Who is Red John? (The 10 Fall TV Shows I’m Obsessing Over Right Now)

"I'm going to start killing again. Often. Until you catch me, or I catch you."      -Red John, The Mentalist Let me begin by saying that I only (ahem) watch TV as inspiration for my writing. To get ideas for … [Read more...]

Why my Writing Soundtracks were Inspired by Public Television

Writing Soundtrack

Like most writers, I listen to music while I write. And, it’s not the same music that I listen to in my car, or when I’m doing housework. Nope, my writing soundtrack was, apparently, selected by the producers of PBS. Most of these performers were … [Read more...]

I Can Relate!


I’m what old English novels refer to as “a woman of a certain age.” I live alone in a neighborhood where most of the houses are summer weekend cottages, so I get plenty of quiet time (when I’m not at my very busy day job). This is great for … [Read more...]

High brow? Nah.


By Dame Toni I try not to be a snob. I have no reason to be one. I come from a family that had at least as many blue collar workers and tradesman as white collar professionals. I didn't go to a distinguished university. I drive a car older … [Read more...]

Hopelessly Un-Hip


By Dame Toni What is hip? Tell me, tell me if you think you know. What is hip? If you’re really hip, the passing years will show. You’re into a hip trip, maybe hipper than hip. But, what is hip? From Tower of Power’s What is Hip, 1973 … [Read more...]