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Where did November go?  I swear, I blinked and the month was gone! And yet here we are, in the last month of 2013, just a few short weeks away from starting a new year.

Pretty soon those of us who make resolutions, or affirmations, or goals will be busy deciding just what exactly we hope to add or subtract from our year to come.

But before we get there, I thought I’d look back over November and share a few cool things that filled my days.

1. I turned in book #1 of a new trilogy. I haven’t talked a lot about this new series, but yes, I am writing a new urban fantasy-esque series, the first book of which is titled, HOUSE IMMORTAL.  I also got a peek at the cover for the book, and it is stunning!

HOUSE IMMORTAL is not a part of the Allie Beckstrom world, or the Cedar Hunt steampunk world. All new stuff here! HOUSE IMMORTAL will be out next September, and I’ll send out reminders, share the cover once it is finalized, and talk more about the story as soon as I can.

2. On that note, if you want to get (probably monthly or quarterly) reminders from me in your email, I am going to try doing a newsletter again. You can find a subscription link in the sidebar here. What will the newsletter contain? Exclusive snippets, behind-the-writing-scenes info, news, pictures, free fiction, and of course my knitting and knitting patterns I design.

The first newsletter will go out in a week or two, so there’s plenty of time to sign up.

3. While I did start my first-ever Nanowrimo novel, I didn’t hit the required 50K to declare the event a success.  What I did do, was finish a novel under deadline, and also copyedit another novel: STONE COLD, which is book #2 in the Broken Magic series. That is the last book in the spinoff duology from the urban fantasy Allie Beckstrom books, and is told from Shame’s and Terric’s point of view.  HELL BENT, book #1 in the series came out November 5th.

Thank you, readers who have reviewed, or tweeted, messaged, or emailed saying you enjoyed HELL BENT. You rock!  STONE COLD will be out April 1st.

4. The last exciting thing I wanted to share with you was that I was invited to attend the first annual Indies First Day, which coincided with Small Business Saturday. This event was sparked by this letter written by Sherman Alexie.  Two of my local bookstores: Reader’s Guide and The Book Bin asked me to come in and talk books, or sell books, or sign books to celebrate the day. I was more than happy to do so and had a great time chatting with readers.  Thanks again, readers, for coming out, shopping local, and making it a great day!

5. Okay, one more thing because the cuteness is beyond belief. Here is The Book Bin’s newest member, Rose Weasley, all curled up under the table where I was sitting. Isn’t she adorable?

Rose Kitty

I hope you all had WONDERFUL November, and that your December turns out to be the best month of 2013!

About Devon Monk

Devon Monk has one husband, two sons, and a dog named Mojo. She lives in Oregon and is surrounded by colorful and numerous family members who mostly live within dinner-calling distance of each other. She has sold over fifty short stories to fantasy, science fiction, horror, humor, and young adult magazines and anthologies. Her stories have been published in five countries and included in a Year’s Best Fantasy collection. When not writing, Devon is either knitting, remodeling the house-that-was-once-a-barn, or hosting a family celebration. To visit her web page or blog, go to: or


  1. Jessica S. says:

    Ooh yay! I still need to read Hell Bent myself, but I did preorder it and received it! I was just in the middle of an ebook challenge this month to clean up unread books on my Kindle! But I cannot wait to read it!

    Looking forward to this new series you speak of! Always looking for a new Urban Fantasy read because there truly is never enough!

    Also just signed up for the newsletter, as I can’t remember if I had done so or not! Will find out later when I check my email for the “confirm my email address” email!

    Congrats on getting a lot accomplished for NaNoWriMo! I myself have never felt confident enough to do that. I do write when I can but lately I’ve been need to edit and so rework a second WIP. I’ve been very bad lately and haven’t touched either one in awhile. But there’s been a lot going on. I do need to get back on it though.

    Congrats also on the invite to the Indies First Day! That sounds awesome!

    And awww, cute kitty! :D

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