Doing nothing, and a winner


If you've been a writer any amount of time, you've probably experienced those moments. The ones where you stare at the computer screen, unable to get a decent line on the page let alone an entire story, and you're totally convinced your muse has … [Read more...]

Dame for a Day: M. J. Scott


Technically it's my day to post, but I've decided to hand it over to my friend, crit buddy, and all round wonderful writer, M.J. Scott, because her latest novel, Iron Kin, is now available--and it's absolutely fabulous! So, with no further delay, … [Read more...]

Catching up with Keri…


My turn to post and I have absolutely nothing to say. Not here, and not, apparently, on the book that's due in a month and giving me hell. The problem, you see, is edits. Normally I don't mind edits; they come along in an orderly fashion, and you … [Read more...]



My turn to post today, and I have absolutely nothing to say. I think my brain has been fried by not only all the heat we're suffering here in Melbourne, but also from all the edits I've been doing of late. So, I'm going to take the easy way out, and … [Read more...]

Myths vs Reality

It's been a somewhat hectic start for me this year, with 3 lots of edits and a set of proofs hitting my desk over the last three weeks (and three of those four needing to be done and back on editors desks by the end of January). There's been little … [Read more...]