About those Soul Screamers bundles…

Wow! *looks around* I haven’t been here in a while. The last time it was my turn to blog, I was house shopping in Oklahoma. Now, one day post (U.S.) Thanksgiving, No. 1 and I are two weeks away from our move, four weeks away from Christmas, and living in utter chaos. I apologize if that chaos is reflected in this post. In addition to everything mentioned above, I’m on an ASAP deadline (No real date. This is a get-it-to-us-as-fast-as-you-can deadline.), in the middle of a release (Soul Screamers Volume 2 is now out!!!) and working in a house that’s more than half-packed.

Yesterday, after we made and ate Thanksgiving dinner, we washed the dishes, then packed them. Seriously. Movers are moving some of our stuff–they’ll be here next week–and we’re moving the rest ourselves, so we’re also facing several days in a hotel, as well. So, right now, my weekly giveaways are on hiatus, because all my prize books are packed.

But! On the bright side, have I mentioned that Soul Screamers Volume 2 is now out? Why yes, it is just in time for your holiday shopping! (And With All My Soul is up for preorder!) In case you’re not familiar with the Soul Screamers series, or not sure where to start, here’s the quick series order picture tutorial.

Option 1: Read each story individually.

Advantages: All but the seventh/final book are currently available like this.

Disadvantages: You have to buy the volumes individually. In reading order, they are:

In the images above, “My Soul To Lose,” “Reaper,” and “Never To Sleep” are online-only novellas, not available in all countries. (I’m sorry about that. I’m not the one who decides things like that.) The other books are all available  in print, with various covers in various countries.

Option 2: Read the stories in omnibus format.

Advantages: These 3-for-1 omnibus volumes are almost 1/3 the price of buying the individual novels/novellas, and the omnibuses are currently the only way to get the novellas in print.

Disadvantage: Volume 3 won’t be out until next year.



I have seen the cover for Volume 3, which should be out next year, and it’s gorgeous! It will include: .

I don’t have any concrete information on a possible Volume 4 yet, but if Volumes 2 & 3 sell well, I suspect you’ll be able to get something brand new in Volume 4. But don’t quote me on that. There’s no dry ink just yet. 😉

So, I hope your holiday season is less hectic than mine, and that you both get and give a ton of books for Christmas (or whatever you celebrate)!

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