In Which Jackie Isn’t Writing

Before anything else, we have a contest winner!!! **throws confetti** Dame Keri says that the winner of the signed copy of DARKNESS DEVOURS is Jessica Spettoli! Congratulations, Jessica!

“A writer writes.” We hear this constantly, don’t we? If we’re serious about writing, we damn well better be writing! And if we’re not writing, we damn well better be thinking about writing!

You know what? I haven’t been writing lately. They’re gonna kick me out of the union. (Good thing I don’t have a card!)

After I handed in BREATH and then the revisions, I needed to take a break. The entire Riders series has been emotionally draining, and I needed serious downtime. But as I decided that I wouldn’t be writing for a while, I realized that I had NO idea what to do with my downtime. If I wasn’t writing, I was thinking about writing (as per the mandate above). And if I wasn’t thinking about the writing itself, I was focused on my writing career — the numbers, the promotion, the marketing, the branding, the Next Big Thing, ad nasseum. It was sort of stunning to realize that I suddenly had weekends in which I didn’t have to sit for hours in front of the computer. Scary, too. And then…freeing.

Here’s what I’ve been doing since I’ve handed in the BREATH revisions:

Me stuff:

Tae kwon do!

Joined a new gym – doing deadlifts, rah!

Started doing more nutritional research — I’m gonna get healthier!

Started baking! (And then, there was the Great Zucchini Bread Disaster of 2012!)

Started cooking! (Homemade tacos, not from a box or a mix? A WIN.)

Watched seasons 1 – 3 of FARSCAPE (and started season 4)!

Watching TRUE BLOOD!

Been taking care of my 19-year-old Officekitty!

Laundry!!! (Never ends, does it?)

Food shopping! (Ditto!)

Laughing more!

Reading – just because!


Family stuff:

Swimming! (Hell, getting INTO A BATHING SUIT. OMG.)

Bike riding!

Tae kwon do!

Playing card games!

Taking kids to the store for MAGIC cards!

Laughing more!

Visiting family!

Soaking in a hot tub!

Celebrated the birthdays of the Tax Deductions and the Officekitty!

Cuddling with Loving Husband after the kids are asleep!


There are times when I just watch birds at the feeder in the backyard and I smile to myself. For the first time in a long time, I feel relaxed. I feel good.


And I’m stirring the soup. I have an idea for a new book (maybe) and almost enough information to write an outline for the Jezzie/Daun story that’s due in September. I have projects that are Making The Rounds. I’ve seen (and gushed over) the BREATH comp cover. And I expect BREATH copy edits any minute now.


So this is just me, not writing for a little longer and truly enjoying my time off. I hope everyone’s having a fabulous July.


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    Writing drains the mind and the martial arts builds it back up. The Tae Kwon Do classes will help with the recharge.


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