1. Amy S says

    The smell…the smell is what hit me first as I approached. My burned and eyes watered. Musty and sharp, the scent of ages of filth, and then my eyes focused on the white paper so out of place on the ground. Pristine edges, barely a trace of the surrounding dirt on it. Calling to me. It almost appeared to glow in the shadowed recess of the stairwell. From this distance I couldn’t see what was on it. My head told me to leave but my feet carried me forward, the gravel beneath my feet loud in this abandoned, forgotten part of town.

    How did I get here?

    I remembered leaving my house, speaking briefly with the stranger as he knocked into my shoulder.

    Dark eyes, sultry…black leather coat….

    Nothing more. My feet stumbled on the gravel, and at the last moment before I crashed to the ground I caught myself jerking up as a sound startled me from above. A dark shape flashed and then was gone before I could fully focus on what I was looking at. I stood above the paper, swiveling my body from right to left and craning my neck to see around the stairs. Gravel and dirt shifted and crunched beneath the soles of my black boots, the sound echoing off the surrounding empty buildings. I snatched the paper up with trembling hands, and as a deep growl filled the stairwell I shook as I looked at myself on the paper under the headline: MISSING.