Yes, ladies and gentlemen, dear Readers all, BLOOD CALL is out today! Anna Caldwell has spent the last few days in a blur. She’s seen her brother’s dead body, witnessed the shooting of innocent civilians, and been shot at herself. Now she has nowhere Continue Reading

Take Me With You

It was too hot to take Miss B for four miles of running this morning. Still, she attended the Lacing and the Tying of the Shoes with her usual begging–getting her nose tangled in the laces, rolling over, trying to lie on my feet so I could not move Continue Reading

Lunch and Loomer

I am ultra-cranky today. It’s going to hit 105F, yesterday I came down with a touch of heat exhaustion, and my stomach keeps revolving in a most unpleasant fashion. Yesterday was coffee with one friend, luncheon with another, and we sat out on a Continue Reading


Good morning! *is handed a note, checks clock* Ahem. Good afternoon, rather. There is news coming on a few fronts, but unfortunately today is a “run around and put out the fires” sort of day, so I won’t make any huge announcements. Suffice to say I’m Continue Reading

Poor Joe

Poor Emphysema Joe. Ever since the Zombie Gnome Battle Royale, he’s been hiding. He doesn’t even torment Norbert like he used to. I might try to have Miranda intervene. Or move Fred and George’s summerhouse nearer to keep him company. It’s not Continue Reading