Question Day

It has been ages since we’ve done a question day!  If you have something on your mind, or just want to know what the Dames have been up to or what we’re working on, leave a question in the comments!

To start things off, here’s a quick recap of our latest releases, links to excerpts, free stuff, and some news:


Toni Andrews:  Toni is working on the fourth and final book in the Mercy series.  You can leave a comment and help give her characters super powers!


Keri Arthur: Out now – DARKNESS DEVOURS, book 3 in the Dark Angels series.

You can read an excerpt and win a free copy here.

Jenna Black: Out now –  DEADLY DESCENDANT, book 2 in the Nikki Glass series.

Jenna also reveals the cover for her new novella: GIRL’S NIGHT OUT. 

Rinda Elliott:  Out now –  AFTER THE CRUX ,  post-apocalyptic erotica romance written under the name: Dani Worth.

Read an excerpt here.

Jackie Morse Kessler: Out now – LOSS, the third book in the Riders of the Apocalypse series.

Karen Mahoney: Out now – THE WOOD QUEEN, book 2 in the Iron Witch series.

THE IRON WITCH prequel short story,  THE LOST BOY featuring half-fey Xan is available for free!

Devon Monk: Out now TIN SWIFT, book 2 in the Age of Steam series.

The TIN SWIFT  prequel short story, HANG FIRE is also free for reading at these fine blogs.

Lilith Saintcrow: Out now –  THE BANDIT KING, sequel to THE HEDGEWITCH QUEEN.

Rachel Vincent: Out now –  BEFORE I WAKE, book 6 of the Soul Screamer series.

Click here to read some short snippets from WITH ALL MY SOUL, the seventh and final book in the Soul Screamer series.

We really do love to answer questions, so don’t be shy. Ask away!


  1. Jessica says

    This question is for Lilith.

    How do you pronounce Tristen’s last name d’Arcenne aswells as Vianne’s last name ‘di Rocancheil’? They are unique and I’d like here how they sound.

  2. says

    Hi Jessica!

    Arquitaine is very similar (though not identical to) French. D’Arcenne is “dahr-SEN” and di Rocancheil is “dee ROE-can-shay” with a very, very soft breath of the “l” at the end.

    Of course, these are just my pronunciations. However they work for you is part of the fun of reading.

  3. Fellow writer, ahoy! says

    This is a question for all of you, if it applies.

    How did you find a trusted individual to look over bits of your work you’re having trouble with? Are they local or through the internet? What was your criteria (a good reader? Someone who also writes? A librarian maybe?)

    I have been trying for ages to find a fellow writing buddy locally who’s into this seriously but it seems more likely than not us writers are a little too shy and awkward or just flaky.

    Do you have any ideas/places around the Portland, OR area that could help me in my search?

  4. says

    By trunk novel, do you mean those that we wrote in the past and never sold? Or were so bad, we didn’t try to sell them? I actually have a bunch of those.

  5. Curious says

    I guess I mean super awesome side projects. I call them trunk novels as the novels haven’t been talked about before or what not.

    But if you want to talk about some of the more interesting stories/books you’ve made and never sold I’m curious about those too.

  6. says

    Fellow Writer,

    I’ve had writing buddies online who I’ve never met in person, writing buddies I met at critique groups, and writing buddies I’ve met at conventions. Right now I have two terrific readers and one writer who look things over when I ask.

    My suggestion is to look in your genre so you’re finding someone who “gets” what you’re aiming at. If you write paranormal romance, check out the RWA chapter in Portland. You can also try Willamette Writers, Pacific Northwest Writers Association (both of which have conferences) and our local SF/F convention: Orycon, which usually has a strong writing track. There are many SF/F writers in the area who do signings, readings, and sometimes even get together to write. Plug into the bookstores (especially Powell’s Books in Beaverton–actually lots of local new&used stores are also very supportive of genre writers), drop by a book club, say hi at a signing, try out a critique group and get to know people.

    Good luck!


  7. says

    You know, I think a lot of people think of trunk novels as the awesome side projects. 😉

    I am working on something completely different and secret, but spend so little time on it, it’s SLOW. It’s sort of a mainstream fiction, coming of age story. I love it and should devote more time to it. As far as never sold novels, oh do I have those. About six! I have several romantic suspense novels–one is a small town, friends to lovers story with a twisted bad guy. I have another romantic suspense about computer hackers. I’ve never sent these to my agent. They were ones I wrote a long time ago and would need serious work now.

  8. Fellow writer, ahoy! says

    Dame Devon,

    Thank you very much for the answer! I will definitely get to Orycon this year. I’ve heard of The NUWD, National Unpublished Writers Day which is a free community event at the Clark County Historical Museum here in Vancouver on Main Street. I hear its quite good although I couldn’t make it this year. People set up tables and talk about the process of writing: genre, literary, short fiction as well as poetry and the like. I don’t think they offer roundtable critiques of work, more of an open laid back discussion of writing which I think is great and low pressure for people who are much newer at writing.

    Next time you are at a signing, I’ll definitely come by and say hi!

    Again, thank you for pointing me in the right direction and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Hiya Dame Rinda,

    Some of my trunk novels include a novel set during the crusades that was definitely along the lines of a romantic suspense of the male on male variety. It was pretty atrocious writing but someone starts somewhere, right? Next I wrote 2 of 3 books in which I would have to rewrite the entire second book and remove the gargantuan Gran Canyon sized plot holes in the first one that the cost of spending the time to do that, is it worth it to me in the end? Yet another trunked series I think. My next book, a Horror YA, I mined and wrote a comic based on some of the ideas from the YA which was fun. Four trunk novels down, the next I’ve been in edits for what will hopefully be The One and I’m looking forward to the day I’ll sub that. 😉

    I’m curious about the romantic suspense computer hackers. Have you mined some of the ideas from your trunk novels for other books? Do you think you will go back one day and work on one of your trunk novels to send to your agent?

    Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

  9. says

    Fellow Writer, I think about that hacker book a LOT. It’s also a suspense story about the troubles in Northern Ireland but set here in the US. That part of the plot would have to be dropped.But I seriously love the heroine and the book won a contest or two. I have a feeling I’ll end up mining it. Love the heroine too much to just let her go completely.

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