Guess what I got?

I’m late! Because I’m traveling for Thanksgiving. So, to those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! Number 1 and are bringing pies and sausage balls to two different family gatherings this weekend.

But since I’m late with this post (being posted from the car), let me make it up to you with a giveaway of one of the shiny new copies of MY SOUL TO STEAL, which landed on my doorstep just minutes before I left. I can’t post pictures (did I mention I’m in my car?), but trust me, they’re beautiful!

If you want one, leave me a comment here telling me who your favorite Soul Screamers character is. (if you haven’t read any of the books yet, tell me one of your holiday traditions) I’ll draw one winner next Wednesday and will announce it over the weekend.

And I’ll ship anywhere. Spread the word!



  1. Daz says

    I haven’t read the Soul Screamers but would love to. As for favorite holiday traditions, it would be the food. Loads and loads and loads of food. You eat till you drop, fall into a food coma, wake up and eat some more. This year we’re starting a whole new holiday tradition. Holiday sleepovers! We head over night before the holiday for dinner, eat all day long on the holiday, wake up the next morning and have a post holiday breakfast, then, we go home. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. says

    Oooh, you’re giving away a copy ! THANK YOU ! Gah, I really cannot wait to read MSTS! Gah !

    Okay, I thought I was the only one who loved Tod, but apparently not. Why is Tod my favorite? Just becuase. He is sweet, caring, and knows how to be there for someone. And yet on the outside, he is a tough person and keeps himself together. Not to mention he’s pretty funny xD I love all of the things he says. Everytime he was with Addison, I awed out loud. Honestly, he is so good to his girlfriend that it makes me feel lonely (haha xD) To me, he is perfectly imperfect. I can’t help but love him <3

    Thanks so much ! Happy Thanksgiving !

  3. Linda Henderson says

    I haven’t read any yet, but I’d certainly like to. One of our family holiday traditions is to have a big meal at my sisters and then play board games. My family likes playing games.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  4. says

    It’s hard to choose just one–I adore Kaylee and respect her for the difficult choices she makes and for her courageous altruistic behavior.

    I love Tod for showing that Grim Reaper’s can love and feel compassion! He’s shown Kaylee and Addy just how to treat a girl and hopefully, Nash will take a few cues from him.

    Despite what Nash did, he’s only human but he messed up in a big way, still, I believe in forgiveness but like Kaylee–he needs to prove himself. He has a lot to make up for, let’s hope he doesn’t screw it all up. He really hurt our girl, Kaylee and he needs a good kick in the arse for it.

    So, it’s a toss up between Kaylee and Tod right now and if I had to pick one, I’d pick………

    Kristi ( & [twitter] @bookbamboozle & Kristi Stern on GoodReads

  5. says

    I haven’t read the books yet but my favorite holiday tradition is where we pick a name of a member of our family and make a gift for them that expresses out thanks.

  6. Christina says

    I love Kaylee!!! But Tod would be my second choice. They both stand for what they care about no matter how much trouble they’ll get into!!!

  7. nikkibee says

    Oh hands down it’s Tod!!! I’ll admit I already loved him prior to Reaper, but after having read that as well, I just really, really LOVE him! <3

  8. trixie11 says

    Team Kaylee all the way! She’s my favorite (and sharing top space on my YA protagonist list) because she’s hilarious without being ironically sarcastic, kind without being a goody two shoes, smart without being an unrealistic supergenius, insecure without being an unhealthy co-dependent, and strong without being flawless. She makes decisions and takes the consequences that follow–guilt, second-guessing, regret, and all–but never stops trying to help the people she cares about and those who need it.

    And as a personal love, I heart that she fails to recognize (or perhaps does not want to confront?) her similarities with Tod’s “dangerous” and fuzzy morality, yet she is self-aware that her choices, while done with the right intentions, do not always result in happy outcomes.

  9. Kristina L. says

    Kaylee is my favorite character, with Tod coming in at a close second. She does her best to be responsible without being grumpy or rigid about it, which I like. Tod is hilarious for all the wrong reasons ; )

  10. says

    I love both Tod and Kaylee. πŸ˜€ Tod for his wit and the underlying darkness and Kaylee for her resourcefulness and how brave and responsible she is in the face of the dangerous world she lives in.

  11. evening-green says

    One of our holiday traditions is baking chocolate-cookies, my brother mixes the ingredients together and I do the rest, including most of the eating^^

  12. Sami says

    Haven’t read them yet – but want to! Ok fav holiday tradition is renting a ton of Christmas movies and watching them with the kids. I love that they love movies I grew up loving like A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

  13. Anny says

    I haven’t read the book yet, but am looking forward to read it :)
    Our family tradition, is driving back home to visit grandparents and grandma would cook the best meal while we all seat around and chat and enjoy the best afternoons.

  14. Siri says

    I just finished reading Reaper, so right now i’d have to say Tod!!! I feel bad for him he’s a good guy!

  15. Rhonda says

    I can only choose ONE character? But I love them all!!! :) Can’t wait to dig into the latest and greatest Rachel!

  16. Erica C. says

    Hmmmmm I’d have to say Harmony because she is the awesome mother of the hottest characters ;D Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Amy S says

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    It’s really hard to decide between which character I love best, because they are all incredible characters, but I’m going to have to say; Kaylee. She’s incredibly strong and even though it might get her into trouble, her moral compass never wavers and she’s always willing to help someone in need.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  18. Jillian says

    Kaylee is my favorite character from Soul Screamers, she is growing into such a strong individual with every hurdle she over comes in her life.
    My favorite thing about any holiday is when my family gets together. I come from a very big Italian family and the holidays is the only time we can all get together and of course all the great food.

  19. kat says

    I love kaylee and nash, they are the perfect couple! Kaylee is a shy and sweet girl and kind of reminds me of myself being shy and sweet.

  20. Michelle says

    Hello havent read soulscreamers yet but am a big fan of the shifters series =] so my fav holiday tradition would have to be ,when I hav a tummy full of yummy, sitting round the table with my family playing games =D even better when i win at them and can do my notorious victory dance =P

  21. says

    I love Emma. Don’t know why, I just do. I love how she didn’t care that she didn’t know what was happening to Kaylee at the beginning, but she still made sure she was OK. She’s a good friend. =]

  22. Jennifer Deamer says

    I love alot of the characters for different reason.

    Emma, as she’s a true friend
    Todd, he is so funny
    Kaylee as she’s a strong person, who will always help a person in need
    Nash, he’s so hot.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Nash and Keylee can work everything out.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


  23. Kristen H says

    I have not read any of the books yet :( boo on me I know eh geez. so My favorite Holiday tradition is setting up the christmas tree with my family. My kids love it and I love seeing their faces when its all put together!

    Thank you for the chance to get a signed copy!1

    My Bloody Fairy Tale

  24. Denis says

    I haven’t read all the books from the Soul Screamers series yet, but so far my favourite character is Tod.

  25. Michelle says

    My favorite soul screamer character is Kaylee, she is smart, strong and stand her ground.
    Then there is Todd, and Nash.
    You can’t forget Emma, every girl needs a friend like her.
    I just love this series, and can’t wait for more.
    I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to read this series, I know she’ll love just as much as we all do.
    Thanks Rachel

  26. Grace says

    Unfortunetly i haven’t read this series yet, but it’s on my bookshelf and I definetly intend to. My favorite holidy tradition is baking cookies with my grandma. It’s something we haven’t done in forever but I always look forward to maybe doing it every year. <3

  27. Sydnie says

    Hmm…my favourite character? There are alot of them but I’d guess I have to say Kaylee’s dad, because he loves her more than anything else in the world, and even though he seems a little rough around the edges, he’s just like that because letting people in is a little hard when you’ve lost the love of your life and are terrified of losing your only child every day. Also, he calls her Kay-bear which is so cute ;P

    I also love Nash, but that’s a given. Even though he totalllllly messed up, what with the Demons Breath and such, he still loves Kaylee and wants to get her back. He feels terrible :(

    Emma makes me laugh, because well, don’t we all have a friend like that?

    TODD! He’s funny as, well he’s funny as hell really (if you find that sort of thing funy I suppose even though I was using it as a saying) and I just love him to death. Mess with somebody he loves and he’ll kick you arse Reaper Style. *everybody was kung fu fighting, HUA!*

    Harmony is amazing as well, she’s just so loving! And the things she bakes πŸ˜› wouldn’t mind some of those…

    Kaylee is DUH awesome. I kind of love everybody…and this post is waaay long so i’m gonna stick with Kaylee’s dad on this one, because who doesn’t love a big strong daddy?

  28. says

    I haven’t read any of these books, but they are on by wish list! One of our family traditions when my mom was still alive was to gather at mom and dads for the turkey dinner, then retire to the living room for a few drinks and some football.

  29. says

    i’ve just gotten married this year, so im hoping to start some NEW traditions!!! :) but even though i’ve moved to England this year, im still keeping Thanksgiving alive with friends who are British. it will be the first thanksgiving for all of my guests and my husband! im excited to see how it turns out! :)

  30. Chris says

    Great contest! I love Nash. I think him and Kaylee are perfect for eachother. They are all well written:-) thank you for entertaining us Rachel !!

  31. says

    I am going to have to side with everybody else and say Tod! I used to like Nash more, I think, but…now I’m definitely favouring Tod πŸ˜€

  32. samantha nicholson says

    my fav person in the shifter series as got to be kaylee
    she’s through alot of crap in her life then finding out she nor fully human i think she takes it well for a teenager even whe she knows people are going to die she’s a fighter and i like that in a person real or not

  33. Angie says

    I haven’t read the Soul Screemers series yet, I read most of your other ones and think you are a faboulous writer!!! So my family holiday tradition is-on Christmas Eve we get together and celabrate Jesus’s birthday with a birthday cake. We also (eat first) ham sadwiches and oyster soup!! Happy Holidays

  34. Tina Bowman says

    I haven’t read the Soul Screemers series yet, but would like to. Every year for Thanksgiving my husband makes the turkey dinner while I decorate the house for Christmas and get the tree up. He’s been making a kill Thanksgiving dinner for the last 10 years!

  35. Ellen C says

    Tod is funny but i admire Kaylee’s strength.
    Fudge cake is included in any celebration at my house πŸ˜‰

  36. Donna S says

    Tod. I really really like Tod, he is such a great character. So much to him we still dont know too.

  37. Shaggygirl says

    Tod. Why? That’s easy. Snark.

    One of the things I love the most about your books is the lovely dose of snark you have in them. Faythe was wonderfully snarky at times (as were some of the other characters from time to time).

    Tod is easily the snarkiest character in the SS books and yet you have kept him lovable and interesting. It’s a might fine line and you’ve done it well.

    Here’s hoping the new series has a good dollop of snark too. :-)

  38. Emily Whitmore says

    My favorite would have to be Harmony. I get the feeling that she has been there and done that with all that Kaylee is going through. She seems like the person that Kaylee looks up to and will eventually grow into, Harmony is a good role model and you can tell that she really loves the children in her life.

  39. Lea-Ellen {night owl in IL} says

    Hi Rachel –
    Our family tradition began with everyone going to my Grandparents house (my Mom had 5 sisters, w/me being the 1st child born amoung them).

    Nowadays, my Mom & all of my Aunt’s have their own family gathering at their own homes, because all of my cousins are adults now & almost all of them have one or more kids of their own.

    Still, the food is wonderful (& there’s always too much of it – leftovers for days).

  40. Arnela says

    It used to be Nash, but when I finished reading MSTKeep and Reaper (which is amazing btw, yay) my definitely favorite character is Tod. He is just awesome and I understand him now more. I still hope for Nash to be old him, because I still like him too. When it comes to Kaylee, I simply love her, she’s amazing, but as a girl I tend to like male characters more, so… I could keep on writing (you have no idea how much), but that would be so boring :)
    Can’t wait to read MSTSteal & If I Die! Keep up the amazing work ^.^

  41. Gail S says

    Happy (day after) Thanksgiving! Hope you’re not out in the craziness of shopping madness:-)
    My favorite holiday tradition is watching the kids tear into their gifts. Out little niece & nephew are 3yrs and 18months old and the wonder in their faces is the best thing ever.
    I haven’t started your new series yet, but soon-they’re on my TBR pile.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. Cathy Garcia says

    Tod!!! because he’s never afraid to say what’s on his mind. He stays true to himself and expresses what he believes.


    and because he punched Nash when I sure couldnt!

    I absolutely adore him!

  43. Sue S. says

    Haven’t read the series yet, my daughter has though and tells me I need to get on it! One of our traditions for the holidays is that despite hating crowds, we usually try braving the Black Friday crowds because there are some great deals. We don’t go for the BIG stuff, just the little stuff like movies, but even those are hard to get sometimes too!

  44. Kristina O. says

    Toss up between Tod and Kaylee. Tod, because he such a pain in the butt… in a good sorta way XD Kaylee, because she is true to herself.

  45. says

    My fave has gotta be Tod. Not only does he pop up and add the funnies. He tells it like it is. I’ve enjoyed him more and more since the series has gone on and Reaper sealed the deal!

  46. crystal says

    i love them all, but Tod is definitely my favorite ever since he punched Nash over what happened with Kaylee. kinda hoping for alittle Kaylee and Tod romance.

  47. Kyrstin S. says

    I really like Nash & Tod’s mom… whose name is slipping from my memory at the moment. She seems like the perfect female role model for Kaylee. Also, I love Kaylee. She’s smart and aware and oh, so brave! Can’t wait to read more!

  48. Nikole says

    Tod seems to steal every scene he’s in! Definately my favorite. He must get it from his mom, because I rather llike Harmony as well.

  49. Carrie S. says

    My fave would be Kaylee. I tend to like the MC the most. Usually because we’re in her perspective for the whole thing, but I still like the other characters too, like Tod! But still Kaylee’s number 1!

  50. Jessica H. says

    My favorite character is Kaylee. In most books, you think “No way! Noone would ever do that!” But Kaylee is different and makes it more easy to feel the same as she does.

  51. Jessica C. says

    Definatley Kaylee. She’s the most realistic character I’ve ever read and is so caring for others !!! I hope Nash straitens up though so they can get back together!!!

  52. CandaceB says

    My favorite is Kaylee. I love the way she has grown and matured throughout the series to date. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  53. Sandy says

    Tod’s my fave…followed by Kaylee! :o) I like Tod because I’m so curious about his character…and can’t wait to learn more as the series unfolds! :o)

    My fave holiday tradition: M&M cookies and eating candy canes while looking at Christmas lights with my family… :o) Oooo…and gumbo on Christmas Eve. Can you tell I’m all about the food?

  54. says

    My absolute favorite character in the SOUL SCREAMERS Series is Tod. He’s got that wit and humor that I just LOVE in characters. Which is why I love the SHIFTERS Series so much.

  55. Vivian N. says

    Honestly, I just completely fell in love with Sabine in Fearless. So I am looking forward the My Soul to Steal since her character would get to be expanded more. Tod is a close second and Kaylee and Nash tied for third.

  56. Melissa Lawrence says

    My fav character is Harmony.

    My little sister bakes like Harmony, and I can’t even open a tube of cookie dough.
    One day when I was babysitting my niece, she asked for a cookie, so I went into the pantry to get the oreos. She took one bite, politely spit it into her hand and while walking to the trash can, she said “Auntie Lyssa, that’s NOT a cookie. That’s just yucky.”

  57. Keyla Patton says

    Honestly i love every character so much but i hugely admire Harmony(Nashes Mum) because she is like a mum a teacher and a major help to Kaylee. Kaylee is a very close second because she is so strong and true to herself!! I am so looking forward to MSTSteal! xxx

  58. says

    I would have to say Nash – he is that one popular guy in high school that every girl wanted to date. Alas, I never was the one lucky enough to date such a hot catch in school. Your Soul Screamers books are very well written. So much to the point that as you keep reading – you get sucked into the story and caught up in all the emotions and situations – as if you were standing right in the book watching these characters first hand. It is great to see you take something old school and add a new age twist. So tired of authors banking on creating books based off the two most popular book series: Harry Potter and Twilight (don’t get me wrong – I like these books) but, it’s like no author could come up with their own ideas (Isn’t that what reading stories is all about – taking you on a journey of imagination) …you on the other hand, brought readers into a new world/realm of possibilities – very original! I can’t wait to get back into world of Nash and Kaylee as they struggle through the most troubling of times we all as teenagers, probably experienced.
    As for Christmas traditions, every year on the night of christmas eve – my family gathers at my moms house to play board games – the laughter and joy brings us so much closer. And after all, isn’t that one of the bests parts of Christmas….our family?

  59. says

    I love all the characters. the dynamic you they all have with each other. i wouldnt mind a lil competition between the boys (tod and nash) for kaylee. But i guess it would really have to be TOD. hes such and A$$!. sarcastic, sometimes rude and ruthless. “dammit Tod!” lol! love it!

  60. Michelle Chew says

    My favourite character has got to be Emma, Kaylee’s bestie. She’s always there for her best friend and never questions her because she completely trusts Kaylee and always has her back. She’s there for her through thick and thin and loves and cares so much about her. Even though she doesn’t appear many times in the book, she still plays a major part in Kaylee’s life. I just love Emma for having such a big heart. So yeah, Emma rocks!! ;D

  61. Wilda says

    It’s hard to choose a fav but if I have to choose it’d be Tod. I love how protective he has become over Kaylee. I think he would do anything he could for her. IDK if it’s a romance or a brotherly thing but it’s great that she has someone she can truely count on. I also love Tod’s humor and personality and how he always aggrivates Nash which is such a normal brother thing to do :)

  62. Misty F. says

    My favorite would be Tod with a breath of difference putting Kaylee in second place. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win the latest of your AWESOME series. I am in love with your writing!

  63. Melanie T. says

    Tod is by far my favorite character in the Soul Screamers world and I am so thrilled you took the time to write “Reaper”. It was incredible!!! Can’t wait to read “My Soul To Steal”!!

  64. Hiba Ahsan says

    he sooooo cool with an amazing sense of humour!! he’s just the right amount of good an bad :)

  65. erin says

    I haven’t read this series, but it’s on my need to acquire list :) We had an excellent Thanksgiving. No real set in stone traditions… just ate wonderful food, laughed alot and enjoyed each other. :) hope that you all had the same!!! Getting ready to start the Shifters series and hopefully Soul Screamers!!!

  66. says

    I love all the characters but I really love Nash. I know he is not on the top of everyone’s list right now but I love that he isn’t perfect like other fantasy novels. He has his faults and it is beautiful to read.

  67. Jennialea says

    Tod is absolutely my favorite charachter in the Screamers series. He has a great sense of humor and i love how he protects everyone while acting like he doesn’t care.
    My fav holiday tradition is making Lefsa and Sweedish meatballs. My family is Norwegian (but we live in Texas!), so we make this for Christmas dinner instead of the traditional turkey/ham dinner. My dad also makes Rosettes, which rock!
    Thanks for the chance to win, I love all your books!

  68. Brooke says

    I love Harmony! I think she is an awesome side character. Emma is a good one, too but I get frustrated with her idiocy sometimes!

  69. Gidget says

    I love Nash. He’s been living two lives for so long that I believe it weighs on him. He grew up too fast and tries his hardest to be the best he can. He seems to be one guy who learns from his mistakes.

  70. jessie says

    my favorite soul screamer characters are nash, kaylee and tod.i think they make a great team and mostly everything theve done has uncluded them. i liked kaylee because i feel like i can relate to her more.

    for thanksgiving we just make food and enjoy our time with my family n cousins.
    i really enjoyed ur books

  71. says

    My favorite Soul Screamer person is Tod because he is so funny and brightens the book and also Nash because i think him and Kaylee make a great couple and she can relate to him.

  72. April says

    Hi Rachel,

    First, I wanted to say thank you for this opportunity, and I love your books! All right now, to the point. My favorite character is… wow that is difficult. I love all of the characters for a variety of reasons, but I think Kaylee comes in as my favorite.

    Kaylee has gone through quite a lot for a girl her age. I admire her strength and bravery. She is also smart and caring, but realistically so.

    I also love Nash, even if he is not at the top of everyone’s list right now. I feel that he is a very true character. He is not perfect and even though he has made mistakes, he is only human… well you know what I mean. He really does love Kaylee.

    Then there is Tod, Emma, Harmony, and I’m getting cared away…

    Thanks again,


  73. bree says

    Ohhhh hard one It’ll have to be a tie between Emma and Tod, books never turn out as good if they dont have great secondary characters and between Emma trying to wrap her head around all the strange things and Tod’s humor they make one of the best secondary characters i’ve read (and i read ALOT)

  74. Austin says

    i love love love Nash! he is such a masculine, yet sweet character. he puts up with todd and still manages to treat kaylee right. i still like him, even though he lied to kaylee. he didn’t want her to be disappointed in him. i really hope they get back together in this book!

  75. Brandi says

    I absolutely love Kaylee! She is so strong, even when things get bad. I mean, really, how much strength must it take to survive realizing your family has lied to you your entire life, your mother gave her life for you and now your living on borrowed time, and finding out that you have a place called the Netherworld where demons roam to deal with? I admire Kaylee’s courage, and can’t wait to read what happens to her next when My Soul to Steal comes out. I wish Kaylee, Nash, Tod, and all the rest the best of luck throughout the rest of the series! I love these books! πŸ˜€

  76. Kathryn Biskupics says

    I would have to say Tod – he has become so protective over Kaylee – reminds me of my big brother!!! Can’t wait to read more!

  77. Jeff says

    Definately Kaylee – just following her on her journey into this life she never knew has been so captivating – I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for the chance to win the next book in the Soul Screamers series!

  78. Justine says

    I am torn – it is tied between Nash and Tod – both characters offer so much to not like them! Even though Nash has made bad decisions – we are only human…the same could have happened to any of us in the same position…so, I feel bad for Nash but Tod is there to keep him in line. =0) Thanks again!

  79. says

    that’s a really tricky question…
    I guess I’ll go with Tod…who completely got to me…when he wanted to save Addy at al costs…
    who wouldn’t want to have someone who will do ANYTHING at all to save you…to protect you…even from your own self??
    and can’t leave out the fact that that he always appears when nobody wants or expects him…
    funny sexy…reaper??? haha just looooove Tod!

  80. says

    I have to say that Nash is my favorite character. Ya, he was a lying sleezbag in the last book but before that he was amazing! He seems really hot and strong. I hope that Nash will do better in the future and I really hope that Kaylee can find a way to forgive him, once he redeems himself of course.

  81. liliana says

    Hmmmm… I think my favorite would have to be Nash. I love how he’s a football player and all that, and yet, he is going out with Kaylee. Not to mention how much he’s done to help her ever since she found out her true identity. It kinda makes me want to have a Nash of my own πŸ˜‰ hehe

  82. latisha depoortere says

    I love nash I liked him from the start I was mad at him in the last book. I love the books and can’t wait for the next. Last book I bought could not find it in my town so I will order it right away this time :)

  83. Takara S says

    I was going to say Tod, but I see him a lot. I’m rather fond of Kaylee and Nash. But now I think I have to go with Emma. She handles the situation of knowing about Bean Sidhe rather well and I applaud her.

  84. Marybeth Pappas says

    Kaylee is my favorite…I have not read the novels yet but I read the prequeal and would love to read the series.

  85. Amber B says

    Well I do love Kaylee and Nash I would have to say my favorite is Tod. It’s close though, very close.

  86. DawnMarie says

    My favorite is actually Harmony. I love Kaylee and Nash obviously, but Harmony’s a baker, a great mom, and has a lot of spunk. All kind of reminding me of, well, me, only I’m not a bean sidhe. Lol!

  87. Tulzi says

    Even though I have read the books, I’m chossing to write about my favourite holiday tradition. ( If that’s ok ) :)
    My favourite holiday tradition is to help my mum and grandma make sweets for eid. Even though my baking turns out horribly wrong, I still get great pleasure from just being around them and having something to do together for a special occasion.

  88. Jenny S. says

    Tod is my favorite. He is who he is. I love his seemingly reluctant good guy qualities! Kaylee is great too!

  89. Hattie Millard says

    Emma is my favorite character, she’s fun and quirky and she could be really bitchy cause of her goodlooks and popular status but shes not. And not to mention shes been really cool with the whole “death thing”, it would have been understandable if she freaked out when she found out about Kaylee, but she remains loyal to her best friend. She’s the best!

  90. Dixie says

    I like Emma, but my favorite has to be Tod. It’s starting to seem like a theme but he’s just perfectly wicked :)

  91. Sarah says

    Emma is my favorite character because she is just someone you can trust. But after her it is a tie between Kaylee and Tod, there both just really good in different ways, and are people you would want as friends.

  92. Lana says

    Brendon. I know it’s weird but I find his character fascinating. He’s just so sneaky, so adept at juggling all those secrets and lies. Is his occupation ever mentioned in the books? He’d make a great spy.

  93. Emma says

    I love Emma simply because she shares my name. I’m simply that egotistical that I will always love and character called Emma!

  94. shaina says

    i love Kaylee. people may think shes the main character so obviously u might like her best since u know the most about her but to me thats not the reason, she is so courageous especially how she mostly takes everything she finds out about her heritage her life with grace she is a very strong heroine and i admire her allot. i find that she is one of the best relatable characters because she is sometimes insecure and if ur like me Ur insecure too

  95. says

    I think Tod the greatest! He loves his family and obviously cares for his friends. At times hes a bit of a jerk, but really who isn’t. Every time I read about him I get goosebumps. lol needless to say my enduring feelings will be sated with the up coming book. Thanks for the great reads!!!


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