Plot that Evil. Plot it!

Brace yourself, people. I’m going to talk plotting. *waits for room to empty* Okay, now that it’s just the two of us here, I’m going to tell you how I plot a novel. Well, I’m going to tell you the tools I use to plot a novel. Fair warning: this … [Read more...]

Finding Inspiration & Doing the Work


There is so much going on in my world right now, and most hectic among those things is the fact that I'm moving flats apartments. It is the first of two moves this year (if all goes to plan), so being an interim sort of stage - i.e. putting piles of … [Read more...]

On Planning Ahead and Breaking through Writer’s Block


Once again, super fast because I'm about to get on the road to Easton, PA, for this year's YAFest! I've been doing a lot of writing lately -- both for the next book after To Bear An Iron Key and for my MFA project -- and I've been planning ahead far … [Read more...]

On The Joy Of Outlining


When I first started writing novels, I was very much a pantser; planning stuff ahead of time just wasn't how I was wired. (And that wasn't just for writing; I barely remembered to book airline tickets the day before a conference.) I wrote my first … [Read more...]

When Confusing Your Readers is Okay

bone dance

In recent years, I've read a large amount of urban fantasy and dystopian fiction. These are books that fit under the speculative fiction umbrella and are often shelved with the more traditional, made-up-world science fiction and fantasy, but because … [Read more...]