Nowadays, one of the most common memes of Overwatch states that it is a dead game, but the situation is the opposite as it is one of the most beloved games even after so many years of its first release.

Overwatch is a first-person shooter that carried a lot of hype and excitement before its release as it was regarded as a game way ahead of its time. It was a revolution in the world of First Person shooter games, and the Official Overwatch league was a one-up for multiplayer battle game lovers.

A new year is almost here, and it is another milestone for Overwatch as it had survived for so many years even when other game houses were releasing some pretty big titles. For those who are asking that how many people are playing Overwatch? Below are all the latest stats and reports.

Overwatch player count 2022

According to developers of Overwatch, the overwatch playerbase is getting stronger day by day, and more than 5 million players will enjoy Overwatch in 2022 till now. The highest number of players Overwatch entertained at its peak time was 7.3 million. The overwatch player count 2020 was approximately more than 50 million players in total throughout the year.

The overwatch daily players count was between half a million to sixty hundred thousand, which is a pretty good number for a half a decade-old game. Below is the data of some other pretty big titles compared to Overwatch to get a better idea about overwatch active player count.

  • Minecraft: 166 million
  • Valorant: 14 million
  • Apex Legends: 114 million
  • Fortnite: 280 million

How does Overwatch stay in the competition?

Overwatch is an online multiplayer battle game, and this makes it easy for developers to keep players engaged with the help of new maps, heroes, events, battle modes, and championships. Unlike most story-driven games where you have nothing to do once you have finished all the storyline missions. You can keep playing Overwatch for as long as you want, as every battle is a different challenge from the previous one.

Things aren’t going great for Overwatch 1 nowadays as there has been no significant update from developers in quite some time because everyone is busy with the development of Overwatch 2. The whole Overwatch development revolves around the fact that players should enjoy everything from animations to fighting.

The game has a good pace, and by combining precise shooting with your heroes’ abilities, you can finish every match in a matter of minutes. Learn about a character’s moves in a short period and show your magic with mouse and keyboard to teammates. Each character’s skillset starts from some basic elements, so there is no rocket science in understanding which hero you need for which situation.

Will Overwatch die?

Play Overwatch

There is no simple answer to the question that is Overwatch dying as it is a test of time, but you can quickly evaluate from the facts that how long it will take for Overwatch to die. Blizzard developers are dedicated to keeping Overwatch in the limelight and back this perception with seasonal events from time to time.

After the announcement of the Overwatch 2 game, gamers believe that the Overwatch franchise will be here to stay for long as the latest game offers all the features to compete with new games. For those who want to know that is Overwatch still popular, yes, it is a popular game, and the Twitch ranking of June 2021 clearly shows it as Overwatch was ranked in the top 25 games based on the number of viewers.

Should you play Overwatch?

Overwatch is relevant for online gameplay scenarios, with some of the best heroes to fight with other online players. The objective-based first-person shooter features four different categories of characters, including tank, support, attack, and defense, with various heroes in each character category to choose from.

The competitive and arcade modes test your gaming skills to their limits by fighting player-vs-player and team-vs-team battles. Overwatch doesn’t feature cross-platform gameplay, so you need to buy the same console as your gaming buddies to play with on the same team.

On the one hand, there is a lot to do in Overwatch as it offers 28 maps, various game modes, heroes, custom game modes, and much more. But you need quite some time to master all the skills and get familiar with heroes’ abilities, which will frustrate you as you will lose battles as an inexperienced fighter.

Try overwatch boost to cope with this situation and let experienced players increase the in-game rank if you don’t want to spend hours playing Overwatch. According to the Blizzard system, the average overwatch rank is 2500, which equals the Platinum tier, and you can set your goals to reach this tier first.

Is Overwatch 2 a new hope for players?

Yes, Overwatch 2 is a light of hope for desperate Overwatch lovers, focusing on player vs. environment missions to meet the current gaming standards. The player vs. player battle system of Overwatch 2 is fully compatible with the original Overwatch, so you can have fun playing your favorite title without spending money on the new title.

To increase the hype of Overwatch 2, developers have decided not to release any new heroes for Overwatch 1. Still, don’t worry, as developers will launch new content for Overwatch 1 at the launch of Overwatch 2. As per reports, the latest title will feature skill trees for heroes, and you can upgrade them to unlock some exceptional abilities.

Story missions will feature cut scenes and dialogues to engage players and make them think about what will happen next. After delaying it for several times, there is no final Overwatch 2 release date, but we can expect it to release in the year 2023 if everything goes right.