Oh, so THAT’S what roses smell like!

Dame Jackie

Weekends usually are my busy time when I’m writing. Loving Husband would usher the Tax Deductions out of the house while I worked on my current project, even going so far, at times, to take the kids Downstate for a long weekend with their grandparents, giving me a silent house and tons of time to write. (Those are the massively productive 10k Saturdays.) While part of me would be sad that I was missing time with the family, the rest of me just focused on the writing. There would always be time, after all, for family.


I’m at a point right now when I’m between novels. And instead of taking every spare moment I can to either write or plan something regarding writing — promotion, travel, marketing, plotting, etc. — I’ve been spending more time with my kids and husband. I’ve been running errands with them. I’ve been hugging them more than usual. I’ve been lingering over that cup of coffee during breakfast. I’ve been unrushed. Yesterday, I went biking with the kids and my husband, and it wound up being a six-mile journey filled with shrieks of joy as we’d zoom down hills. It was the first time I’d joined them on their biking trips. It was more fun than I could say. Later the same day, as we drove to hang out at our friends’ house, I said to Loving Husband, “So this is what a weekend is, huh?” And he said, “Yep. This is what we do on weekends. Glad you could try it!”


Too often, I get so wrapped up in telling the story of the world in my books that I tune out the real world. I’m so glad that I’ve been slowly reacquainted with what weekends could be (and what this weekend actually was for me):


  • Running errands
  • Cooking massive breakfasts
  • Strolling through a farmers market
  • Doing TKD tournament class
  • Helping fix things that need fixing **eyes clothing dryer**
  • Reading for pleasure instead of for research
  • Grill dinner and make a huge salad to go along with it
  • Chatting with neighbors who popped by for a visit
  • More chatting with neighbors who popped by for a visit
  • Laundry
  • Going bicycle riding with my family
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Hot tubbing
  • Swimming
  • Hot tubbing again
  • Sitting with my best friend in her garden and talking about how awesome things are
  • Getting the kids to bed after a long, fun-filled day outside


Time spent writing? ZERO

Time spent fretting about not writing? ZERO

Happiness level: MAXIMUM


As a writer, I pride myself on my ability to describe a rose so well that the reader can almost smell it. As a person, I’m so happy to get a chance to actually stop writing and start smelling the roses.


Life is awesome. Don’t forget to live it!


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    As I take what may be the last vacation with my entire family (my daughter graduated last year and will turn 20 in the spring and my son will be a senior next year and at this time may be off to start his own life’s adventure (college) I have also been thinking of stopping and smelling the roses. Congratulations on your adventure. Time going forward seems to go on forever, but looking back, I can truly say how fast it has gone by. All the best

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