Catalyst-Next Tuesday!

Dame Rinda

CATALYST, the third in The Kithran Regenesis series releases next Tuesday, December 11th. This is one of my Dani Worth books, so you can expect to spend most of the book blushing. Trust me, I blushed most of the way through it myself. Catalyst is a bit hotter than the first two. 😉 It’s also longer, so the price is a little higher. Right now you can pre-order it for $3.15 at Samhain and this price will stay good the entire first week of release, too! So, here is the official blurb and fun warning!


A woman seeking answers, a younger man seeking love, and an older man seeking revenge must work together to achieve all of their goals…

Catalyst, The Kithran Regenesis, Book 3

Vala Gorun’s family was off Kithra when the explosions happened and although she’s back on her home planet helping with the rebuild, something she saw all those years ago still haunts her. So she hires a Tracker to find the human man she’d once loved—one she thinks betrayed her in the worst possible way.

In order to stop the search into his past, Jackson Canfield sends space pirates to kidnap the Tracker. He can’t afford to be found. Not now, when his revenge is almost complete. Unfortunately, instead of the Tracker, the pirates grab Vala and a young Gwinarian man instead.

Trapped on a pirate vessel with Bastian Sithbrun, a ridiculously attractive but younger man, Vala fights her attraction. But something about the twenty-year-old gets to her… But when the pirates leave them the unwilling guests of the very man she’d driven crazy with her teen crush all those years ago, Vala learns Jacks has been in hiding, working to right a horrible wrong.

Now the three of them must work together to reveal the truth behind Kithra’s destruction—if they can control the explosive passion that erupts between them long enough to complete their task.

Product Warnings

A tattooed, broken-hearted heroine discovers M/M/F love is crazy hot when not fighting giant alien lizards or worrying about age differences. And when the senses are narrowed to touch alone behind a massive waterfall? It’s scorching!



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