In Which Jackie’s Cat Needs A Name

This is totally not a writing-related post.

Our family has grown by  four feet! A beautiful black kitten has joined us.

The teensiest kitty!

She’s completely black, even her nose. And she needs a name!!!

You’d never know I had a creative bone in my body. I NEED HELP!!! Please give me your suggestions on what I should name our cat. :)

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  1. I’d say Charcoal — then you can call her Cha Cha for short :-D

  2. I vote for either “Eartha Kitty” or “Selina Kyle”, though “Sheba” works too. [full disclosure = our black cat is names Minuit (French for midnight)].

  3. We named our black cat Salem, of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame! Yeah, he was a boy and our Salem was a girl, but we didn’t let that stop us! I’ve always liked the name Delilah for a cat too. Good luck!

  4. I’d name her midnight

  5. Name kitties is so hard. Here is some ideas – Ashes, LucyFurr, Onyx, or you could go the coffee rough with Java Bean.

  6. Gypsy, Noir, Ashes, Bastet, Isis, Devlyn, Ebony, Spade, Eve, Felicity, Morgana, Florence, Spooky, Freyja, Grace, Harlequin (Harley), Jada, Jet, Maia, Jinx, Nightshade, Layla, Onyx (Nyxie), Lilith, Pepper, Licorice, Sambuca, Raven, Sombra (Shadow), Tootsie…Caviar?! :D

    Wow, sorry, that’s alot, lol.

  7. P.S. She is so adorable! I’ve always wanted a black cat (I have a white cat name Milk and a black and white cat named Oreo…I’ve always wanted a black to add to the collection!). Hope the names help. :)

  8. Night Fury!

  9. My black cat is “Chloe,” but only because I was outvoted.

    I’ve always liked “Calliope,” (muse associated with epic poetry–appropriate for a writer?) and Kali as well (FIERCE Hindu goddess, who is depicted as all black. She is a favorite of mine). It would depend on what her personality is like (fierce or sweet? Goodness, I put a lot of thought into naming cats!)

  10. Princess of Darkness. You can call her Pod for short. She’ll be your cPod. :-)

  11. Awe, so cute :D I have two black cats named Piper and Sadie. But I also love the names Faith, Nayla, or Taggle if it’s a boy.

  12. Melissa Hollern says:

    Leila is Arabic for night.

  13. Melissa Hollern says:

    I actually think a literal translation is “dark as night”.

  14. Onyx or Shadow. I like them both. :)

  15. It’s a bit of for her coloring but I looked at that face and my first thought was Tiger!

  16. Thundercat.

  17. Thank you so much, everyone!!! It looks like we have a name: ONYX (“NYXIE”) KIT-KAT KESSLER!

  18. What a little doll. I’d go for Chaos, because that’s what kittens are.

  19. Your kitten is adorably and she looks exactly like my kitten! :)
    My kitten’s name is Papaya, and my sister named him because I’m also really bad at naming cats.

  20. Smudge or maybe Coco.

  21. That’s a great name, I especially like the ‘Kit-Kat’ part, wish I’d thought of that :D

  22. Soot, Eb, Ebony, or Mischief

  23. Michelle S. says:

    Naming cats are hard -__- … I’d just wait until a name seems to click. For example, we got a kitten last year and had no idea what to name her until one day we saw her lying in a pile of paper napping and we knew Paper would be the perfect name for her. ( turns out we were right, to this day she still sleeps in boxes and piles of paper)
    But something like Noir would be cute for your kitty.

    • Merytneith says:

      It really is hard. We went through several names before we settled on Phantom (I blame Billy Zane). We changed our mind the day we took mr. stray to the vet. Now there is a tabby and white Bandit running around affectionately known as Bonky.

  24. YAY NYXIE! :D

  25. Jinx.

  26. I am the last person that will suggest any name fer nay animal. They chooose their own names with their personalities. I had a cat literally called “piss n vinegar” because she was full of it. We called her Peeve fer short or PV. Then along came Simka (Ladka’s ditzy wife from taxi) later to find out that Simka is the term for prostitue in chekoslavkian. Furrets repecively called Logan, Schneakers, Holly Mischief, and Wylie Ferroyte. Dogs Lunch Bucket (LB) and Road Kill (RK) – long story. Let yer kitty amble her way to her name. Its so much better when they pick it themselves.

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