Live Dame-to-Dame Read FORETOLD


Welcome to our first Dame-to-Dame Read, or as we like to hashtag it: #d2dr Think of this as a live book club chat AND read-along that you can be a part of! FORECAST Book #2 in Rinda Elliott's Sisters of Fate YA series will be out August … [Read more...]

Plot that Evil. Plot it!

Brace yourself, people. I’m going to talk plotting. *waits for room to empty* Okay, now that it’s just the two of us here, I’m going to tell you how I plot a novel. Well, I’m going to tell you the tools I use to plot a novel. Fair warning: this … [Read more...]

Surprise Cover Reveal!

Harlequin Teen is doing a surprise early cover reveal for FORESWORN today on their FB page!  Go see!!! I'm absolutely thrilled with this cover.  I will update this post later with the cover directly. Until then, click on the title to … [Read more...]

This Dame Is On Vaca!

Forecast final cover

Sort of. Let me explain. I promised myself a vacation after I caught up my deadlines. A few scheduling mishaps made things a little difficult over the past year. I had cross-over deadlines, then crossover revisions along with those deadlines. … [Read more...]


But before we get to that, a bit of a news update :) For those of you not following me on Twitter or Facebook, the big new is that I've sold another series. This is a 'book of the heart' project, something I started over two years ago, that had … [Read more...]