Catching up with Dame Kaz…


Hi, lovely Dames readers! It's been a while since I updated, so here are a few of the things going on in my world right now. THE SILVER FEY The most exciting thing (well, I think so!) is that I finally finished the free short story set in the … [Read more...]

Dames in the Wild ~ WFC2013


  World Fantasy Con 2013 was held in Brighton, England this year, which meant that the two non-US Dames had a chance to meet up and hang out. Although I admit to being a card-carrying introvert, I was determined to at least spend some … [Read more...]

A Winner & Dame Rinda’s Publication Day

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway and shared their own milestones - I honestly loved reading all the comments. So many things happening for our readers this year! I was pretty surprised by how many of you stopped by, so thank you for that. … [Read more...]

Four Years… (a giveaway)

Dame Kaz

I've been so busy the last few weeks - with a mixture of deadlines and personal stuff going on - that I forgot it was an important date in my publishing history. An anniversary, of sorts... It's been four years since my agent and I first sold The … [Read more...]

An Experiment


I was going to call this post Not-so Social Media, but then I thought that might sound like I was being all negative (when, in fact, I've had quite enough of negativity lately). So I settled on 'An Experiment,' because I have just started an … [Read more...]