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I’ve been pretty quiet online lately. I even missed my last day to post on Deadline Dames (bad Jenna!). In my defense, I have been pretty busy. I’ve been hard at work on my WIP, which is RESISTANCE, the second book in my upcoming YA series. For some reason, these books are coming out longer than the usual for me. My first drafts are usually in the 85-90K-word range. REPLICA came out at about 109K, and RESISTANCE is following in its footsteps. I’m done with the first draft, and it’s almost 103K words. And my second drafts tend to come out longer, because I’m a pretty spare writer on first draft.

RESISTANCE is keeping me pretty busy, but one of the joys of writing for multiple publishers is that you invariably end up juggling multiple projects at once. So during the time I’ve been finishing off RESISTANCE, I’ve also had to go through the copy edits for both my upcoming Nikki Glass e-novella, “Pros and Cons,” and the next Nikki Glass novel, ROGUE DESCENDANT. By the time I get to the copy edit phase, I am so sick of my own books it’s a major struggle to work on them. I’m not sure what the ideal amount of time between readings is for me, but it’s way more time than I tend to have between the revision phase and the copy edit phase. And then I’ll have page proofs for both next month. I’ll be even more sick of them then, and I’ll have to work hard to fight the mental drift that tends to happen at that phase. (It’s amazing how far adrift my mind can wander while part of it is technically reading the words in front of it.)

Even my non-work life has been fairly busy lately. I take ballroom dance lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and twice a year we have what’s called a showcase, which is the ballroom dance world’s version of a recital. My studio’s showcase was a couple weeks ago. Which of course meant extra lessons, as well as dress rehearsals and run-throughs. On the day of the showcase, I left my house at 10:15 AM and didn’t get home until 7:15 PM. Yeah, long day. And man, did it suck a lot of energy out of me.

It was great fun, and we were performing on a stage in a theater instead of just doing it at the studio. It meant we had a real dressing room to get ready in, and that there were blinding, hot spotlights on us when we performed. I danced a paso doble with both of my teachers, Andriy and Yuriy. (I’m not going to try to spell their last names without having a program in front of me!)

It’s all over now, but that means it’s almost time to start planning for the next one in the spring. I’ve already picked my music (Fliptop Twister, by Rockapella). I love dancing to unexpected/unusual songs, and this definitely qualifies. If you’re a fan of a cappella music at all, go check Rockapella out. They are fantastic.

In my spare time (ha, ha, ha), I’ve decided I want to reread the entire Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. That’s going to take a while! However, I’m super-excited about the upcoming release (March 2013) of LOVER AT LAST. I’ve never pre-ordered a book before, but this one I did. I am thrilled that the often conservative world of NY publishing is willing to put out a romance that features two males. I have to reread the series to remind myself of the ebb and flow of Blay and Qhuinn’s relationship through the series so I can fully appreciate the culmination of it.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately. I am trying to come out from under the rock and remind the outside world I exist. I have every intention of being more present on Twitter and Facebook and of answering the backlog of emails that are lying there in wait for me. But maybe I can take a little time off first. (Probably not, but I’ll set that as a goal anyway.)


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    I rarely if ever re-read a series but I was thinking the exact same thing. I want to re-read the BDB series before Lover at Last comes out. I have also been thinking about re-reading KMM’s Fever series. It’s hard to follow these long, multi-book series and keep track of all the goings on, esp. when I read so many other books in the year it takes for new books to come out.

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