Outlining with the Dames

Dame Rinda and Dame Rachel barefoot plotting

Yesterday I opened the blog for questions, and one of our readers asked something that we Dames thought would make a great blog post. Thank you, Cassie for asking us this: "To any/all Dames: how loosely/tightly do you outline a project, and do you Continue Reading

Q&A with the Dames

Today we are opening the blog for questions! Ask us about our books, our characters, our writing habits! Ask us about our hobbies, our Halloween plans, our pets! Ask us anything! I'll keep an eye on the comments here and do my best to Continue Reading

Ask Three Questions

Over on Facebook and Twitter, I asked for some questions to answer here on the blog.  I was only going to answer three, but these are fun, so I decided to just dive right in: Heidi asks: What types of challenges do you face when building worlds for Continue Reading

A Questionable Post

I realized today was my day to post here at the Dames...and due to revision of the third Bannon & Clare book eating what little sense remains in my brain (never much to begin with, really), I, if you will pardon the term... I got nuttin'. SO. Continue Reading