Cover Reveal – INFINITY BELL

Infinity Bell final 600

I have a new fantasy trilogy coming out this year: the House Immortal series.  The first book in the series is HOUSE IMMORTAL, which will hit shelves and e-reader screens* (oh, and ears--it will be available in audio via Tantor) on September 2nd. … [Read more...]

Release Day-FORECAST

I have a book out today. FORECAST is the second in my Norse young adult trilogy with Harlequin Teen. Here's a bit about it and an exclusive excerpt! The Lockwood triplets are charged with helping to save the world—but at a high cost. Coral is … [Read more...]

Teaser: Who Needs Enemies

My turn to post yet again, and yet again I have nothing to post about. My writing life has been crazy of late--in the last month alone I've done 2 lots of edits and one lot of copy edits on two different books, and I have edits on a third book … [Read more...]

Blood of an Ancient-Snippet

Things have been well...heartbreaking here in Oklahoma. And there is enough to read out there, enough to watch on the news about it so I don't want to add to it. We are all helping where we can and when we can't, our hearts are with the people in … [Read more...]



My turn to post today, and I have absolutely nothing to say. I think my brain has been fried by not only all the heat we're suffering here in Melbourne, but also from all the edits I've been doing of late. So, I'm going to take the easy way out, and … [Read more...]