Ready, Set, Ramble!

Usually, I have some kind of idea about what to talk about here on the Deadline Dames.  Today, not so much. :)  Therefore, I shall ramble! (you have been warned.)

1.) In writing news, the last book in my Allie Beckstrom series, MAGIC FOR A PRICE came out two weeks ago!

Here is my book! It is fiery and pretty!

To celebrate the end of the series, I’ve been doing nine days of giveaways (the last day is today) on my blog and have been posting cut scenes, talking about how I tried (and often failed) to title the books, talk cover art and why crime might be best fought in yoga pants, give background history and details, and basically try to offer up as many behind-the-scenes fun facts as I can.  If you want to read the excerpts, facts, and nonsense,  here’s the link to the first entry.

2.) Oh, and in day #9’s entry (today’s), I also included a work-in-progress sneak peek of Shame and Terric’s BREAKER book, which I am currently writing and won’t be out until next year.

3.) Speaking of covers (we weren’t?) 😉 a couple months ago I got the cover for COLD COPPER, the third book in my Age of Steam series.  When I get a cover from my editor, she asks me not to share it because it is not the final version.  But quite often, someone out there gets their hands on the cover and posts it to the internet before I have been told there even *is* a final version.

To make this ramble short, I shall now post the gorgeous cover:

Cover art by the amazing Cliff Nielsen. Follow him on Facebook.  Or check out his work here.

COLD COPPER.   Comes out early July 2013.   I LOVE this cover!!!!

5.) I might have accidentally painted my kitchen cupboards and my main-floor hallway this weekend. It seems like I always want to do a home improvement project of some sort right before Thanksgiving. Seriously, I do this every year. So instead of fighting it this year and then doing it anyway at the last minute (like every OTHER year) I gave in early and painted.  SUCH a nice change from pastels to rich autumn colors.  It really gives the old house a little pick-me-up.

6.) I shall end this ramble with a quick reminder–we LOVE getting your questions in the comment sections or via email.  If you have something you want to ask any of us Dames, or if you have a subject you’d like to see us blog about, drop us a line!

*ramble over* *whew*


  1. says

    I can understand why it is tempting to post a cover, but it always annoys me when it happens. Since in my opinion it is up to the author when and how the cover is revealed. ( Also, if they love the cover that much? Send off an e-mail to the author asking for the permission to do a cover reveal of the final cover. Even if the answer is no, the author will be flattered, instead of annoyed.) But that’s just my two cents :)

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