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Maybe it’s just me, but the days seem to be zooming by so fast of late. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m so inundated with work write now I barely have time to scratch. I’ve now done four lots of edits or copy edits on three different books in the last month and a bit. As a result, I’m so far behind on my current book (Darkness Splintered–Dark Angels 6) that it’s not funny. Which means, as a consequence, I really haven’t had much time to think about blog posts, let alone write one. So I’m taking the easy way out, and posting a snippet of the next Dark Angels book–Darkness Unmasked, which comes out in June 2013. (Please ignore any grammar mistakes–this is as is, unedited). Enjoy:


“Why would she have a shield up if she wasn’t up to no good?”

“She is sitting in a room filled with vampires, many of whom are not above using their telepathic powers to seduce or influence the thoughts of others. It is natural she would have some means to protect herself from such events.”

That did make sense. I continued to frown at the woman on the stage. There was something about her that made my nerves crawl, but maybe that was nothing more than my desire for this hunt to be easy.

“She’ll have to take a break soon. We can interview her when she does.” I leaned back in my chair and glanced at Azriel. He was little more than shadow in this darkness, but his eyes shone brightly–almost as brightly as his sword. “Why is Valdis reacting? Amaya’s not.”

Can, she said.

No. The last thing I wanted was her hissing like a banshee in my brain.

Banshee not.Her tone was a trifle huffy. Maybe she’d been taking lessons from Azriel.

“I had good reason for the huffiness,” he replied evenly. “And I thought we’d moved past that.”

My eyebrows rose. “You heard her?”

He nodded. “Through you. And a banshee is a spirit; she’s a demon.”

Better, Amaya grouched.

I snorted. “Tell me, do all demon swords have such attitude?”

He smiled. “The attitude of the sword very much depends on the attitude of the owner.”

“”So you’re saying I’m a sweet tempered, silver tongued woman?”

He caught my hand in his, drew it to his lips, and kissed it. “Would I dare say anything else?”


and that, I’m afraid, is it  :)


  1. Angela says

    Waiting another 6 months is going to be tough but the book will be well worth the wait just like all of them. I love all your books so keep up the good work.

  2. Dani says

    *just stares* What?!? Now I have to wait? But that is absolutely not fair *sobs* anyways love the excerpt and can’t wait for the book to come out.

  3. Mary says

    “Please” let Risa and Azriel make love again! Isn’t there any way you can find another human form for him to borrow? Or some kind of good deed he does can let him take human form when he desires intimate contact with Risa! Everytime I read the Dark Angel books I see Risa and Azriel as Riley and Quinn! These books are awesome!!!

  4. miriam says

    Darkness hunts is amazing, as all yr books, but I am quite sad to wait six months for the sequel. I hope that Risa and Azriel can have a future together, because Risa can manage her reaper very well.-


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