It’s almost here!

I’m buried under copy edits for Alpha (due by the end of business today…!) but I wanted to stop in and mention that My Soul To Keep comes out in less than two weeks now, and is already shipping from most places online. Which doesn’t even seem possible.

My Soul To Keep is the third book in my Soul Screamers series, and the darkest, most complex of the three. This is the book in which Kaylee truly gets to know herself and decides who she wants to be, in the face of some pretty big conflict. The regular cast of characters is back (yes, including Tod), and Emma actually has a pretty big role in this one, though I have to admit, some of her bits made me uncomfortable to write.

As a matter of fact, several aspects of this story were hard to write, and they’ll change things for Kaylee and her friends. Relationships, loyalties…everything’s at risk. But Kaylee’s strong, and smart, and a fighter, and I’m proud of how she handles herself.

I’ll be hosting a giveaway here next week, but for now, there are two more open on my personal blog right now.

The countdown contest is here and the E-Z giveaway is here. If you’re interested in free books and t-shirts, go take a look. And if you happen to spot My Soul To Keep on the shelf somewhere, please send me a picture!


  1. Jessica S. says

    Congrats Rachel! I loved My Soul to Keep! *Really glad I got to read it early!

    It was great meeting you at RT. I’m trying to see if I can see you the Sunday you are in Wisconsin in June because I’ll be in Wisconsin that very weekend visiting relatives. Would love to stop by and say hi!

    Oh and my friend is totally hooked on the Shifters, she’s up to Prey now! Will try to get her hooked on this series next!

  2. says

    yay! I won’t be at home at release date, but rest assured as soon as I’m back from my holiday, my e-book-reader will be in a downloading-frenzy 😀