Catching up with Dame Keri….

smallerkeri2Where on earth has this year gone? Seriously, where? I honestly have no idea. My nose has been stuck in the middle of deadlines, edits, and copy edits, and I’ve barely had time to scratch. Which is why I’m doing a ‘catch up’ sort of post rather than something cool and smart like Dame Rachel did with her post. I’m afraid my brain just isn’t up to cool and smart right now. lol

So here, in no particular order, are a few of the things that have been happening over the last few months:

1–I guess the most exciting bit of news is also one I can’t really talk about just yet. But let’s just say that it looks like I’ve sold the project I’ve been working on (and off) for over two years. I love this story, and can’t wait to share it with you all.

2–In another bit of exciting news, my house didn’t burn down in the spate of bushfires that raged through Victoria last month. The fires came altogether too close–we were told to evacuate, and did–but thankfully, they stopped the front five minutes down the road from us. It was another huge effort by the Country Fire Authority, and the men and women of the CFA–all of them volunteers–did a fantastic job. Homes were lost in our area, but not as many as it could have been, and there were no lives lost. It was a far better outcome than the Black Saturday fires, even though the conditions were much the same. And much of that was down to the endless effort of the CFA and all the other volunteers. Thanks, guys.

3–Darkness Falls (Risa 7) is almost finished, although I’ve got 50 pages to write and it seems to be taking forever. Maybe the muse just doesn’t want this series to finish. lol

4–TV news. How cool is Almost Human? I’ll watch Karl Urban in just about anything, but I really like the chemistry he and Michael Ealy have going. There’s lots of funny bits between them, especially when they’re in the car. I’m really hoping this gets another season, because there’s really not much in the way of good SciFi on the box at the moment.
5–I can’t remember if I’ve shared this cover before or not, but hey, it’s a really cool cover, so I’m sharing it again. This is the cover for Fireborn, the first book in my Souls of Fire series, which comes out in July. I just love it.

6–Here’s another thing I’m not sure I’ve mentioned; I’m going to be at the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans this year! Dames Jackie, Jenna, and I will be on the Never Give Up: A Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Goals panel together, which is on Wednesday at 12.00. We’ll also be at the mass author signing on the Saturday. And feel free to stop me for a chat if you’re there and happen to spot me. I don’t bite (though I might fall asleep on you given the time difference; daytime in New Orleans is night time for me in OZ!)

and that, I think, is it. Now I’d better get back to the damn story that just doesn’t want to end….


  1. Joylyn says

    Totally agree with Almost Human! I LOVE it! Sadly the network it is on is the same on that cancelled Firefly and so I think it will have a short run. It has been a long dry spell for those of us who love good Sci-Fi for sure:)
    Yeah for your other good news also.

    • says

      That’s what I’m afraid of Joylyn–another Firefly. We can hope they’ve learned — but considering they were screwing around with the episode order–which they did with firefly–maybe not! :(

  2. Jessica S. says

    Oh wow! All excited now about this new mystery project!! Can’t wait for the moment when you can share and then it will be waiting for this project to happen! 😀

    Glad to hear that the bushfires avoided your home! Glad the CFA was able to put them out and no one was hurt.

    And ooooh I am sooo excited for Fireborn! Saw the cover, saw your name and immediately added it to my release list without reading what it was about first! Yep, you’re auto-buy Keri! 😉

    And yay RT!! This might be my last RT for a spell, as I’ve gone in 10, 12 and 13 and it’s getting pricey for me. But I saw New Orleans and thought I would go early for a brief sight seeing and then attend all the festivities! Was so happy to see your name there! Haven’t seen you since 2010 and can’t wait to see you again!! Getting soooo excited too! As of writing this comment, there’s only 74 days left to go! 😀

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