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Here we are smack dab in the middle of gift-giving season!  This year at the Monk house, we’re going for homemade and simple gifts, which I love giving.  Since I didn’t start my knitting early enough (seriously, I should start in January) not many of them will be knitted. Instead, I will be dragging the Monk men into my crafting madness.

Poor souls.

I’ll post pictures of our craft-fu, but not until after the season, since my family and friends occasionally check out these blog posts. (I see you over there, you sneaky person, you!)

Anyway….I got to thinking that I haven’t gifted books to friends and loved ones for a long time either. So here’s where I need your help!  I’d love some recommendations for good reads to share and enjoy over the long winter nights.

What is your all-time favorite book you like to gift, or the one(s) you read this year that you want to share with all your friends?  Or…what upcoming book are you waiting on pins and needles for?

Any genre, for any age is welcome!


  1. says

    There were soooo many good ones this year. Riveted by Meljean Brook is at the top of my list. I barely made the wait for Steel’s Edge – Ilona Andrews and Magic w/o Mercy and Magic for a Price, all stellar selections. Lord’s Fall – Thea Harrison was another great addition to an ongoing series and I have to mention Death’s Rival – Faith Hunter. I truly could go on and on.

  2. Serena says

    I just got my mom hooked on the Unwind triology by Neil Shusterman and the top book on my wish list is Oath Bound by Rachel Vincent. Also I simply cannot wait for April when Light, the final book in the Gone series by Michael Grant comes out. I am so excited for this book, I am counting down the days.

  3. Mandy says

    Kevin Hearne and the Iron Druid Chronicles are really fantastic. Husband is going to be forced to read that one this year. He’ll like the dog. : )

  4. says

    I read a lot of fantasy but my all time favorite this year is… two mysteries. Yeah. Go figure.
    Collared by LA Kornetsky, which is a well plotted intriguing mystery set in Seattle :).
    Wine of Violence by Priscilla Royal. While the mystery was intresting, what I liked the most were the fact that I learned something about cloister life, and struggles with sexuality.. Among other things.

  5. Jess says

    I love American Gods by Neil Gaiman and The Graveyard Book also by him. For my neices I go to my local used book store and go for any of my favorite books as a kid. Peter Rabbit is always good. Or a nice copy of whatever I have recently finished. I normally look here for what I should read next. And the Iron Druid series rocks.

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