On Planning Ahead and Breaking through Writer’s Block


Once again, super fast because I'm about to get on the road to Easton, PA, for this year's YAFest! I've been doing a lot of writing lately -- both for the next book after To Bear An Iron Key and for my MFA project -- and I've been planning ahead far … [Read more...]

On The Joy Of Outlining


When I first started writing novels, I was very much a pantser; planning stuff ahead of time just wasn't how I was wired. (And that wasn't just for writing; I barely remembered to book airline tickets the day before a conference.) I wrote my first … [Read more...]

When Confusing Your Readers is Okay

bone dance

In recent years, I've read a large amount of urban fantasy and dystopian fiction. These are books that fit under the speculative fiction umbrella and are often shelved with the more traditional, made-up-world science fiction and fantasy, but because … [Read more...]

Grab Your Editorial Scissors: Let’s Cut Words!

And...it's short!

I did something drastic yesterday. No, I didn't swear off chocolate -- that's just crazy. But I did do something that I haven't done in a very long time. I cut my hair short. Really short. Like, more than 12 inches are now gone. Please … [Read more...]

The Organic Revision

One of the definitions of "organic" is as follows: ORGANIC: denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole. (Another has to do with expensive produce. But I digress.) The … [Read more...]