Harmful Silence

Publishing is not exempt from the ills that plague any other industry. I wish I could express that to every new writer. A lot of aspiring writers think publishing is somehow different than, say, the auto industry or the food service industry or … [Read more...]

On Business

My brain is a mass of porridge right now, because I'm lunging for the end of the third Bannon & Clare book. Which, since it's happening during a particularly busy month--tax preparation, birthdays for certain young people, changes in school hours and … [Read more...]

Myths vs Reality

It's been a somewhat hectic start for me this year, with 3 lots of edits and a set of proofs hitting my desk over the last three weeks (and three of those four needing to be done and back on editors desks by the end of January). There's been little … [Read more...]

Baby Steps, Or, Self-Pub Considerations

I'm considering some self-publishing. The items in the minus column are overwhelming: investing in editing and copyediting, not to mention the cost of decent cover art, distribution and retail channels and their final effects on price etc. The … [Read more...]

Not By Committee

Yes, of course. Your ebook is reading you. When you're reading an ebook, every move you make can be tracked--and probably is. Set aside how skeezy it is to have your reading habits suddenly fodder for advertisers' consumption; what I want to talk … [Read more...]