Rabbit Run

When I can’t run, B and I walk. This park is one of her favorites, full of interesting smells. The fence runs along a majestic bank of blackberry tangle, parallel to a highway. The traffic drone is soothing, I imagine, to the rabbits who have made Continue Reading

No Perspective

Spent the last half of last week feeling progressively more physically run-down, culminating in actually succumbing to the Princess’s post-AP-exam cold. She got better just in time for me to get walloped. Saturday afternoon was the worst of it, and I Continue Reading

Await Developments

Eighty degrees and sunny one day, fifty-eight and raining the next. If you don’t like the weather here, just wait a day or so and something new will come along. (It’s more often fifteen minutes than a whole day, but the principle is the same.) Today Continue Reading


The Little Prince has grown addicted to Rubik’s Cube. His greatest wish was for a 4×4 one to match his 3×3, so I made a special trip–and when he took it out of the package, we found out it was already broken. Luckily, a local toy shop had one 4×4 Continue Reading

No Avengers For Me

That’s it. That is absolutely, positively it. This blows. Instead of wading into the “red ledger” of a complicated person who did seriously heinous acts and is trying desperately to buy redemption with good deeds, we get the character who feels Continue Reading