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As you probably already know, Before I Wake, the sixth of seven Soul Screamers novels came out on Tuesday (in the US, CA, and in the UK in e-format). As part of the release week crazies, I have a contest going on here and I’ll be signing both Before I Wake and Shadow Bound at Murder By The Book tomorrow, along with Jaye Wells, who’ll be signing Blue-blooded Vamp. So…come see us if you’re in the area! And if you’re not in the area but you’d like to buy a signed book, I believe you can contact the store and they’ll set your book aside for me (and/or Jaye) to sign while we’re there, then they’ll ship it to you. And I believe they DO have international shipping.

And, because so many of you have already gotten (and read!) your copy of Before I Wake, I thought I’d give you something special and super-early today, just between us. Below are several very short snippets from WITH ALL MY SOUL, the seventh and final Soul Screamers book. They don’t contain spoilers from any book in the series, but if you read them, you can probably deduce that the characters speaking have survived to make it to the final book in the series. So if you don’t want to know that…don’t read. 😉


Disclaimer: These are rough draft passages. I have no idea whether or not they’ll make it into the final version of WAMS, and if they do, they might be reworded slightly. Please do not quote these as passages from the book without comparing them to the final version. In April, 2013. 😉


“And you’re okay with this?” Nash stared across the room at his brother, challenge swirling in the greens and browns of his irises—a bean sidhes’ emotions could be read in the colors twisting in their irises, at least by fellow bean sidhes.

Hell no, I’m not okay with it. It’s dangerous, and risky, and perilous, and also profoundly unsafe. But I have yet to come up with a better idea, so…” Tod gestured to me, reluctantly yielding the floor.


“Yeah. What kind of dangling are we talking about?” Nash said. “Carrot in front of a donkey? Or raw meat over a pit of lions?”

“Probably not the carrot,” Sabine said. “Hellions strike me more as carnivores.”


“We’re not going to spike her protein shake and throw her to the wolves!” I insisted.

Tod chuckled. “I thought they were lions. Or donkeys. You’re losing control of your metaphors, Kay.”


“Don’t know yet,” Sabine said, and when I turned, I found her digging through the cabinet over the short kitchen peninsula. She pulled down a bag of Doritos and removed the clip, then shoved a chip into her mouth.

We all stared at her while she chewed.

“What?” she swallowed, then dug out another chip. “Sometimes you have to fix the problem that can be fixed. I can’t [PLOT DETAIL REMOVED], but I can fix the munchies.”


  1. Anonymous says

    I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for this, but nothing screams obsession like Soul Screamers. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. says

    Oh those are wicked teasers! And it’s good to see Tod and Nash talking! What a perfect way to finish off a week! Though I really wish a certain plot detail wasn’t removed. :)

  3. Jennifer P says

    YES! My obsession paid off…

    Along the way I found an answer to a question somewhere else that might qualify as spoilery, so the search provided its own reward. :-)

  4. says

    Oh wow so good! I really can’t wait for this book to come out! I love the third teaser totally made me laugh! Plot detail removed? Argh! 😀

  5. Mitchii says

    Found them. *wipes sweat from brow* 😀 These guys still crack me up even though they’re in, as Tod described “dangerous, and risky, and perilous, and also profoundly unsafe” situation. Thanks for this. <3

  6. Rachel C says

    After much struggle and moments of feeling really stupid, I FOUND it!! Thanks so much for posting these :)

  7. Kris says

    I love them! Of course, it took me a ridiculously long time to find these. And it took me even longer to finish my facepalming because, clearly, I need to work on my online stalking skillz. 😀

  8. Cathy Garcia says

    I found it on my second try! I figured if it wasn’t on your twitter then it would be here. After reading BIW I’m finally starting to like Sabine. Not that sure about Sophie but who knows what the last book will bring.

    Love that Tod never fails to bring humor into the scenes.

  9. Julie S. says

    Yummy snips of deliciousness :) Sorry to miss you at MBTB tomorrow but hopefully when WAMS comes out I’ll get to see you again :)

  10. says

    Soooo worth looking for! Just wish that spoiler had remained LOL I wish so much the day was here, but yet again, glad it’s not. So do NOT want to see the series end!
    Thanks for the peek.
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour (obsessive fan LOL)


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