New Release & Catching up

First, I’d like to announce today’s New Release!  Karen Mahoney’s webcomic, MOTH TALES, debuts today!!  Here is the gorgeous cover:

And here is where you can click to go read the very first volume. Go! Enjoy!

Second, I’m totally stealing the rest of this blog post idea from Rinda

Catching up with Devon


Current project: COLD COPPER, the third book in the Age of Steam steampunk series.
I should have this book wrapped up and turned in to my editor in the next couple of weeks.  It’s been a fun but cantankerous book to write, and at this point, I’m still wondering how I’m going to kick the rust off the thing to make it hum before I hand it in.  (At this point of the writing process, I always feel that way about every book I’m writing, heh.)

For those of you who have read DEAD IRON and TIN SWIFT, you’ll be happy to know Cedar Hunt, Mae Lindson, Rose Small, Captain Hink, and of course, the Madder brothers are getting into and out of all sorts of danger while trying to save the world.  There are troubles in this book that will change the way several of the characters view the world–and each other–amidst the gunfights, betrayals, promises, broken hearts, strange doings, and other rollicking steampunk madness.  My money’s on Cedar Hunt to find a way to sort it all out, but then, every man has his limits…

Next release: MAGIC FOR A PRICE, the last book in my Allie Beckstrom urban fantasy series will be in stores on November 6th.  That’s only about seven weeks away!

This is the first “last” book I’ve ever written for a series, and I cannot tell you how fun it was to tie everything up and see these people whom I’ve lived and grown with finally have some closure.  I hope readers enjoy where Allie’s story leaves her and her friends, because by the end of MAGIC FOR A PRICE things have changed for them all in some pretty dramatic ways.  I’ll post excerpts and snippets from the book probably starting next week over on my blog. Hope you’ll stop by.

Upcoming project: Book one of the Breaker series!  This is the spinoff series from the Allie Beckstrom books.  They are Shame and Terric’s books, and are told from Shame’s point of view (gods help us all.)  I’ve been seriously chomping at the bit to get to work on this project, mostly because Shame Flynn is one of those characters who constantly bugs me to be written.  Every time my mind wanders, there’s Shame, tapping his foot and pointing at his wrist (doesn’t wear a watch, but you get the idea.)  I even have a growing song list for the book, something I’ve *never* done before.  Anyway, I am really excited about this series, and can’t wait to watch how Shame deals with me putting him in the driver’s seat. (insert evil laugh)

And other stuff: A catch up with me wouldn’t be complete without talking about knitting.  What am I working on? Wash’s sweater from Firefly.  I put this project down 2-3 years ago, and am finally getting back to it.  I might even be able to finish it off before the cool weather hits.  This is the first sweater I’ve ever knit, and if I have fun with it (so far so good)  I might move on to knitting Watson’s sweater from BBC’s Sherlock.   Yes, I am a total fan-girl for that show!

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