Excerpt from “A Chance In Hell”

Dame Jackie

Busy, busy, busy, so it’s just a brief excerpt today. This one’s from my WIP — a Jezebel short story, woot! I promise, this part is work-safe. :)


I shuffled into the kitchen, aiming for the coffeemaker.

“Won’t do you any good,” a woman’s voice called out. “You busted it yesterday, remember?”

I paused mid-yawn and looked over at the kitchen table. There sat Ceci Baker, my former co-worker and current housemate, who was grinning at me around a Styrofoam cup. I said, “Hunh?” It was the best I could do on interrupted sleep and no caffeine.

“You. The coffeemaker. Yesterday. Remember?”

Blinking, I tried to pierce the cobwebs around my brain. I thought I remembered the smell of burning plastic, but that could have been the remnants of last night’s dinner loitering in the air. (Those warnings about some containers not being microwave-safe? Not hyperbole.) But now that I was thinking about it, there had been another kitchen-related scorching yesterday, hadn’t there?

Tentatively, I said, “I blew up the coffeemaker, didn’t I?”



“Yup.” Ceci took another sip. “You were trying to heat it up with your funky Hell power thing instead of putting a cup in the nuker like a normal person.”

I mumbled, “I’m not a normal person.”

“That’s no excuse. Here.” Ceci reached into a paper bag and pulled out a second Styrofoam cup. “Mama’s got your medicine, light and sweet.”

“You’re my favorite person ever.” I dragged myself to the table, plopped onto a chair, and gratefully accepted the steaming cup. “I owe you one.”

“You realize you’re up to seven thousand IOUs, right?”

“Eh, I leave all the math to Alecto.” I took my first sip of liquid deliciousness, and I sighed contentedly. “Where is everyone’s favorite former Fury?”

About Jackie

Jackie Kessler used to run around in Wonder Woman Underoos and watch Challenge of the Super Friends. Now she watches superhero cartoons with her kids. Jackie’s superpower is stamina: she survived pitching 1,000 beloved comic books after a battle with a flooded basement. (Comic books, contrary to popular belief, are not waterproof.) When not writing about superheroes and the villains who beat the heroes into a bloody mess, she likes to write about demons.

For more about Jackie, visit her website: www.jackiekessler.com.

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