in a bathing suit. At least not until I’ve had my thighs and stomach liposuctioned and a boob job to lift and shrink.
    I also love working at home and get very tired of people telling me I’d be better getting out and mingling in the public–making “real money” the right way instead of dreaming my life away (my husband’s fav rant). Very frustrating but it’s actually helped me create some great characters. It’s hard to write about sex and romance when neither is currently in my life. So, I make do with what I’ve got and write really terrific chaos scenes.

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