Back to School

Yes, the Prince and Princess are back in the halls of education. It’s the Princess’s senior year, which fills me with wonder and terror at once. My baby, in her last year of public schooling. About to attend college, for God’s sake. So it is now the Continue Reading


It’s here! Viral super-spies and secret government programs! That’s right, my dears, Agent Zero is now available! An agent risks everything for a love he shouldn’t feel… After barely surviving an IED while serving his country, Reese was whisked away Continue Reading

Underwear Painting Gnomes

Three walls in the living room used to be an awful goldenrod colour. It wasn’t precisely bad, but the more I saw it, the more irritated I got. The goldenrod was repeated in my room, the loos, and the kitchen/dining room. Other than the accent walls Continue Reading

Poultry Jail

No, I do not have a poultry jail under my deck. I have a friend who has a poultry jail under hers. And said poultry eye me very mistrustfully. I didn’t do anything, I swear. Except stupidly focus on the bars instead of the inmates. Continue Reading

Singular Shenanigan

It is now apparent that I am not coming down with a post-zero-draft cold, I am simply producing mucus because there’s a change in the weather. It’s about to start raining again–at least, the weekend is supposed to be very damp, and I can’t wait. Continue Reading