The Gap

These are tiny, super-strong magnets, Buckyballs, the type one is cautioned not to swallow. The ex, who somewhat fancied himself Fuller’s unrecognized heir, bought them. Now that the kids are in their teens and understand what they can do inside Continue Reading

Nasty Letters

I get mail. Some of it is…breathtaking. First Name: *redacted* Last Name: *redacted* Your Email *redacted* Re-enter email *redacted* Subject: steelflower Message: Loved this book. I just read that epiracy killed the series. How does it not kill your Continue Reading

Spring, Obscene

The trees are beginning to leaf out. Spring! I’m going about humming Tom Lehrer. (As one does.) There are two more garden boxes set up. They won’t be used right away, soil prep for the clay and dry shade is just beginning. Leafy greens will go in one Continue Reading

On Clean Reader

So there’s this–an an app called “Clean Reader” that purports to “scrub” books of offensive terms. Joanne Harris has protested; she makes the excellent point, among others, of the insulting substitution of “witch” for “bitch.” Chuck Wendig also Continue Reading

Underworld Shipyard

Into the dark underbelly of revisions we go. Buckle your belts and loosen your blades in your scabbards, you never know when a passive construction will leap out at you, when a that will show up, where a plot hole will suddenly open at your feet, Continue Reading