In which I obsess over zombies in general and TWD in particular.


As anyone who’s ever met me or followed me online no-doubt knows, I’m a massive fan of all things zombie/horror/The Walking Dead. It’s probably an unhealthy interest, but frankly, the zombie apocalypse is my favorite apocalypse because it’s the apocalypse that keeps on giving. Especially in worlds like TWD and Rot & Ruin, where anyone who dies reanimates. You can’t get rid of that plague.

Awesome, right?

I’ve read the graphic novels (or are they comics?) I’ve seen all the episodes of the show multiple times. And last night’s episode was one of the best EVER, in my opinion. The structure was brilliant. And the reveals! I’m such a fan of reveals!




When Tyreese turned around and revealed that thing he was carrying, I decided he was hands-down the hottest man on television at the moment. I swear, he is the man I would follow to the end of the earth during the zombie apocalypse. I’m not even kidding. I mean, I love Daryl, but last night was Tyreese’s night.

And Glen!

And ABRAHAM! I squealed so loud when I saw him and Eugene, and Rosita! They look so close to their characters in the books! Although, seeing Glenn and Abraham together makes me nervous, because of Negan. I kind of hope we won’t see him for a while, because of all the horrible THINGS that happen to some of my favorite characters. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read the series, but I really hope the show continues to surprise us with who lives and who dies so that they can spare [FAVORITE CHARACTER]!


And since it’s my week to post on the Dames site and I’ve been zombie-fying people I know obsessively, here are some of the zombies I’ve created recently with the TWD Dead Yourself app. Enjoy!





The Dames:

Jackie RindaTonyDevonKaren Jenna 

(Jackie, Rinda-as-a-witch, Tonie, Devon-in-a-PVZ hat!,Karen, and Jenna-with-human-me)

Devon was really hard to do. No idea why.

My friends and fellow authors (the ones I could get ahold of to secure permission, anyway):

 Jocelynn Sophie



(Jocelynn Drake and Sophie Jordan-with-human-me)




I’m honestly a little disturbed by how suited to decomposition my face seems to be. Strange, huh?

And last but not, least, I zombie-fied my son’s favorite stuffed penguin. He was fine with me posting the pic, but insisted I leave the penguin’s name out, to protect his identity. ;)


Scary, right?!?

Have you zombie-fied yourself? Leave me a link!

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  1. Is it strange that I love how I look as a zombie?! :)

    Although the zomguin (zombie-penguin… geddit?) really freaked me out. I love penguins – that’s just WRONG! lol


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