Excerpt from “A Chance In Hell”

Dame Jackie

Busy, busy, busy, so it’s just a brief excerpt today. This one’s from my WIP — a Jezebel short story, woot! I promise, this part is work-safe. :)


I shuffled into the kitchen, aiming for the coffeemaker.

“Won’t do you any good,” a woman’s voice called out. “You busted it yesterday, remember?”

I paused mid-yawn and looked over at the kitchen table. There sat Ceci Baker, my former co-worker and current housemate, who was grinning at me around a Styrofoam cup. I said, “Hunh?” It was the best I could do on interrupted sleep and no caffeine.

“You. The coffeemaker. Yesterday. Remember?”

Blinking, I tried to pierce the cobwebs around my brain. I thought I remembered the smell of burning plastic, but that could have been the remnants of last night’s dinner loitering in the air. (Those warnings about some containers not being microwave-safe? Not hyperbole.) But now that I was thinking about it, there had been another kitchen-related scorching yesterday, hadn’t there?

Tentatively, I said, “I blew up the coffeemaker, didn’t I?”



“Yup.” Ceci took another sip. “You were trying to heat it up with your funky Hell power thing instead of putting a cup in the nuker like a normal person.”

I mumbled, “I’m not a normal person.”

“That’s no excuse. Here.” Ceci reached into a paper bag and pulled out a second Styrofoam cup. “Mama’s got your medicine, light and sweet.”

“You’re my favorite person ever.” I dragged myself to the table, plopped onto a chair, and gratefully accepted the steaming cup. “I owe you one.”

“You realize you’re up to seven thousand IOUs, right?”

“Eh, I leave all the math to Alecto.” I took my first sip of liquid deliciousness, and I sighed contentedly. “Where is everyone’s favorite former Fury?”


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