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It is my very great honour (okay, I’m a fan, what can I say? *g*) to introduce author Jeaniene Frost to the blog. Jeaniene is our Dame for a Day, and she has written an in-depth piece about e-piracy. The post is interesting and informative – I learned a lot from this and I hope you do too. If you stick around to the end, there is also a giveaway. I’ll just step aside and let Jeaniene talk to you guys. :)

Jeaniene Frost

Hi everyone! Thanks so much to the Dames for having me as a guest today. I’m the author of the Night Huntress series featuring Cat and Bones, as well as the upcoming Night Huntress Worldnovels featuring Spade and Denise (book one) and Mencheres and Kira (book two).

But instead of a post chatting about my upcoming release, I wanted to talk about something that’s been discussed in other places, yet a lot of people still aren’t aware of why this is a growing problem. Or why they should care. I’m talking about e-piracy. Authors and publishers are all too aware of it, but if you’re a reader who hasn’t heard of e-piracy before, or you’ve heard a few things but you’re not sure why authors/publishers are so concerned, please read on. This is a long post, but I promise a treat at the end. :)

What is e-piracy?

A lot of people are doing it and they’re not even aware that it’s illegal. The FBI, in their Anti-Piracy warnings, refers to e-piracy as this: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted work.* So if you’re not the copyright owner of a product (like a book, song, etc., but this post focuses on books), yet you downloaded that product for free on a torrent or other unauthorized “share” site, you’ve engaged in an illegal, unauthorized reproduction of a copyrighted work. Does buying a product make you a copyright owner? No. Only being the creator of a product does. Most books are also registered with the United States Library of Congress (or Creative Commons license), but if you didn’t create a product yourself, again, you’re not the copyright owner and you don’t legally have the right to upload/download it.

So, now you know what e-piracy is and that it’s illegal. Below are the top 13 excuses I’ve seen e-pirates give as to why e-piracy shouldn’t bother me (or any other authors), with my responses.

1. E-piracy is free promotion, so you should be happy more people are hearing about you/your books this way.

Promotion implies I get something out of it. But if the people I’m being “promoted” to are the same people who illegally download my books instead of purchasing them, how is this helping me? My publisher decides to continue my contract based on only one thing – sales. Illegal downloads don’t count toward sales and there is no “You were pirated the most out of our authors, so you win another book contract!” award.

2. But people who didn’t hear about you until they illegally downloaded your books might go buy your new book, if they liked the other ones. So that helps you.

We’re talking about the same people who illegally downloaded the first several books, right? And since Google alerts informed me that my last two books were all over “share” sites the same day they released, why would people accustomed to downloading my books for free (instant gratification) go to the book store and buy my new book instead? (delayed gratification plus cost plus effort = not very likely). It does happen occasionally, but not the vast majority of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish e-piracy was great for the book industry. That would mean more job security for authors, editors, book stores, etc. But e-piracy percentages have skyrocketed in recent years while book sales have taken a sharp downward turn, so the numbers don’t add up to e-piracy “helping” the industry.** In fact, if you look at the music industry, which has dealt with e-piracy a lot longer, artists/studios have had to recoup a lot of their e-piracy losses from higher-priced concert tickets, tee shirts, other merchandising, etc (not that I’m advocating e-pirating of music, but just detailing why this didn’t bankrupt the industry).The book industry has no such fall-back option to recoup lost pirated sales. Publishers make money when books sell, period.

3. But books on those “share” sites can’t be illegal, because it’s just like going to the library or borrowing a book from a friend.

First, read the FBI Anti-Piracy warning again, which clearly states that it is illegal to reproduce/distribute copyrighted work. Second, libraries or a friend handing over a book doesn’t duplicate and make another copy of that book, thus, the FBI’s Anti-Piracy warning doesn’t apply. Libraries loan out books one at a time, and first they have to buy those books from the publisher. But a library book can never become more than one book, no matter how many people check it out (and a standard paperback, studies show, can only take between twenty to forty lends until it falls apart and the library has to buy a replacement from the publisher). Likewise, if I loan a book to a friend, that book is still only one book. My friend could loan it to a friend and so on, but it’s still only one book. No copyright violation, everything’s cool and legal.

But mass-distribution on those share sites takes one book and turns it into hundreds, or thousands, of separate unauthorized copies. Let me put it in another context. Let’s say you have a dollar bill. It’s your dollar and it’s perfectly legal for you to use it however you want, either by spending it or loaning it to a friend. But if you take that dollar, make a bunch of copies of it, and try to buy things (or give those copies to your friends), you’ll have a problem. Since you aren’t the creator of that dollar and you didn’t get permission to make copies of it (and the US Treasury Department sure won’t give you permission ;)) then you can’t distribute copies of that dollar even though the original dollar was legally yours. Same principle with books. Didn’t create it/publish it? Then it’s not legal to reproduce copies of it by uploading/downloading on torrent/share sites.

4. A book is nothing more than an idea, and ideas can’t be copyrighted.

Ideas can’t be copyrighted, true. If you wanted to take my book’s idea and write your own book about a female half-vampire slayer who falls in love with a Master vampire, more power to you, that’s legal. But if you take my product – and once a book is copyrighted, printed, and distributed, it’s no longer an idea, it’s a product – and try to call it yours, there will be a problem. Ideas = free for all. Products, on the other hand, have moved from the abstract to the tangible and thus have different laws regarding them.

Some may think copyright violation is a stupid law, but disagreement of a law doesn’t mean that law becomes invalid. I don’t like a lot of laws, but I follow them because I know saying, “Yeah, I didn’t agree with that” to a judge won’t be considered a credible defense. :)

5. We as a society have a cultural right to the arts, so we shouldn’t have to pay for our cultural right.

This sounds wonderfully altruistic, but aside from being illegal (see FBI statement again) it’s also impractical. If everyone had a “cultural right” to the arts and didn’t have to pay for them, then that would bring about the end of the movie, book, music, photography, and various other industries. Because if no one’s paying for the products these industries turn out, how do you think the industries will continue to produce them? Inspiration and ideas might be free – and free from copyright law – but again, once inspiration/ideas turn into a product, that product comes with a price tag because it costs money to produce. If there’s no money coming in because society has a free right to all products of the arts, then you’ll be hard pressed to find people who will take the time, effort, and money to produce these products for you to enjoy.

6. Everybody’s doing it, so it’s no big deal.

Everybody is not doing it. If everybody were e-pirating, the publishing industry wouldn’t exist (see my response above for why). E-piracy is growing, yes, and hurting the industry, book stores, authors, distributors, and more, but you’ll know when “everybody” is really doing it because there will be no more publishing industry. Businesses shut down when their source of revenue dries up. This isn’t a new, shocking financial principle – it could be labeled Duh 101.

7. Authors are supposed to encourage reading. If people are reading books on these sites, that’s encouraging reading and so authors shouldn’t try to stop that.

First, see the Duh 101 rule of business again, because no publishing industry (print or digital) to produce books = a hell of a lot less reading. Second, authors do encourage reading. For people on a limited book budget, I’d point them to their nearest library. Or a used book store. Or Paperback Swap, or other places where readers loan each other books for free (legally, where one book changes hands with another person but still only remains one copy). I’m all for those things. Plus, several publishers have authorized free reading on their sites, like HarperCollins, Harlequin, Baen, and Tor. I gave away over a hundred books in contests last year alone and most authors I know also give away books. There’s plenty of free, legal reading available. But when people ignore the law in favor of their own convenience, that’s not cool and no, I don’t encourage it.

8. I never would have bought your books anyway, so what I download can’t count as stealing.

If someone doesn’t want to buy my book(s), that’s fine. All I’m saying is please don’t steal my books – and if you TRULY don’t think it’s stealing, walk into a book store. Grab a book, wave it at the store employees, and try to walk out without paying for it. Then when the store calls the police, give them the same reasoning behind why you feel illegal downloading is okay. Tell them how you’ll tell all your friends about the book, so it’s free promotion and you’re doing the author a favor. Or how you weren’t going to read it anyway, so it’s not stealing. Or how arts are the cultural right of the public, or how most books suck so you shouldn’t have to pay for them, etc. You’ll get proof on how disagreeing with a law doesn’t equate being exempt from that law – and if you know it’s stealing to do it in person, it shouldn’t be confusing to realize it’s stealing to do it online. If a computer hacker siphons money from your bank account, you wouldn’t feel less robbed because that hacker didn’t physically snatch your purse off your shoulder. Just because online theft is impersonal doesn’t mean it’s not stealing.

9. You should be flattered people are reading your books, no matter how they got them!

I don’t care if my book was bought new, used, borrowed from the library, received as a gift, loaned from a friend, won in a contest, etc. As long as it’s legal, you bet I’m thrilled and flattered when people read them. But if someone steals from me, I am not flattered. If you walked out to your driveway and saw that your car was missing, would you think, “OMG! Someone loved my car enough to steal it. That is so cool!” Or would your thoughts be more in line with, “Holy *#!$!, someone stole my car! How am I going to get to work? How much will this cost me?” Authors feel the same way about our books (our source of income and the things we’ve labored over for a long time) when we see hundreds or thousands of them pirated, because it costs us time, money, frustration, and sometimes even future contracts.

10. Authors don’t really lose money. They get paid in advances, so e-pirating only takes from fat-cat publishers because authors were already paid for the book.

An advance is based on the amount of money a publisher absolutely expects to make back on a book. If a book does not earn out its advance, when it comes time for an author to try and sell another book, publishers are a lot less likely to buy because they didn’t make back their expected investment on the first book. An advance is generally expected to be earned back within the first year of release, too. So that’s a fairly short window of time for a book to earn back its advance.

Plus, in this shaky market, I know quite a few authors who earned out their advances, but because their books didn’t earn out by a lot, or earn out fast enough, the publisher declined to buy more. If an author wants to stay published, that author is hoping like damn that their book earns out its advance as quickly as possible and that only happens through sales.

11. I’m on a tight budget and I can’t afford all the books I want to read.

Well, same here. There are lots of books I want that I can’t justify buying in comparison to my budget. So I buy other books that are cheaper. Wait until a book is out in paperback or available at my local library. Buy used. Read books that are legally available online for free (see sites under reply to #7). Borrow books from my friends. There are lots of legal ways to get books very cheap or free. All you have to do is choose those routes versus illegal ones.

12. The reason why there’s e-piracy is because ebooks have that annoying DRM and/or cost more than paper books. It’s not readers fault; it’s the publishers.

I wish e-piracy was that easy to fix. But my e-books are priced at around 30% less than my paperbacks, they come out at the same time as my paperbacks, and yet I am still pirated over fifteen to one in comparison to legal e-sales (and that’s only a conservative estimate based on sites I’m aware of). Furthermore, when I go to those share sites to report my books, I see other authors’ books right there along with mine, DRM-free and downloaded illegally hundreds or thousands of times. I agree e-books should be priced lower than print books. I also agree that DRM should be discontinued because it only inconveniences honest readers instead of curbing e-piracy. But even if the day dawns where all e-books are DRM-free and cheaper than print books, e-piracy won’t cease. It probably won’t even make a dent. Look at the music industry. You can buy songs for less than a dollar in formats for every type of player, and yet e-piracy is still rampant. So e-piracy is not as simple as blaming the publisher about prices and DRM.

13. I don’t care if it’s illegal and it hurts authors and publishers; I’m going to keep pirating anyway.

You know what? There’s not much I, or other authors, can do about that. Aside from talking about e-piracy to people who haven’t already resolved that they’re going to keep doing it (and filing endless takedown notices), authors are mostly powerless. E-pirates know it, too, and on other posts where e-piracy has been discussed, I’ve seen e-pirates say things like, “Ha ha, I download all the time and I’m going to keep doing it, so take THAT!” Or comments like, “I stole your books and I’m glad, because they suck and you don’t deserve any money!”). Some threaten authors by saying that since an author spoke up about e-piracy, they’ll put that author’s books on even more share site as retaliation, and authors can’t do much except duck and cover.

So if e-pirates choose to kick authors when we’re down, well, we can’t stop you – but if kicking someone when they’re down is your idea of fun, then in my opinion, you have more things to ponder than just why you think stealing is okay.

In summary:

If you take nothing else away from this very long post, I hope you remember this: e-piracy isn’t free. Someone always ends up paying for it, and sometimes, paying dearly in lost jobs. It will also cost readers in the long run, because the less money publishers make, the less willing they are to publish new authors. Or publish books that are outside what might be considered very mainstream. That’s not the publisher’s fault; they’re trying to stay alive (see Duh 101 business rule again). Plus, it costs readers another way. If a series you love is being pirated more than sold, that series will be discontinued, guaranteed. It makes me sad when I see comments on share sites saying things like “Love the Night Huntress series! Can’t wait to read the next book. Someone please, upload it ASAP!” because those people don’t realize what they’re doing actively hurts my chances to write more books. If I don’t legally sell enough books, my publisher doesn’t buy new ones, period. It’s that pesky Duh 101 rule of business again.

Piracy costs. If you love reading, please support that love by obtaining books through legal channels.

And in the spirit of promoting free, legal reading (and as my promised treat for everyone whose eyes are sore after reading this long post ;)) I’m giving away three signed copies of FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON, book one in the Night Huntress World novels. To read the first 20% of FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON, plus see the book trailer, click here.

If you want to be included in the contest, just leave a comment with your name asking to be entered. The three winners will be drawn by Randomizer and the giveway closes 5am EST, Tuesday February 9th. Kaz will announce the winners during her post on Tuesday. Yes, I will ship internationally. Best of luck to everyone!

Jeaniene Frost

* Complete FBI message: “Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.” http://www.fbi.gov/ipr/

** Sources http://voices.washingtonpost.com/shortstack/2010/01/digital_pirates_illegally_down.html and http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6714772.html?nid=2286&rid=#CustomerId&source=link


  1. says

    Absolutely agree Jeaniene! There have been a lot of comments made by authors lately about e-piracy and the damage that it does to the industry and to authors personally.
    One thing though…why do we call this e-piracy? This is just an euphamism that sounds a bit cool and Johnny Depp-ish. It’s nothing of the sort. Why can’t we drop the label and just say Stealing. If we need a modernist touch, try e-stealing. Let’s take the gloves off and be blunt about this. Downloading books illegally is stealing. No excuses!

  2. says

    I’ve been noticing a lot of sets of ebooks on ebay and I find it hard to believe those aren’t pirated. They are always sets– ebay should have to police this. They manage to control so many other things, and this is illegal activity.

    I’m not sure why people don’t understand that it’s stealing. I wonder if there is this misconception that authors are rich, and the publishing companies are like “the man” and deserve to be ripped off. They need to understand that it can be compared to a new store opening in town–if no one buys from it, then it WILL close. If people shoplift their items, instead of buying, they will lose money…and again, they will close.

    Thanks for the great explanation!

  3. says

    I’d love to be entered for this giveaway. Thank you

    I agree this Rosie’s comment above, the word ‘e-piracy’ doesn’t sounds a bad as ‘stealing’ although it’s exactly the same thing. I wouldn’t be caught stealing a book in a bookstore…why should it be different on the internet! and as you said if you love books, get them legally!

    Caroline.A (pattepoilue)

  4. says

    Hi Jeaniene!
    What an excellent well-reasoned post on e-piracy.
    I wish it could be posted on the home-page of every file-sharing torrent-downloading site.
    Thank you very much!
    All the best,
    PS – Thank you for the opportunity to win the 1st in what promises to be another great series!

  5. Anja K. says

    Great post Jeaniene! I absolutely agree with you:)

    Please enter me for the contest! Thanks for doing this:)

  6. says

    Great post on e-piracy. It makes me mad that people download the books for free and think it’s okay whereas I doubt the same people would steal a book from a bookstore or library and say it’s okay. I also think e-piracy slows down traditional publishers willingness to adopt publishing books in ebook format which hurts the readers.

  7. Amanda says

    Hey Jeaniene,

    I thought your post was brilliant, there is too much e piracy around and I totally think its unfair to all authors!
    I would love to win a copy of First Drop of Crimson.

    Thank you!

  8. says

    I’ve never understood how some people can not see how it is stealing. It seems pretty obvious to me; it’s just gone about in a different form of it.

    I read your article on the “Rich Author” myth a year or so ago and other views on it too – I still feel the same way I felt about it then – it is wrong – and if these peeps aren’t aware of these facts, all they have to do is research it some. But then, I guess most wouldn’t do that because they’d have no excuse to fall back on or they’d just fabricate another (like above).

    Count me in for the giveaway! & Luck for success on people buying/reading your books legally. 😉

    Also, I have been trying to buy your series from Amazon and The Book Depository (UK) for a relative but they seem to be out of stock. Any advice for how I can get my hands on them?

  9. Mary says

    Thank you Jeaniene,

    I teach in a high school and this is an ethical issue I try to discuss with my students. Your post is a great resource for our on-going discussion of this issue.

    I love the series and I can’t wait for your new book!

  10. says

    Wonderful post, and I’d love to be entered into the contest although FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON is already on its way from The Book Depository. Another copy just means another friend I can give a book :)

    As a law student, every time I hear somebody go on a tangent about copyright and how it’s bad and shouldn’t exist, I start wanting to pound my head into a wall. Wrongheaded misconceptions exist, but we just have to hope that education can alleviate the stupidity 😛

  11. Xid Trebor says

    Thanks for the great post about e-piracy. I didn’t know about the “excuses” people gave for it. Congrats on the book and here’s to several more in both series!

  12. JenMo says

    I want to buy several copies of books I love and give them to friends, just because I fear piracy will hurt authors. I hate that people think it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s so selfish.

  13. says

    I agree that the name e-piracy needs to be changed. Pirates are considered cool and sexy and daring. People tend to ignore or discredit the fact that they were violent, blood-thirsty thieves.

    And you didn’t mention the excuses of people who knowingly buy e-pirated books. 1.) It’s only one copy. 2.) I didn’t really steal it. I mean, I did pay for it.

  14. GSM says

    I agree with you. Stealing is immoral. It’s wrong, no matter what excuse folks give. One of my favorite high school teachers posted a note on his board the first day of school: “An excuse is a lullaby to soothe a guilty conscience.” I don’t know who it’s originally from, but the quote on point regarding e-piracy book thieves. Thanks for a thought-provoking colummn. Count me in for the giveaway, please.

  15. says

    Great post Jeaniene!
    In fact I just finished Halfway to the grave late last night and I couldn’t believe it has been sitting on my TBR-shelf for so long! It was totaly awesome!
    Will there be more books to Bones and Cat story than the 4 already released (The answer is prolly obvious once you read them, but I haven’t yet ^^).
    I ordered all 3 following books right away!

    I have a question, I buy all of my books (and I am a compulsive book buyer – have 130ish book waiting for me to read them) at Bookdepository.com. They are always cheaper then any other book store I have access to, but does it cost the industry that their books are so cheap?

    Please enter me in the contest, haven’t bought first drop of crimson yet.

    Much Love

  16. Julia says

    I agree 100%. As a parent of a teenager we have had this conversation to many times to count (“But all the other kids do it”). I feel the school systems should spend time in the classroom emphasizing the importance of e-piracy. They spend time making the kids realize that they can’t just cut and paste someone else’s work. They really need to take on e-piracy the same way. I realize that it is not only the school responsibility to teach our kids right and wrong but they could help.

    Please enter me in the contest. I can’t wait for FDOC

  17. says

    Just want to remind people to say “Enter me!” or something similiar in your comments if you want to be included in the contest.

    Tynga, yes, there are at least three more Cat and Bones books after Destined For an Early Grave. I’m writing C&B’s fifth book now.

    Also, Tynga and everyone else – as long as a purchase is legal, be it new, discounted, used, electronic, etc., – it helps the book industry. Discounts are a good thing. I love getting discounts when I shop :).

  18. Jennifer J says

    I absolutely agree. Authors work hard at their craft. Its not an easy task by any means. I am pretty sure that these same people who pirate books and music would be equally upset if they worked for 3 – 6 months and then were refused a paycheck. I mean, you wouldn’t walk into an art gallery and steal a painting. There really is no difference.

    I am old school when it comes to books. I dont care for ebooks, I like the feel of the paper,and digital just isnt the same.

    I would love to be entered for this giveaway. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  19. Irene says

    This is so true. It’s ridiculous that people don’t realise they’re doing themselves a disservice by pirating, as well as the authors who created that beloved series.
    Anyway, I would love to be entered for the contest. Great post! :)

  20. Pklagrange says

    I agree with the comments and have had the same conversation with my friends. Luckily we are preaching to the choir – as we all are idea people and believe we should be paid for our work!

    Please Enter Me.

  21. says

    I’d be thrilled to have a chance to win the New Night Huntress World Book! And a singed copy to boot would be even more mind blowing!

    On a side note, as a hopeful writer myself, (one day.. *sigh*)I feel the same way! I’d rather buy the book now, as opposed to not getting to buy them at all. All because someone thought it would be better just to steal them… Ugh, thievery!

  22. says

    Thanks for the quick response Jeaniene!
    I’m happy to hear there will be more C&B books, I am already hooked lol
    And it’s nice to not feel guilty for discounts =P

  23. says

    People will always try to explain away their bad behavior to feel better. I just can’t believe some of those responses were said as if the person actually believed them… o_O

    I will always buy books because I want to do my part to make sure a favorite series doesn’t disappear halfway through and leave me hanging for life.

  24. Chris says

    Thanks for the great post, Jeaniene! This is just the sort of stuff I like to share with my kids (11 & 13). They would not knowingly steal, but if they read this, they will also be vocal to their friends about why THEY should not do it either.

    Please count me in. Can’t wait for First Drop of Crimson!

  25. says

    I wish I could enter! 😉

    But seriously, thanks to Jeaniene for such a brilliant article. I hope it gets linked to by many other people. This is the best thing I’ve read about e-piracy so far.


  26. says

    Wonderful post about piracy. So many people think that because it’s on the internet that it is free.
    Terrible. Hopefully as more authors speak against it; the more people will stop.
    Would love to be in giveaway. Thanks. :)

  27. Robyn Cheatham says

    excuses, excuses…one of the first things you learn in life is that stealing is wrong. that’s the rule. thanks jeaneine for spelling it all out for those who’ve been using these excuses over and over. love the “Holy *#!$!, someone stole my car!” analogy! you’re the best! can’t wait until Tuesday!!!! mmmmm, spade.

  28. says

    Hey, Jeaniene! I think a lot of people get excited by the “oh, hey, it’s free!” factor and don’t understand the true nature of what they’re doing. (Or at least, I like to think that!) I mean, I have a bunch of free eBooks, but they were all downloaded legally through publishers’ giveaways or out-of-copyright, public-domain stuff through the Sony Reader store. Posts like this are great because they let people know what’s going on and who the piracy really hurts.

    And I’d love a copy of First Drop of Crimson. :)

  29. Joder says

    I don’t understand people thinking that it’s okay to get their books illegally. Stealing is stealing, whether it’s downloading a free (to you via torrent sites) book or holding up a convenience. I too am on a tight book budget and I either get things from the library or really hope I win contests for books I want. So definitely please count me in for this contest.

  30. Ashleigh C says

    I never knew e-piracy was such an issue. But then again, I don’t like e-books. I love having the real, physical thing in my hands. I hope that e-piracy stops so we can continue having wonderful books!
    Would love to be entered in the giveaway.

  31. says

    Great post, I totally agree with you 100%

    Please enter me in the contest I am dying to read FDOC (OK maybe not dying, but I really want to read it :-)

    RoxanneRhoads @ aol . com

  32. says

    Great post! I’m not an e-book person and can’t see myself ever becoming one but I wouldn’t steal books anyway. I do use the library a lot when I can’t afford all the books I want to read and buy books at library book sales all the time! Those are always good money saving options :)

    Enter Me Please! I’d love to win! I love your books :)

  33. Korri says

    Ooooh! Enter me! I love the Night Huntress books. Cat and Bones are awesome! I look forward to reading the new series. I’m all for getting free books legally.

  34. says

    Excellent post, Jeaniene. Should be required reading for everyone who won’t admit the true cost of e-piracy.

    Please enter me in the contest…thanks!

  35. Ally Bishop says

    Excellent article explaining where the money is coming from — too may people feel like they are punishing the publishing company, not the authors, and it just isn’t true. 1. The authors deserve to be compensated, and 2. it is the publishing companies that make their compensation possible. To think that stealing a book is hurting only the publishing company and not the author is not logical. Not to mention – How the heck were you raised?! :/

    Please enter me for the contest. Thank you.

  36. Beleth says

    I absolutely agree with you and with all you’ve said. I think its really sad that people these days is still reading books illegaly, same with films, music, etc.

  37. sweetp says

    Those that are pirating wouldn’t like it if someone was pirating their works. Please enter me in the contest.

  38. Scott Romanski says

    I agree one hundred percent. Please count me in. I’d love to legally read your books. They are on my To Be Bought list no matter what. :)

  39. jezabel says

    Hi! Interesting posting I didn’t know it was becoming a problem or rather I didn’t realize people were doing it.

    I’d love to be entered : )


  40. says

    I agree, I think it is horrible when people steal work. I think the biggest one recently that bugged me was Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun so now she isn’t finishing it for now at least. I understand why people would be upset.

  41. says

    Enter me!

    I wonder how much those pirates would like it if they worked for a year without a paycheck. I never understood what was satisfying about stealing a digital copy of anything: music, movies, books. Supporting the artists you love lets them keep producing-which can only be a good thing!

  42. Misti Wolanski says

    I’d love to be entered!

    I also enjoyed your post. One of my major complaints about e-books is you can’t loan ’em. (The Nook is starting to change that—and yes, I’m intentionally refusing to use the weird capitalization/article rules for it.)

  43. Leah says

    I personally refuse to buy used books, as I don’t see the point in handing over my money if the author doesn’t get any. I hate the idea of giving 100% of my money to the shop owner. I don’t look down on anyone else who doesn’t mind not benefiting the author, but that’s how Ii feel about it.

    And as far as e-piracy goes, I don’t think that anyone who is well informed could disagree with you!

    (I’d also like to be entered into the contest. You might not want to pick me, though, because I’m going to be buying your book for my Kindle if I don’t win!)

  44. says

    Great post, I can’t understand why people find it so difficult to work out that downloading books is STEALING! I have the same problem as most people in that my budget isn’t big enough to be able to buy all the books I want to read. I buy as many as I can but I make use of the local library, I arrange book swaps with friends & I buy second hand books.

    I really think that we need better ways to catch & prosecute people who upload books & music to free download sites. It’s the only way to stop it happening & I really don’t want to see authors no longer able to write new books because of these people!!

    I’d love to enter the contest please :o)

  45. Zinnia Z. says

    Great article. Count me in for the contest, but I’m still running to the bookstore tues morning! :)

  46. Elizabeth H. says

    Enter me!
    I hate that this is such a problem, especially when people can just go to a library and boorow a book for free! I personally love to have an actual book in my hands to read. I have a large group of friends and we all share books. Most of us end up buying our own copies of books that we love. It is a great way to find new authors to read. We all also use http://www.paperbackswap.com on a regular basis. It is easy to use and it is free and most important they are not illegal! Sometimes the waiting list may take awhile, but I use it to try out authors that have been recommended to me, I usually get the first 1 or 2 books that way and then try to purchase the rest new!

  47. says

    Greta post. I do understand the problem, and as an author I would not be happy. Of course if I did anything like that, I would just end up buying a real book instead since I hate reading on my PC, and real pirated books you can touch, never even seen one.

    Oh and enter me, would love to win

  48. HMichaeli says

    You make great arguments, and buying new books is so easy these days with the Internet, I don’t see why people take the trouble to be criminals…
    On the other hand, winning free books should not be sneezed at either…
    So please enter me.
    Many Thanks!

  49. Karen says

    Enter Me!!

    Theft is theft. I can’t understand the mentality of people who think that stealing something thru the web isn’t really stealing. No moral compass, I guess.

    I’d just like to say that I consider the cost of a book a small price to pay for the hours of enjoyment I get out of reading it.

  50. Riva Laughlin says

    What a well-reasoned explanation of digital theft (I refuse to call it e-piracy. That sounds too romantic). You explain the problem without getting overly emotional. Your posting should be required reading for everyone who buys an e-reader. Maybe you could convince all the manufacturers to include this in the owners manual.

    Please enter me! I’d love to get a free, legal copy of FDOB.

  51. Barbara Elness says

    That was a great post, and I hope it does it’s job. I’d love to win a copy of First Drop of Crimson, that would be fantastic!

  52. says

    I think what particularly bothers me is the e-pirates claim that they love books. Over and over their user names are variations of “lovebooks” or “paranormalbooklover”. Um, if you love quality books, you behave in a way that will ensure more are produced. You don’t love books–your entitled, leeching attitude shows that you hate books.

    Random story: on a pirate site (which I monitor for sending takedown notices), someone posted a link to their friend’s self-published book, asking everyone to buy a copy and support the author. The logic fail and irony made my head explode.

  53. Holly says

    I wasn’t even aware E-piracy even happened,thanks for the info..i would rather get it on my trusty kindle or actually read a nice real tree i’ve bought myself..you rip yourself off of the experience too doing it the pirate way surely!?
    Please enter me in the comp, i love new books!!!

  54. says

    fabulous breakdown, Jeanine. What makes me upset is the people you talk about at the end. I firmly believe that most wrongs in the world can he righted or severely helped along by education and awareness . . . but there’ll always be those hurtful people who don’t care either way. :( they make me sad.

  55. Readsalot81 says

    Everything you said was absolutely true. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise. We appreciate it, very much!! Heh, once I have a copy of a Drop of Crimson in my hands, I’m not stopping for snacks, friends or anyone!

    Would love to be entered into the contest as well. :)

  56. says

    I absolutely love this blog post! I’ve always been against ebook piracy but I had no idea that people tried to reason it! There is absolutely no reasonable explanation for illegal downloads.

  57. Heidi C. says

    Great article! It’s good to make these kinds of readers aware of how they are effecting the literary community as a whole. I’d love the chance to win a copy of your book.

  58. Cherie says

    Great post, I had no idea that was even happening I am a huge fan of cat and bones I even read early grave in 6 hours thats how much I love the series Please enter me for the competition although I have already pre ordered the book I would love love love a signed copy as I never get a chance to have a book signed :)

  59. foreverpurple3 says

    I’d love to enter. I think it’s great that you’re making people aware of e-piracy.

  60. says

    cross posted this on my LJ. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, very compelling argument.

    I’m totally not cool with epiracy, especially with books. That’s what libraries are for.

  61. readingrush says

    I do feel for people who don’t have access to certain books due to where they live, but sympathy can only go so far. Two of my favorite e-series were discontinued because of e-piracy. I’m lucky to have a great library where I am able to test out authors, as well as book swapping sites/friends, and various places to get used books in town. What I find funny is that people are willing to spend at the very least $5 at a fast food restaurant every day(at least in my town, but they bulk at buying an actual book that they’ll be able to keep for the same price.

  62. Jen says

    Hey, I would love to be entered into the giveaway please.

    I just don’t get the point of e-piracy. Why would you want to read a whole book on a computer when you could have it in print? It’s not just the ease of carrying it around but I think it just more enjoyable to have it in paper right in front of you.


  63. TriciaS says

    I would love to be entered in the contest!

    I am sharing this with everyone I know, it is such a shame that more and more people are stealing from authors like this :(

  64. says

    Those 13 excuses are just plain lame. If rolled my eyes any harder while reading them, I’d have a brain spasm. They look more like reasons to make ebook thieves feel better about stealing. The ebook piracy problems make me cringe because so many get hurt from it.

    Please enter me for the legal giveaway. :)

  65. Linda D. says

    Hi Jeaniene!

    Fantastic post, I totally agree. I’m a huge fan of many rock bands and I’ve watched them suffer greatly. I never pirate music, because it is their work. I’ve heard those excuses thrown out again and again, from my own friends! The same, of course, applies to authors, and with me being one, I would be devastated to know that others were stealing my work to read illegally. I can imagine how you (or the other dames) feel. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will end, but hopefully it will die down eventually.

    Count me in for the giveaway! 😀

  66. LibraryDeb says

    Well said! Thank you for the wonderful breakdown of the piracy issue.

    We all love books, and as a former Romance Manager/Author Liaison for an independent bookstore and now as a library volunteer and romance readers group coordinator, I’ve had the privilege of reading books by many fabulous authors as well as chatting with them about their books and careers. Their hard work and dedication is to be commended, not abused by piracy.

    I would love to buy a ton more books each and every month but I just can’t do it. I make good use of the library, used book stores and even swap books with family and friends if needed but I wouldn’t have a clue where to find a “share” site and wouldn’t use it if I could. I have to much respect for the authors and the many hours of joy their hard work gives to all of us.

    Thank you for breaking the piracy issue down for us.

    I’d love to be entered to win your wonderful book.


  67. April M says

    I’ve always known e-piracy was a problem but I didn’t know it was such a big one. Now I’m 100% againist e-piracy rather than just disliking it like before I read this post. There are tons of ways to read books for free thats legal, my friends and I love the same books and always borrow from each other. Thanks for putting this up.

    Please enter me! 😀

  68. Fiona says

    it’s so much easier to check books out from the library! please enter me, this book sounds awesome!

  69. Ellaanabeth says

    Books are awesome and sacred. And while reading online is sometimes convienent, nothing will ever replace the smell of fresh ink, old paper, and musty libraries. ^_^

  70. says

    Hi, Jeaniene!

    E-piracy, e-stealing, whatever you want to call it, is a horrible thing and I wish people would stop doing it.

    Please enter me! Thanks. 😀

  71. jupiter says

    great comments.
    I agree that e piracy is stealing.

    Authors deseve to get paid for their work.

  72. says

    OOOOhhhh, free book!!! Love to be entered.

    An amazing (and funny) post on e-piracy. I knew some of the answers. But was glad to learn more. Thank you.

  73. Judy G. says

    Great post, Jeaniene! I had no idea that e-piracy was so rampant in the publishing industry. Music, sure, but that’s probably because of all the attention given it.

    It’d be awesome to win a copy of First Drop of Crimson, but come Tuesday I’ll be at the bookstore to buy my copy whether I do or not. It’s my b-day present to myself! *grin*

  74. MoniS says

    Great post, Jeaniene.

    If a book is too expensive for my wallet, the library is my wallet’s best friend.

    I would love to be entered into the giveaway.

  75. Tom Gallier says

    Well said, and not said often enough. Hopefully this post will keep some honest people honest.

    Now, if the internet would only find a way to download free BACON. Mmmm.

  76. Kelly says

    Jeaniene, thanks for a wonderful post. I think I’ll go retweet it again!

    Also, please ENTER me for the contest! :)


  77. Germaine says

    Great post! I’ve noticed a lot of authors giving away copies of their books recently (not just a few copies, but dozens). Is this in response to increased e-piracy, or have some authors always been so generous with their books?

    Anyway, I’d like to be entered, and thanks for the giveaway.

  78. Donna S says

    Great post on e-piracy. Its such a large issue which really involves more than just books. Until recently though all we have heard about was the music portion, hopefully more people read this and realize how big the issue is and how it will end up affecting everyone, both reader and writers.

    Thanks for posting today.

    I love the Night Huntress series and am looking forward to First Drop of Crimson.

    Donna S

  79. Estella says

    This cannot be said too many times. Now if people will just listen—.
    I enjoy the Night Huntress Series.
    Please enter me.

  80. LuigiGirlNZ says

    Great article. Thanks. I would love to be entered into the contest.

    Thanks again for the informative article.

  81. nrbt says

    Great post!
    I didn’t need convincing – I’ve always been against piracy, for those reasons and more – but you really put it cleanly. I hope you’ve made some converts, or at least given honest people a way to talk sense into their less-honest friends.
    And I’d love to be entered into the contest.

  82. says

    Oops forgot to say that I’d love to win a book please!!!! I was #1 to post and obviously was too het up over the topic to read the instructions correctly! The Night Huntress series seriously rocks!

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    Great post Jeaniene! I agree with you and have all your books LEGALLY. I don’t however have the new one although I’m dying to get it so PLEASE ENTER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you :)

  84. Malin says

    Would love to win a book, please! Crossing my fingers that contest is not limited to people in the US and Canada.

  85. Skitty says

    Hi J!! Very eloquent and informative article. Gee, maybe you should write for a living! :) Can’t wait to read FDOC! Enter me!

  86. Jen says

    Jeaniene, thanks for discussing e-piracy! I try to buy multiple copies of books just for the purpose of sharing the extras. (Umm, also because I preorder most books online and often can’t wait to receive my copy via mail–I’ll run to the store and pick up another on the release date. My friends make fun, but they benefit from te extra copies.)

    Please enter me in the contest too!


  87. Sara H says

    Great article. thorough, concise and not preachy.
    And since I’m all about the free, please sign me up for the contest.
    Can’t wait till Tuesday!!

  88. Candace says

    Great article, very informative.

    Please Enter Me into the contest.

    Can’t wait for the new series!

  89. Erika says

    Contest. Yay!

    BTW, I’m having a big fight with myself – to read the teaser, to not read the teaser…If I do read, I’ll just get upset that I can’t finish it. On the other hand, it’s THERE! One mouse click and I can get a semi-fix! Oh, what to do, what to do…

  90. says

    I’d like to be entered into the contest to win.

    I have to say I’m one of those people who never gave e-piracy any thought, but I certainly will from now on. Especially now that I know it is such a huge problem.

  91. Roxanne says

    After reading about the issue at Ilona Andrews’, and Angela Knight’s, and Jordan Summers’ blogs to name three off the top of head I realize piracy is an important issue that needs the spotlight so more people learn about the issue… As a retail cog for more years than I care to count (mainly bookstores but also indie shops and chocolate shop) I have a general understanding of how theft affects the P&L of a company…
    Thanks for sharing!

  92. says

    Many thanks for opening up this contest internationally – warms my foreign heart :-) *hugs* Please add my name to the list to be in the running.

    Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day! :-)

  93. Pamk says

    very informative post. Please enter me in this contest. Would love to get a copy of this book.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  94. says

    Hi Jeaniene!

    I’ve never understood why some think it’s okay to publish someone else’s work freely. Just think if that next big proposal for work, something that has taken months prepare, was published on the internet before you have a chance to give it to the boss, who thinks it’s old and already done. Wasting months of your work. It’s nothing like borrowing a book from the library or a friend. It baffles me. As far as the cost of good entertainment goes, books are by far one of least expensive forms that can be found. Thanks for a great post!

    Oh, almost forgot, please enter me in your giveaway!!


    Dottie :)

  95. emmad says

    Very good article :) Must admit I wasn’t even aware of sites where you could download books illegally so that was an eye opener.

    Please enter me.

  96. Cassandra says

    I just don’t understand why people choose to obtain books illegally. If you enjoy reading it then you should support the author and others who make that possible. Can’t wait to read the book and would love a signed copy so please include me in the contest.

  97. Jeffrey L says

    Please, enter me in the drawing. I loved your other books and can’t wait to try this one.

  98. Jeanette Juan says

    Oooh enter me in the drawing! And I defintely agree with you on e-piracy and how it’s a big no no!

  99. Cathy says

    Sensible and very reasonable argument. Shame so many people see stealing (download sharing) as acceptable. Would love to win your books… but will be BUYING them if I don’t.x

  100. Kessi says

    Thank you for that great article. For me it is such a great feeling to hold a book of a series I love in my hands that I can’t understand why people do this.
    And of course, I would love to win your book :-)

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    Awesome post. I didn’t realize this was such a big problem but really support your efforts to bring it to people’s attention. I would love to win the book!

  102. says

    :o) Don’t enter me… just wanted to say kudos on the post.

    Very, very true.

    When somebody claims to ‘love’ reading but actively does something that hurts the book industry, it makes that love rather empty.

  103. says

    Don’t enter this Dame into the contest, but I had to come on and say how much I love this post. I try explaining the damage this will do to so many and a lot of people still shrug it off. Now I have a great place to send them-help them understand. Thanks!

  104. says

    Don’t enter me. I already have your books :)

    Thanks Jeaniene for the great post. It is definitely a keeper, well thought out and provoking. I especially loved your analogy regarding reprinting of the dollar. Hopefully it will make some of those contributing to this problem stop and think.

  105. Tina says

    Great post. Hopefully this will make people think about the consequences of stealing. To bad they don’t enforce the law. Throwing a few people in prison or slapping them with a huge fine would make people thing twice before illegally downloading a book.

    Please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

  106. Jaime says

    **Applauds* Bravo and well said. So many people just don’t get it, and ultimately, won’t until the books they so adore are gone from the bookshelves.

    Please enter my name into the hat as well. 😉

  107. Wrayth says

    that was very informative and actually interesting. I liked the bit about taking the book in the shop and waving it at the shop employees before walking out!! It does make you think about e-piracy more clearly. (and i agree e-piracy just sounds cool, since depp pirates are no longer a’bad’ thing. e-stealing is better!)

    Also pretty please add me to the contest! (was my birthday on the 6th! Mwahahaha)

  108. says

    Yeah Kaz! What a fantastic guest blog! I’ve never pirated a book, or known anyone who has, so I had no idea it was such a huge problem! I even have a hard time going to the library because I want the author to get the sale from my bookstore purchase 😉

    Thanks Jeaniene! What a great and informative post! I’ll be linking people to this, for sure.

  109. says


    This was a great post, especially considering the recent debacle with Amazon and Macmillan. e-piracy is such a huge deal and authors work too hard to have their work stolen. So, here, here!

    I’d love to read more about Spade. I recently finished Halfway to the Grave and LOVED it. I would treasure any opportunity to jump back into the Night Huntress world, so count me in!

  110. Anne says

    I totally agree! Please enter me in your contest! My sister has a Kindle and she is always bugging me about getting one. I’ve checked out her Kindle, but I like a book better (I don’t know why.).

  111. says

    Thanks again for all the great comments, everyone! Hoping a broader understanding of the issue will perhaps sway some people tempted to e-pirate into thinking twice.

  112. Kathryn says

    I am happy to say that I have never e-pirated. The few times I came across an e-book I wanted, and could not get in bound form, I bought. Personally, I prefer bound copies that I can curl up with.

    I knew e-piracy was a problem and illegal, but this article put it in a perspective I could understand.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I’ve read and enjoyed your Night Huntress series, and would really like to win the first in a series that I’m sure will be just as wonderful as the first.

  113. says

    Please enter me in the contest. :)

    This was a great post and the thing that struck me the most was threats to make sure more of the author’s books are made available for downloading to teach them a lesson about speaking up against theft. It’s a very mobster mentality and I guarantee those jerks think they’re so cool for sounding tough but likely spend most of their time at home alone. Stealing is not nice, behaving in such a manner is worse than not nice, and the simple fact is “not nice” people rarely have good friends. Lamesauce.

  114. Lingeorge says

    I happen to really enjoy the books by my favorite authors. Thus, I want them to keep writing more for me to read. As a self-employed (family construction business) I understand the only way my authors can write these books for me is if they get paid. A “you should feel honored these people are reading your books….” does not pay the rent or keep the power turned on. Which is what a writer needs to be able to spend the time required to produce a a product (book) for our enjoyment.

  115. MinnChica says

    I love all the great information you provided about e-piracy. I’m an avid book reader/buyer, a huge advocate of the library, and supporter of my local used bookstore. Thanks for speaking out!

  116. Lina says

    I’d love to be entered in this contest. Thank you.

    And one more question (I guess I am not that bright after all :) ):
    normaly I buy paper books, but I have brought one e-book recently, and there’s this message : “… e-book allows you one Legal copy for your own personal use. It is illigal to send your copy to someone who did not pay for it. …”
    So my question is – I cant even give it as a gift??? for example to my mother???
    I mean when you purchase gifts, you dont charge the recipient for it, it would be rude. But on the book it says that I cant even give my own legal copy to anyone. Why is that? I mean I paid for it, I do not copy it, or something. Does it mean I can’t purchase it as a gift?
    Please, could anyone explain to me.

  117. Margaret says

    If I like a book or an author, I’ll often buy multiple copies to give away to friends or as birthday gifts, in order to help that author keep writing and publishing. Piracy is EVIL.

  118. says

    I’d love to be entered in this contest. Also, should I not be one of the lucky winners, I promise I will obtain my copy of First Drop of Crimson in a totally legal way (i.e. my local Barnes and Nobel store). :)

  119. Barbara Hansen says

    Please enter me in the contest. Wow, First Drop of Crimson thoughts fantastic! Can’t wait to buy it and read it.

    I would like to add that people who commit e-Piracy need to be caught and be punished…in big numbers! Maybe that would be a deterrent to others from stealing peoples’ livelihoods!

  120. Sarah D. says

    I totally agree with what you’re saying Jeaniene. I find checking the book out from the library, or borrowing from a friend works just fine if you’re not sure about whether or not the book is worth your monetary investment. If you read it and love it, it makes sense to purchase it.

    I also like it when authors post snippets on their blogs. It gives me a sense of what the book will be like and more often than not intrigues me into wanting to buy the book (especially if there’s a wait list at the library for the book).

    I will say the only thing I do find annoying about e-books is that once my boyfriend bought me an e-book (which he would probably die before reading…it’s not his type of book) but because we didn’t think of the DRM, he purchased it through his account and then couldn’t transfer the rights to me. I have to sign into his account every time I want to re-read the book. It gets a little annoying after a while and it’d be nice if they found some way around that…where you could buy an e-book as a gift.

    P.S. Enter me in the contest please! Thanks :)

  121. Irena says

    I CAN see why e piracy of books is not considered stealing…. most of the generation that is now running the younger part of our world has a great sense of entitlement… not great as in wonderful. I think they are saying to themselves that if it is out there then they deserve to have it. It is a selfish generation and give no thought to the person who created the work in the first place. Our world has become such a throw away place here in the States that it is actually cheaper to toss and replace than it is to fix. Scary, but true.
    There are honest people out there, but I fear that they are becoming fewer. I would not steal online or in a store simply because the cost is so high…. guilt, guilt, guilt, not to mention the prison sentence…
    I really enjoy your books, glad to see you on here!

  122. says

    I saw the link for this post on e-piracy. I appreciated the quote Gena had on her site and followed the link to read more.

    I’m not a fan of digital books (maybe it will grow on me), but I understand the frustration and stealing is stealing period.

  123. Rachel says

    Hi Jeaniene,

    I’d love to be entered in the contest, thanks.

    I think you make some excellent points. As a bibliophile on a tight budget my eyes glaze over and my heart starts racing at the thought of unlimited free books. But that’s not the way of the world. I recognize that if I want you to keep writing them, then I have to keep paying for them, and for me it’s well worth it. When times are tough and it’s not in my budget then it means a trip to the library and entering contests like this. :)

  124. says

    E-piracy was not something that I used to think about in terms of how it damaged the industry. I just wanted free stuff.

    Luckily, my way of thinking has changed, and I even pay for music downloads on iTunes! Lol.

    I don’t know how I ever used to be able to sit in front of the computer for hours, reading pirated books…cause I certainly can’t do it anymore. And even if I had Superwoman eyes, I wouldn’t want to. I love my REAL books too much to give them up.

    Now that I am an aspiring writer, the idea or e-piracy infuriates me. I want to make a living being a writer, but people who know only how to think of themselves could possibly ruin that reality for me and thousands of others who share a love of writing.

    I get highly defensive when people I know tell me that they downloaded a book because they didn’t want to pay for it…or borrow it from me because the Gods know I probably have it.

    Anyway…enough rambling from me. I really appreciate this post Jeaniene and hope that it will help change people’s opinions on e-piracy. (Some is better than none, right!?)

    I will be posting a link on my blog to this post as well. : )

    Thanks for the opportunity to win FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON! I promise if I don’t win a copy, I will buy it next week from the bookstore! ; )

  125. says

    I don’t really fall into the it’s-okay-to-epirate category, but I’ve never really the given the subject much thought until recently. Mainly because I’ve never downloaded music or books illegally. I also didn’t realize it was being done on such a massive scale. So, thank you! Best epiracy info I’ve read yet.

  126. says

    Great post – loads of really useful information :) And please enter me for the draw – I’m dying to read Spade’s story!

  127. says

    This is a fabulous post on e-piracy! It’s become such a major issue. I can’t imagine losing more of my favorite series to people that refuse to cough up a few bucks to support their favorite authors.

  128. says

    What is the government doing to combat illegal downloading? Granted, the FBI issues a warning, but how much of a deterrent is it if they don’t enforce it? While the RIAA has taken steps to fight against piracy, I’ve yet to see publishers taking such a stance. (Of course, I could be wrong.) Instead, it seems the authors are bearing the brunt of not only being ripped off, but having to be police, judge, and jury.

    What about PSAs? We need to reach more people, and not just “preach to the choir.” Maybe TV series writers should incorporate this issue in their stories. (Frustrated author bumps off the operator of an illegal file sharing site.) Note: I’m not condoning murder. However, these pirates need a punishment that goes beyond a slap on the proverbial wrist and loss of computer privileges.

    But I digress. Please enter me in the contest. I need to get back to work. Chapter 17 won’t fix itself. :-)

  129. Brandi says

    I don’t get why people do e-books. If I can’t hold it in my hands it feels wrong.. so I always buy or swap ♥ Would love to be entered for your latest!

  130. Dawn says

    Thanks for the information. When I was researching for the best audio book providers out there i ran across some “free” providers. I wasn’t aware of the information you provided in your post but common sense told me something just wasn’t right. I went with audible.com. I also employ the tried and true library when possible and probably moft often trading with friends. We take turns buying books we want to read and trading back and forth! It really does help to defray the cost the more friends involved the better.

    I do have a few authors and series that i would skip meals in order to afford the newest installment on.Jeaniene is one at the top of that list. If I didn’t have to starve to get the book that would be sweet, so, please enter me in the contest!

    Thanks for the Night Huntress Series and World!

  131. wont says

    Don’t enter me, I’m lucky enough to have an ARC. I just had to say this was a fabulous rebuttal to anyone whole steals via ebooks. This is the equivalent of the Marines storming the beach. Everything was covered, no way to dispute it. Way to go Jeaniene!!

  132. Emma F says

    Wow, I had no idea that there were even sites that gave away illegal copies. Huh? I better be more careful where I get my e-books then. Thanks for this post, its very helpful and important. Will most definitely spread the word.

    By the way, I love your Night Huntress series andcan’t wait to read the first book to the spin-off. ;D


  133. Bethie says

    Great post. I certainly couldn’t afford to buy every book I read. But I do have a nice swapping thing going on with a group of friends. Please count me in.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

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    Great post! One of the reasons I love book blogging is that sometimes I can’t get to a book I’d love to read, but then I can ask the author/publisher to send me a review copy. And they are not giving the book away for free – there’s book promotion involved as well! :)


  135. Crystal R. says

    Thanks for the post. I would love to win or buy your next book. Keep your chin up…there are still a lot of us out here that understand, and want to support our favorite authors.

  136. Amy Stogner says

    Enter me in the contest Please

    Thanks for all the great info Jeaniene. Very informative. It’s not like books are super expensive. You can always buy them at a book store or get them at your local library.

    BTW Jeaniene I LOVE your books. So I hope I win.

    Please enter me in the contest.


  137. Jackie Wilson says

    Hi – I love your books! AND I do not even know what sites to go to for downloading e-pirated books and do not want to know.

    The only thing I disagree with in your post is when a piece of work becomes copyrighted. It becomes copyrighted when it is written, not just published.

    Thanks for writing the great reads and keep at it

  138. GladysMP says

    Boy, e-piracy has certainly stirred up folks and rightly so. I don’t think I have ever seen so many replies to a post in such a short time. I wanted a chance at winning and will still cross my fingers. My hope is that e-books do not kill the sale of print copies. I love visiting book stores.

  139. Karen W. says

    Please enter me in the contest. I’ve been dying for the release of FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON! :)

    Thanks for the informative post.

  140. says

    Hi Jackie. Glad you like the books! Re-copyright. Yes, a novel becomes copyrighted upon creation, but since I was blogging about e-piracy, I focused on novels that had been published. Usually unpublished works aren’t targeted for e-piracy because they’re not available in the public domain to be e-pirated.

  141. Cristy Nieto says

    Please enter me in the contest. I love Jeaniene Frost and Spade is my favorite character! I’m so glad he’s getting his own book!

  142. Aimee S. says

    Agreed! Though, no matter how much you bang your head against that wall, you’ll do little more than give yourself a headache trying to convince most of those people otherwise. I would love to enter the contest, though!

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    Please enter me!

    I followed a link from Gena Showalter’s blog and found this post very informative and entertaining… I wasn’t aware that books were illegally downloaded just as much as music etc. (But then again, that was never any temptation for me as I find e-books rather annoying. I want a real book in my hands – that’s just part of reading for me. *g*)

  145. Jennifer Ebba says

    I seriously don’t like the idea of e-books, though great for the environment-I just can’t see myself deleting a book when my kindle or whatever else gets full…and trust me that would happen quickly. LOL. I like buying hard copies, so I would never download a book, let alone steal a pirated work off the internet. As an amateur writer myself I would never want my works stolen in any way! Thanks for writing Jeaniene, your work is completely awesome and Tuesday is too far away. LOL. Deadline Dames rocks!

  146. JudyX says

    This is really something to think about…very good article!I love reading about Cat and Bones, they are my favourite paranormal couple! Ah whatever, they are my favourite at all 😀 Can’t wait to get to know Denise and Spade some more…

    Im from Slovakia, so its a little bit harder for me to get your awsome books, but I do what I can (shopping on internet and waiting 4 weeks to recieve book i adore:D)- thats why id like to use this oportunity and win one copy of FDOC

    Please enter me in the contest! Thank you…

  147. Melissa says

    Please enter me too!

    I agree the term digital theft someone used is much more appropriate. There aren’t many people who are expected to do their jobs for nothing so it seems pretty rude for anybody to expect authors or musicians or other artists to work for free.

    Just loved the Night Huntress books. Looking forward to the next installment :-)

  148. says

    thank you for this highly informative post!

    I have never quite understood why people think basic rules do not apply to them. e-piracy is theft and I simply can not understand anybody stealing anything … sure, sometimes you wish you had more money, you wish things were for free and you wish the next book in a series would come out right after the one you just read. but the world doesn’t work that way and it surely doesn’t revolve around the wishes of one single person.

    As I said… thank you for the post and all the information… let’s hope it gave a few peeps a new insight on this topic!

    PS: of course I’d love to get a signed copy of FDOC. :)

  149. Meike says

    This article was very well done.
    It was very informative to hear the POV of the authors who are affected the most by e-piracy.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!!

    I would love to enter the contest. Thanks!

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    Plz to be entered?! 😉

    Great article on e-piracy, it seems like its becoming a bigger and bigger deal every time I read about it. :/ But getting info like this out will help, at least for the people who don’t really know how detrimental it is to an author, publisher, etc.

  151. Elizabeth says

    AGREE! Enter me.
    I love all your books and I have them all exept First drop of crimson. I cant wait for it to cone out even if i dont win im going out this week to buy it been waiting 7 months for it:)
    keep writing I love your cat and bones serious.

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    Thank you for the article.
    I would love to enter the contest.

    Waiting eagerly for tomorrow, and “First Drop of Crimson.” More Bones and Cat please!! :)

  153. Issy Doyle says

    Hi Jeaniene
    thanks so much for taking the time to explain this problem in such detail. i would love to think that it is obvious to anyone that e-piracy is unsustainable
    Can’t wait for the next book.

  154. JenniLyne says

    Stealing: Obtaining something that does not belong to you and which you have not received permission to obtain. E-Piracy = Stealing. Couldn’t agree more.


  155. Heather C says

    Hi Jeaniene!!! Great post. Speaking up and showing why e-piracy is wrong is a great way to wake people up. I think most people don’t realize the true hurt. As in, who cares if I take this book/song/movie, that company makes so many millions every year, they’ll never notice it. The point about less books being bought, and series ending due to lack of sales is an important point. I feel like if you put a real person with the theft than it will make it harder for people to steal. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I sure hope so.

    Good luck with the new series!!!

  156. Bethany E says

    Excellent piece! Thanks for detailing exactly how toxic e-piracy is for those of us not in the industry. I did not think of that perspective before. Also, enter me in the contest please!

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    Hey Jeaniene,

    I love love love your books they’re so addicting! And I have to say that I’ve been tempted a time or two to download things from free file sharing sites simply because I was so anxious to read a specific book. What’s always stopped be in the past is knowing how much hard work and effort went into creating that book and how it might negatively affect the author if I were to do that.

    I would love to be entered into your contest, I can’t wait to read your latest!


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    I enjoyed reading this article and AGREE 100%. It irks me that people are so quick to demand justice when something like their car is stolen but then turn right around and download something for free. I’m looking forward to the “First Drop of Crimson” book!

    Please enter me in the contest too!

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    Count me in the contest as a gift for her, because I’m a cool mom! :)

  163. Meg says

    I agree completely, I’m a college student and I don’t know of a species of readers with less money, but if you respect an author enough to read their work, you should care enough to buy it legally.

  164. Carrie Thompson says

    I am a huge fan of your books and I am super excited about “First Drop of Crimson”. Thank you for the explanation of piracy. I, for one, can honestly say that I have never pirated anything. To me, there is just something great about going to the bookstore, finding your new book, and then holding it in your hands and reading it. You gotta love the new book smell! I have just started reading ebooks, but it’s just not the same! LOL:)

    Anyhow, I’d love to be entered into the contest.

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    A long post, but a great one. I personally have not read any of your books, although I do plan to purchase and read them. As you mentioned, with a limited budget you have to make choices. However, I am trying to convince the local library to get some of your books!

  168. Terri W. says

    Great post and I learned some stuff I didn’t know before!

    Please enter me in the contest and I love your books, thanks!

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    Thank you for the post, I learned quite a bit from it. I bought First Drop of Crimson last week from my local Wal-Mart. I haven’t sat down and read it from cover to cover yet, but I had read what you had posted on your site from the book. Needless to say, I was hooked. So yesterday on my home from work I stopped and bought all four of your Night Huntress novels from Books-a-Million. I’m looking forward to reading them. Thank you for your work!

  170. says

    Sadly I fear you’re ‘preaching to the choir’ here, but hopefully just one fan actually thinks for a moment. I guess 6 months ago I wasn’t nearly as passionate about this as I am now, and that comes from actually listening to authors on this topic.

    I think the thing that I hear the most that just drives me NUTS “oh, I’m a HUGE fan, I love reading/Love their books, but I can’t afford to buy them, so I just download them”.. sheese, get a clue and use your friggen library!

    Sorry… my rant buttons’ off now. Great post from a great author, thank you.

  171. says

    I love your post, Jeaniene! I’m experiencing e-pirating for the first time. It’s not fun. I was devastated to see my debut being downloaded and shared by thousands. First book sales numbers are going to directly affect me getting another contract. I worked so hard to get here, and now my numbers will not be as good as they might have been had people actually got my book through legal channels. It’s depressing. :-/

  172. reeder says

    I just bought the ebook version of that today. (yup. paid fictionwise.) Once I learn how little you get of each actual sale from Ilona, it seemed even more insulting.

    Would love to have a hard copy.

  173. Nicole says

    I totally agree. I either check out from library or borrow from a friend if it’s a book or series I haven’t read yet. Then, if I like it, it goes on my “to buy” list (which is getting ridiculously long!). Jeaniene, your series is on my short list, once a friend finishes it.

    I’m not big on e-books right now (no kindle or nook, etc) and I really just like having that book in hand feeling!

  174. says

    It never occurred to me that piracy also happened with books. Obviously it’s well known with cd’s and dvd’s but because I prefer to read ‘real’ books that you can hold I had never heard of this before. It’s terrible :( Thank yo for highlighting the problem to us. I will retweet the initial message that led me here.

    Thank you for the chance to win your book also :o)

  175. J.L. Anderson says

    Awesome! I retweeted this since e-piracy has hurt my career as a comic artist. People just don’t get it.

    Anyway, I’d like to enter the contest!

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    As your fellow warrior in the e-piracy trenches, bless you. This is an extraordinary, calm, wonderful post about the issue, and I thank you for putting so much into it. I have retweeted it, and I’m going to KEEP retweeting it.

    Bless you.


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    Great post,please enter me for your book. I’m happy to say I was ignorant about this issue,thanks to twitter i see a lot of authors and publishers post legal excerpts and that’s enough for me. I hope this helps because in these economic times it’s so important that authors get all the sales credited to them. I bought your first book and got vols 2 and 3 through http://www.paperbackswap.com since my budget was a little tight:) and this sight doesnt accept library books or Arc’s so I know they were purchased and then shared. I hope more people swap and less e-piracy results. Love your work kai.

  179. says

    Thanks so much for the comments, everyone! This contest closed on Feb 9th but I will be holding more in the future on my blog. And special thanks to everyone who re-Tweeted/linked this post to help spread the word that piracy isn’t “free”.

  180. says

    Read the whole post. Agreed all along. Said well, and thank you.

    Also, I’d love to be in the contest… bet this blog will be worth my time otherwise, too!

  181. Kristina says

    I see this contest has been closed, but I still want to say a few words (also, I absolutely worship your books!).

    I absolutely support this cause. When not having the money to buy a book, go to the library! Unfortunately for me, I live in a small town in Norway, and being a girl that mainly reads English books and mostly paranormal/urban fantasy etc., it is a very limited selection there. They’ve got the Harry Potter books, Lord of the Rings, and some others that are all older than year 2000, and that’s it. I spend several thousand Norwegian krones every year buying books from outside the country, always extra expensive because of the shipping, and I always sacrifice something else that I should spend the money on in order to get them. There is one bookstore in the closest big city that sells only English books and mainly the genres that interest me, but I don’t exactly get there very often. When I do, I buy a bunch of books every time, as long as they have the books I want in. What I think would be wonderful is if publishers could make some kind of e-library, for all those people who don’t have the advantage of a library, maybe one where you perhaps paid a monthly fee and you’d get to read books legally, one where it wasn’t possible to rip off the content and save it on your own computer. I’m gonna be honest with you, and by being so I have to admit I have read copies of books illegally. I lived in Texas for a year as a foreign exchange student a few years ago, and I have some friends there that know my book preferences and if they buy an eBook they think I’ll like, they e-mail it to me. But I always buy the books I enjoy at a later date when I can afford it (I’m a big time re-reader). I am not advocating this as a good way to solve my problem, not at all, I respect authors too much. But I do want to be honest. I -like- physical copies of books, and I love building up my own little private library. For instance, I’ve got all your books and I’ve bought three more copies of Halfway to the Grave as gifts for friends. Cracking open a new book is the biggest treat for me. Ebook-piracy just doesn’t do it for me, cus reading on a screen isn’t… satisfying? enough. Besides, there is no way to expand your bookshelf and make it look even prettier if all you’ve got are some bytes on your laptop. 😉 But I do wish there was a way to check out new authors and new books legally for people who aren’t able to find the books in their local library, people like me who live in remote places or non-English speaking countries. It is not a wish of mine to do something illegal, to make publishers stop publishing an author or not taking a shot at a new one. So as I said, I wish there was a way to make something like an online library. I think a lot of people would be willing to pay a small fee in order to make this happen and still let the publishers profit from it. Maybe some day…

    Kind regards,

  182. Anonymous says

    Very good post. I think that authors are becoming unfortunate victims of a growing culture that doesn’t feel there’s any reason to respect copyright because they feel (justifiably in many cases) that it’s been extended too far & abused by companies such as the music & movie publishers so much that they don’t feel bound to obey it. I can understand that movement, but don’t support their conclusion that copyright should be ignored. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to convince these people that copyright really is important to society, and what harm they’re really doing to authors and artists.

  183. Brian Williams says

    Very good post. I think that authors are becoming unfortunate victims of a growing culture that doesn’t feel there’s any reason to respect copyright because they feel (justifiably in many cases) that it’s been extended too far & abused by companies such as the music & movie publishers so much that they don’t feel bound to obey it. I can understand that movement, but don’t support their conclusion that copyright should be ignored. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to convince these people that copyright really is important to society, and what harm they’re really doing to authors and artists.

  184. Anon says

    I agree, with one exception. People who work all their lives and in the end have a retirement until they die but not 70 years beyond may not have anything to leave their families.
    I take issue with how long copyright lasts for the above reason, and also because of the restricting of creativity that has resulted in diminshing the earlier return to the public domain. Originally copyright entered into the public domain after 14 years then everyone benefited. This was how the framers saw the real benefit to copytight.
    As Sandra Day O’connor said “copyright was not intemded to line the pockets of authors, but to promote the progress of science and useful art”,
    Promoting the progress of science and useful art, is how the copyright clause in the constitution states it. See Article one section 8 of the US constitution.
    Just wanted to keep things in perpective

  185. says

    Anon posting on 2/21, I personally wouldn’t be adverse to the copyright law being changed from the “life plus seventy years” that currently stands. It does seem excessive to me, too. However, as an author whose oldest book has been published only a little over two years, yet has been pirates tens of thousands of times (no, I’m not exaggerating; I’ve seen the numbers), I can tell you that the majority of e-piracy is not on “old” books where the author is decades deceased. It’s on novels that are just released or have only been in the market in the past ten years with the authors very much living and counting on those incomes. If the current copyright law gets changed, I’ll toe the line in following whatever the new law is, but again, disagreement of a law does not constitute the right to ignore that law (and again, older works are not what makes up the majority of piracy anyway. Dan Brown’s new book was pirated more than 100K times in its first month of release. See Publishers Weekly for confirmation of that).

    As for Sandra Day O’Connor’s comment, I don’t know the full context of it, but I’d hope she isn’t implying that people getting paid for the time they put into their work (the same thing most people in any work force expect) is something to be ashamed of. Plus, if anything thinks an author’s pockets are copiously lined with money, I’d point them at my Money Myths in Publishing article here: http://jeanienefrost.com/2010/01/publishing-money-myths/ or Tobias Buckell’s stats showing an average advance for a book here: http://www.tobiasbuckell.com/2005/10/05/author-advance-survey-version-20/ among various other articles that address the fallacy of the “rich” author myth.

  186. Sirke says

    There is nothing better than good book and time to read it. And even if you don’t have the time, you still read it and enjoy it :)

  187. Melody says

    Well said! Brava! And, for the record, I love your books and have legal paperback copies setting on my shelves. Personally, I don’t understand e-books at all (I like to have something I can hold in my hands when I kick back to read), but even if I did, I’d buy the electronic versions legally, to support the authors/publishers/etc.

  188. says

    One small clarification:

    “Most books are also registered with the United States Library of Congress (or Creative Commons license), but if you didn’t create a product yourself, again, you’re not the copyright owner and you don’t legally have the right to upload/download it.”

    Under some Creative Commons licenses, it is specifically permitted to upload or download the work, but the author has given this permission.

    I’m a self-published author and I don’t have the problem you talk about to the same degree, but I have had my book – which is *not* Creative-Commons licensed – uploaded to a few ebook sharing sites under the pretence (or mistaken impression) that it was CC-licensed. I’ve asked the sites to take it down, and I think they have all complied.

  189. pairodox says

    I hear constantly about piracy for music and movies– but I am possibly one of the few ‘slow on the uptake’ people who didn’t realize this was running rampant for books as well. I hated hearing this.

    I get pure enjoyment out of maybe 5 things in this world and one of them is reading. Each book is a new adventure where I can get lost in a new world– and I know I need this release/escape more than ever. I love carting around my most recent find wherever I go and take every opportunity to crack it open and read even if only for a few moments. If my favorite authors– or future favorites– ever stopped writing because of something so selfish as people stealing their books I would be absolutely beyond upset.

    I find it sad that this even has to be a topic. Is this not something we learn when we are about 3 years old? That you don’t steal? And how can someone not see this as stealing? ( love the Duh101 concrete examples)

    I know my family and friends sometimes find me shameful because I have stacks of books around my house that I haven’t gotten to yet :) — seems I can’t control myself if I think I might read it “soon”. But you know what– reading is a passion and I’m willing to pay for it.

    Everyone can’t afford everything they want whenever they want– that’s the nature of the world but that’s not an excuse- it doesn’t mean you can just take it. There are all sorts of suggestions mentioned that should really be looked at by people that might turn to that reasoning.
    For example: My friends and I formed a book club where when we find books we are all interested in– we “take turns” buying them 3 at a time and then swapping.

    What can we book crazy folks do to help other than passing this on? I’d be lost without my books…just heartbroken.