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Sort of a drop by post today from me, but I’ve got crazy stuff happening around the Elliott household, including the second of two major appliance fails. The refrigerator/freezer tanked this morning, so I’m cleaning it out, and trying to figure out its problem myself before calling in repair. Joy, right?

In writing news, Dweller on the Threshold will be coming out from Samhain Publishing in March! This will be under my name. While it’s urban fantasy and romance, it’s not quite as erotic as the work I release as Dani Worth.

Oh!!! Speaking of my Dani work, check out my new cover!

It’s stunning. I want a framed poster! And of After the Crux…and Kithra. You know, I’m just lucky to have all these beautiful covers. Samhain artists rock. Catalyst is releasing December 11th. It’s the third in my Kithran Regenesis series, and it’s longer than the two novellas before it, but still a short category romance length. I’m easing into the longer erotic works because I’d originally only planned to release several sexy novella series I could write in between the 100k urban fantasy and YA novels I’m working on. But readers seem to really like these, and they keep asking for longer.

And honestly? I’m having so much fun writing them, I want to explore longer stories and deeper, more um, detailed, relationships. 😉

It’s my hope that they get better with each release. I’m working on Kithran 4 (Tentatively called Origin) and was supposed to just put together a proposal. I ended up writing a third of the book already. This one is just flying. I cleared 10,250 words on it this past Monday. Ended up dragging myself off to bed late. (Our poor bodies were not meant to hunch over a keyboard that long. )

These books aren’t for everyone. They aren’t straight M/F romances. For those of you who prefer those, I do have some coming up. Hopefully, news to announce soon.

Last but not least, I’ve started releasing short stories (up to 5k) set in the worlds of Kithra and Crux Survivors. These are short slices of life for the characters—something fun for readers between releases. The sign up is on the right side of my Dani website at and I will warn you, they’re in newsletter format because some of them will be sexy. Very sexy. The first is!  Ross and Dorian sort of took over. Ahem. Anyway, it’s set right after the end of After the Crux—so it’s spoilerish and M/M. Read at your own risk. (Though, it’s really more sweet than naughty. Heh. )



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    What cool news! I too love the cover:) I’m so glad you’re doing more in both worlds. I’m looking forward to your books, short stories or novellas in all genres. I can’t wait to read the story where Ross and Dorian took over. *snicker* As far as the appliance woes, I can relate. It seems like ONE thing never breaks. It’s always two or three. Ugh.

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      It does seem to happen that way, doesn’t it? And we still can’t get the freezer to freeze. $400 later on that particular gem. Good thing I had such a wonderful writing week. 😉 I’ll go see if you’re on the newsletter list and jot that story off to you.

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