Dame-to-Dame Read… WINNERS!

(This is Dame Kaz, by the way.) Well! We did it. Three Dames, one book... and a whole lot of fun. (Oh, and a penguin. I think internet stardom is going to Milly Dilly's head. ;)) The first Dame-to-Dame Read was a success, and we're grateful for … [Read more...]

Finding Inspiration & Doing the Work


There is so much going on in my world right now, and most hectic among those things is the fact that I'm moving flats apartments. It is the first of two moves this year (if all goes to plan), so being an interim sort of stage - i.e. putting piles of … [Read more...]

Catching up with Dame Kaz…


Hi, lovely Dames readers! It's been a while since I updated, so here are a few of the things going on in my world right now. THE SILVER FEY The most exciting thing (well, I think so!) is that I finally finished the free short story set in the … [Read more...]

Dames in the Wild ~ WFC2013


  World Fantasy Con 2013 was held in Brighton, England this year, which meant that the two non-US Dames had a chance to meet up and hang out. Although I admit to being a card-carrying introvert, I was determined to at least spend some … [Read more...]

A Winner & Dame Rinda’s Publication Day

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway and shared their own milestones - I honestly loved reading all the comments. So many things happening for our readers this year! I was pretty surprised by how many of you stopped by, so thank you for that. … [Read more...]