In Which Jackie Doesn’t Write

I didn't write at all today. Not. At. All. But here's what I did do today: 1. Unloaded dishes from the dishwasher. 2. Made lunches for my younger son and my husband. 3. Did three loads of laundry, including folding clothes and putting them … [Read more...]

Ask Three Questions

Over on Facebook and Twitter, I asked for some questions to answer here on the blog.  I was only going to answer three, but these are fun, so I decided to just dive right in: Heidi asks: What types of challenges do you face when building worlds for … [Read more...]

A Questionable Post

I realized today was my day to post here at the Dames...and due to revision of the third Bannon & Clare book eating what little sense remains in my brain (never much to begin with, really), I, if you will pardon the term... I got nuttin'. SO. … [Read more...]

About the process–sometimes yes; sometimes no.

I was hoping to get to announce my new adult series today, here on the Dames blog, but I don’t have clearance for that yet (there are good reasons) so instead, I’m going to answer a question left by Peggy in the comments section of Dame Devon’s most … [Read more...]

Question Day


Well...I was thinking I'd come up with a really great blog post today, but instead I finished the submission draft of HELL BENT which is the Shame and Terric spinoff to the Allie Beckstrom series, cleaned it up and sent it to my editor.  Since my … [Read more...]