Dame Jackie’s Anniversary Giveaway

It’s my 14th wedding anniversary. Yay for me and Loving Husband! For those who don’t know the story, I fell in love with Loving Husband To Be when I was 15. Of course, he A) didn’t know who I was and B) had a girlfriend, so ours was a forbidden romance. By the time I was 17, Loving Husband knew who I was, but, given that he was (and is) a year older, he was also off to college while I was merely a senior in high school. I drew a picture of him (yes, I can draw; it’s one of The Many Secrets of Jackie Kessler–I’m holding out for a Lifetime Television special) and gave it to him before he went off to school. (He still has that picture. It’s framed, and on the wall in his office.) Fast forward: I’m now 24, and we get reintroduced when we’re both advisors for the same youth group we used to be student members of. (And I just ended a sentence with a preposition — I am SO DARING!) We start dating. We fall in love. We get married. Fourteen years later, we’re still married, with two amazing kids and a cranky old cat (although Loving Husband married into the cat; the feline and I were a package deal).

To celebrate true love, I’m giving away a copy of LOSS!

Okay, that sounded better in my head.

Anyway, I’m just about done reviewing page proofs of LOSS (the book will hit the shelves in March 2012), and I have to say, I’m really proud of this book. I think it has the best ending of all the books I’ve written to date (including Hotter Than Hell, and I **loved** how that book ended). Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t toot my own horn, but to heck with modesty: IT’S MY ANNIVERSARY!!!

So yes, I’m going to give away an advance reading copy of LOSS to one lucky commenter! Comment about true love — your own, or your favorite from a story, be it a book, a movie, a television show, history, or what have you. I’ll randomly pick a winner over the weekend; the winner will be announced next week. ARCs are due mid-October. Rah!



  1. Naomi says

    I would love a copy of Loss! So my story of true love is how I met my fiance – like your husband, he was dating someone else at the time. And then when he was single, I was in a relationship. So he moved to Spain. When he moved back to the UK, I was single but he got back with his ex.

    And then two years ago we managed to be single at the same time, and he told me he’d been waiting for that ever since we first met three years earlier. We kissed on a summer’s night, moved in together three months later, got engaged three months after that, and haven’t looked back! (And we also now have a cranky old cat).

  2. SandyG265 says

    I met my boyfriend when he was building a shed. I was younger then him and shy so it took several months before I’d say more than hello to him.

  3. Bree Jordan says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to find true love but I have hope. My inspiration is my parents. No matter what issues come up or how annoyed they are at each other they stay solid as a rock. They laugh together. They have fun. My dad does the most romantic little gestures. Theyve been together for 24years. They give me hope.

  4. Sally says

    I met my husband in a pub and my friend wanted to go out with him so invited him to a nightclub the next night. He came to the nightclub and found us dancing, drinking and chatting. A couple of hours later he told me that he only came to the nightclub for one reason and that was me. Fourteen years later we’re still together and my friend, she was my maid of honour ;o)

    I love a good book about true love so would definitely want to read Loss.

  5. says

    Sure, now I have, “wuv, twu wuv” stuck in my head and all I can think of is Wesley and Princess Buttercup. True love in a book, the first couple that I thought of was Henry and Claire from The Time Traveler’s Wife.

    I love the movie more (because it has Eric Bana, hubba hubba), but the story that they have this huge love, knowing they’ll only catch each other at different points in their lives but are willing to take what they can with each other even when it sucks always gets me.

    For a real life example, I can’t go wrong with my mom and dad who’ve been married 44 years in spite of my brothers and I being such brats.

  6. says

    My true love story comes stolen from my friend Amy’s parents (and it’s been a while since I heard it, so details may be a little fuzzy).
    Once upon a time, two people were in a loving relationship – with other people. The man had been married for a while and the woman was about to be married herself. However, disaster struck – as it sometimes does – and the man ended up getting a divorce and the woman had to either call off her marriage or she got it annulled. Either way, these two people became single and both ended up at the same resort in Cuba. The man came with friends and the woman came by herself on what was supposed to be a couple’s holiday.
    As luck would have it, this man and woman ended up meeting each other while at the resort and fell in love. That was well over 20 years ago and they’re still happily together with a daughter and two dogs.

    I always sigh when my bff tells me this story (she tells it better and with the exact right details…).

    On a side note, I can’t wait for Loss!!! And thank you for the giveaway!

  7. says

    *laughs* I met my other half two years ago, I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and wasn’t even looking for someone else. We just clicked and I actually spent a month trying to deny that I was falling for her. I got through that and started to take it slow with her, of course nothing is that easy and it just got more and more entangled when I started remembering some of my past lives, the majority of which involved us two as lovers, sometimes as the best of friends and sometimes as siblings or mother and child.
    Throughout all the pain, death and loss, life goes on and it will continue as long as we exist. No matter what form that is, I’ve loved her for a very, very long time and I do not see that stopping anytime soon, no matter what. Death is just a revolving doorway for us, another chapter and never a true ending.

  8. says

    ARCs are awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

    My story of love is a bit… unorthodox. I was newly pregnant and even more newly un-engaged when my relationship with my boyfriend began. Total Jerry Springer stuff, there’s just not room here to elaborate. It’s been a rocky 17 1/2 years with various stops and starts, if you will, but my boyfriend has been a father to my daughter in a way that her biological father never wanted to be and never will be, even though he thinks he should be with his cheesy “I am your father, you will me and together we will rule the Empire” attitude. Oh, wait… wrong story. I get them confused in my head sometimes!

    Anyway… through all of the bad, these are a few of the things that have kept me with my boyfriend despite the fact that he’s a committment-phobe: he accepted my now ♪16-going-on-17♫ year old daughter as his own, treated her as his own, and still loves her as his own.

    He’s committed to her… and that counts for a lot.

    A LOT.

  9. Crystal R. says

    Happy Anniversary!

    I met my husband when I was 5. He is seven years older than me and didn’t notice I was alive until he came back from his service in the Navy. I was 16 then and didn’t look like a little girl anymore. :) We will be celebrating our 8th anniversay this November.

    I would love to win a copy of LOSS, put my name in the pot. :)

  10. Ryan Robbins says

    I’ve always been a fan of the tragic love stories. The stories where two people come together knowing full well it can’t last, but those brief moments are worth all the pain and heartache that results. Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Shakespeare in Love, and – I’m being shameless here considering Jackie’s Whedon infatuation – Buffy and Angel.

    My favorite example is the Angel episode “I will remember you”, where Angel becomes human and it looks like he and Buffy can live the life together they always wanted. Angel, however, sacrifices his humanity and that happiness in order to save others. The kicker – he is the only one that remembers that one single happy day he spent with Buffy. It’s heart-wrenching for him, but you know, if given the choice, he would do it all over again. Good stuff.

  11. says

    Happy Anniversary, Jackie! I can’t wait to read LOSS, whether as an ARC, or when it’s released.

    Re: true love–I’m finally dating again after 6 years single (yikes!) and I’m re-evaluating all my beliefs about true love and how to recognize it. Sparks? Deep conversation? Shared values? It’s a bit scary! 😉

  12. says

    Oh, I wish I had only experienced true love to completely write this comment. I think my favorite tale of true love is from an episode of Oprah. Two people who used to date hadn’t talked to each other in years. They finally met again when the man accidentally dialed her number by mistake and recognized her voice.

  13. says

    Happy anniversary and many more to come! 😀

    Okay, I know it’s only TV (and I’ll probably get shot, because I know it’s either one side of the fence or the other with this pairing) but one romance that never fails to get me is Doctor Who’s Doctor and Rose Tyler. I don’t know if it’s the characters themselves, the chemistry between the actors or what, but whenever I watch them together I can’t help but smile. He burned up a sun to say goodbye! If that’s not love, I don’t know what is, lol.

  14. says

    I met my husband in high school, the very first day of my freshman year, when he pushed me into a locker. Through out high school, we did not really know each other, we ran in separate crowds. We met up again when I was 20, through my best friend. My best friend use to live with my husband’s family, when she was younger. After about two week, we started dating. Eight months later, we were engaged, and a year later we were married. We have now been married for five years this month, and we have two beautiful little girls to show for it. If you told my freshman self that she would marry the jerk that pushed her into the locker….

  15. Karen says

    I’d love a copy of Loss!

    I met my husband at work. He was in retail advertising, I was in classified advertising at a newspaper. In order to get to his dept., he had to walk thru my dept. It was a long corridor. I was at one end, my girlfriend was at the other end. We both thought he was cute so we made a deal – we would help each other out & if one of us ended up with him, the other would not be mad about it. So when he came into the dept. at her end, she would call out my name (which was the system for letting someone know their was a customer on their line). If my light wasn’t blinking, I knew he was coming & I would swivel my chair & say hi. I did the same for her.

    Long story short, I eventually built enough of a casual relationship with him that I asked him to join us for drinks one day after work. He said yes. Then he asked me out on a date and the rest is history.

    BTW, my girlfriend was so mad (even tho she ended up dating someone else she’d been introduced to) that she never spoke to me again.

    We celebrated our 19th anniversary in June.

  16. Darla says

    I would love to read Loss!

    Love…well we can talk about my love. We met while I was in high school. I was in FFA and raised/showed sheep. He pretty much taught me how to raise/show sheep. A year after we met, we started dating.

    Now we are getting married within two weeks!

    Hopefully we can last 14 years. Congrats!!!

  17. Irene says

    Ooh, Loss!

    Uh…I liked the romance in the Korean drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. It was brilliant! It’s really all Sarah Rees Brennan’s fault I got hooked on this show, but I regret nothing! :)

  18. Cheryl says

    Happy Anniversary!

    I love ARCs!

    For my husband… it was love at first sight. He met me at a job interview (he was interviewing, I was working), and accepted the job because I was cute. He didn’t find out until later that I had a boyfriend. We became friends, and then when it didn’t work out with the boyfriend, he swooped in – well, maybe not quite that dramatically – but it’s been a happily ever after. Marrying your best friend is definitely the way to go!

  19. Janie Marlow says

    My husband waited for me through two bad relationships. His proposal was on a date. We were getting into his car to go see a movie when he tossed something to me over the top of the car. It was a jewel ring pop. He said, “Here, let me know when you’re ready for the real thing.”

  20. says

    Happy anniversary!

    I met my girlfriend the day I moved into the dorms for my sophomore year of college. My roommate at the time came running into our room yelling about a guinea pig, so I followed her down the hall. Not only did I get to see the guinea pig, but I also made a couple friends (my best friend from freshman year didn’t come back, so I was a bit depressed). We all started hanging out, and Christen and I eventually started a tentative relationship. We were both too chicken to ask the other out, or even share our feelings, so there was a bit of meddling from friends. We’ve been together almost six years, and we’re waiting until we are making more money to move to another state (preferably one that will let us get a civil union or get married).

  21. says

    I’ve been married for 8 years. We went to the same high school, but didn’t start dating until a year or so later when he was in college and I was almost a junior in HS. We had a rough start because he thought he was still on love with someone else. Turns out he was wrong :) I graduated HS, went on senior trip, got married, and moved away, never looking back. We have a beautiful son, a not grumpy old cat that is my first child, a fat cat, a dog, and 2 horses.

  22. says

    Happy Anniversary Jackie! 😀

    My husband and I have been married for three years but we’ve been together for eight. I was nineteen when we met, and I was the drive-thru girl at a local bagel shop. He used to come in every Saturday morning and I would usually hide and admire him from afar (wearing baseball caps and a bright purple shirts didn’t inspire the most confidence in me, let me tell you!). His younger brother worked at the shop as well and he ended up setting us up on a blind date (well my hubby was blind, I was not, of course). It was the first time I ate sushi, and I was hooked (on both the sushi and my husband, that is)!

  23. says

    True love: Futurama’s Lurr & Ndnd, rulers of the planet Omicron Persei 8. Even though they’re from another planet, they’re more realistic that any other couple I’ve come across in books/TV/films. Except for maybe Seinfeld’s Frank & Estelle Costanza 😉 Real couples argue with witty banter, and that’s why I love them! :-)

  24. Bethany C. says

    Happy anniversary! I wish my husband and I had such a great story. But after meeting online (snore) in 2005, we now need to get out of each other’s heads. We have the same thought at the same time spookily often. And I often unlock my phone to call him and right before I tap the screen- incoming call from guess who. Spooky. On a related note, I love my cat like a friggin person. I take almost as many pictures of her as I do my kid.

  25. says

    So excited about Loss and the chance to win an ARC, I love the series! Here’s my entry:

    My husband and I were in the Navy, in the same job, in the same school, for over a year, but we didn’t meet until we shared a duty station 3 years later. It took us 5 years to get married, but I’m very glad we did!

  26. Ryan says

    To me, the relationship between Violet and Jay in Kimberly Derting’s The Body Finder series is one of the most realistic budding romances I’ve read.

  27. Mardel says

    I was 14 when I first met my now husband. We didn’t date until I was 15 and a half…He had just joined the navy. He was 18. when I was 17 I “moved out” of my home and we ended having an apartment together…got engaged when I was 18, pregnant after engaged, married at nineteen and our first was born five months later… Now we have four children and two grandchildren and we’ve been married for 32 years. It’s different now – after 32 years, how could it not be? But I can’t imagine life without him (though we do drive each other crazy sometimes).

    Happy Anniversary!

  28. Stephanie says

    I met my husband around eleven years ago- we were only 19. He was the bad boy with a good heart, and I was probably the female equivalent of this. I knew I was going to marry him somewhere about a week after our first date. It took him a little longer. Fast forward about 8 years, and I still didn’t have a ring (I have god-like patience).
    So, on a whim, I went to Europe with a girlfriend of mine for three weeks. Since I was poor, the only way I could communicate with him was through facebook. Then, our computer at home went kaput, so then all communication for us was cut off. He’s at home missing me, and I’m at the monastery at Glendalough in Ireland. There is a tower there, and myth says that if you walk around the tower ten time counterclockwise, within a year, you will be engaged. Fast-forward seven months, and he proposed to me. Not only that, the ring he bought me was surrounded with Celtic knots. He actually started the process of getting ready for the proposal as soon as I got back. I’m not one for superstitions, but I like to think that Ireland is a little magical. I can’t wait to go back, and this time, I’m going to take my husband.

  29. Jess says

    I have to love THE PRINCESS BRIDE for true love and I’m not talking Buttercup. I think that Billy Crystal’s character and his wife (their names currently escape me) are what true love and marriage are about. Companionship and comfort around each other are the best things.

  30. CrystalGB says

    Happy Anniversary! My brother introduced me to my husband. We had a whirlwind romance and have been married 8 years.

  31. erin f says

    Happy Anniversary! And many more!!!!

    Ummm… Don’t really have a fabulously romantic story. I met my BF of 3 yrs on a dating website. I only got on that site b/c my friends threatened to do it for me if I didn’t so I beat them to it. We talked for several weeks and then met in person. We like to say, we fell deep in “like” right away :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. says

    Happy anniversary!

    I read so many books & watch so many shows/movies with romance that to pick just one couple was so difficult! But I finally settled on Monica & Chandler from Friends– I love the growth of their relationship through the series and how they support each other and get on each others’ nerves and deal with each others’ craziness but still obviously care about each other.

  33. TheJay2xA says

    True Love is Chuck Bass and Blair Warldorf (Gossip Girl TV Series)

    I’m writing this not to promote the newest season but because it’s true. Chuck and Blair has what you call TRUE LOVE. I believe they deserve each other and I’m still hoping that by the end of this season they’ll have the redeeming factor which I am totally hoping. I’ve seen them grow, character wise, I love them both. They are both character who is very unique. They deserve each other more than anything.

    fallendream03 AT gmail DOT com

  34. Alaina says

    I would love a copy of this!! Buffy and Angel…Eve and Roarke from JD Robbs In Death series… as for myself, ive recently moved halfway across the country to be with my boyfriend.. (met online).. i hope we get the 14 years + that you have!

  35. says

    when I saw my husband for the first time I thought “I can see myself having children with him” 10 months later we were married . That was 19 years (and two kids) ago. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  36. Breia B says

    Congratulations, I too am celebrating my 14th anniversary this year. Being married is awesome. My story may not be really romantic but we met in college. We had work study at the same place. He said he knew he wanted to keep dating me after the first date when he told me his spending limit($40) and he offered to take me to a nice restaraunt and I countered with. How about Mcdonalds and a movie instead.

  37. says

    My love and I met 11 years ago and just celebrated out 10 year anniversary in May. It was literally love at first sight. I was looking for a part time job to get over a bad breakup and he was my future team leader during club promotion at some of Baltimore’s local hot spots! He was also going through a bad breakup and neither of us were looking for anything but something to pass our lonely nights. We ended up working a ton of events together and soon became best friends, confidants and a shoulder to lean on. 6 months after we met we married in a civil wedding, bought a house a year later and two years later had a miracle preemie named Erys (pronounced heiress). She is all the gold and precious thing we need in life! We live a great life filled with my collection of books and his collection of over 5,000 pieces of vinyl! We both respect and love each other. We are each others music on vinyl and words on pages…

  38. says

    My love and I met 11 years ago and just celebrated out 10 year anniversary in May. It was literally love at first sight. I was looking for a part time job to get over a bad breakup and he was my future team leader during club promotion at some of Baltimore’s local hot spots! He was also going through a bad breakup and neither of us were looking for anything but something to pass our lonely nights. We ended up working a ton of events together and soon became best friends, confidants and a shoulder to lean on. 6 months after we met we married in a civil wedding, bought a house a year later and two years later had a miracle preemie named Erys (pronounced heiress). She is all the gold and precious thing we need in life! We live a great life filled with my collection of books and his collection of over 5,000 pieces of vinyl! We both respect and love each other. We are each others music on vinyl and words on book pages…

  39. Nikki says

    Well here’s a little ray of sunshine – I don’t believe in true love. I believe in two people making a connection, wanting to see the other person happy and working hard to do so, because that makes them happy too. I do like to read it about it though, the way I like to read about zombies and magic and other things that are dreamt up.
    On that depressing and cynical note I shall wish you a very happy anniversary and take my unromantic self elsewhere!

  40. Brandi B says

    Congratulations! You have so a happy story to tell; it makes me go ‘aw!’

    I’d love to win a copy of LOSS. I look forward to sharing these with students in a classroom someday. They’re so straightforward, without all that silly analyzing students ‘have to’ do in English class any more. *no an English Education major did NOT just say that*

  41. Donna S says

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!

    I thought I found true love once, and devoted a lot to it. But sadly it ended up not being “the one” and now I am waiting again.

  42. says

    Happy Anniversary!

    Our anniversary’s this month too- 12 years. My husband and I knew each other since I was in probably 6th grade although he was a friend’s younger brother. I think the first time we dated was in high school. and it was on and off through college, but then eventually we settled in and here we are.

  43. lucia says

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I don’t want to ruin anything, but I guess it’s just not the right time to express my opinion on true love, not after my now ex boyfriend broke up with me after 8 years. on the phone. Well, true love…if you’re out there please feel free to show up at my door cause sure as hell I’m not going to come out and look for you. EVER.