But before we get to that, a bit of a news update :) For those of you not following me on Twitter or Facebook, the big new is that I've sold another series. This is a 'book of the heart' project, something I started over two years ago, that had Continue Reading

Catching up with Dame Keri….


Where on earth has this year gone? Seriously, where? I honestly have no idea. My nose has been stuck in the middle of deadlines, edits, and copy edits, and I've barely had time to scratch. Which is why I'm doing a 'catch up' sort of post rather than Continue Reading

Just for fun…


I've no exciting news---nothing except the fact I've seen the cover for Fireborn (the first book in my Souls of Fire series, which comes out June 2014), and it is freaking amazing!  So just for a change, I've decided to do something fun here on our Continue Reading

New release and a giveaway…


My turn to post has rolled around yet again, so I'm going to take the opportunity to plug my latest release--Who Needs Enemies. This, as I mentioned the last time I blogged, is my very first self published title, and one that I hope will not be the Continue Reading

Teaser: Who Needs Enemies

My turn to post yet again, and yet again I have nothing to post about. My writing life has been crazy of late--in the last month alone I've done 2 lots of edits and one lot of copy edits on two different books, and I have edits on a third book Continue Reading