Four Years… (a giveaway)

Dame Kaz

I've been so busy the last few weeks - with a mixture of deadlines and personal stuff going on - that I forgot it was an important date in my publishing history. An anniversary, of sorts... It's been four years since my agent and I first sold The Continue Reading

The Stone Demon is here!


Happy Monday! It's a big day for me because THE STONE DEMON, the final book in The Iron Witch Trilogy, is officially released in the US today. :) Here's the book summary: They say the truth sets you free, but they have no idea how far off Continue Reading

Dame for a Day: Cassie Alexander


Hello, lovely readers! I'm so happy to be bringing you a fabulous guest post - not to mention a great giveaway (see below) - courtesy of the super talented Cassie Alexander. It's been a while since I was here with a Dame for a Day, so I hope you'll Continue Reading

Why Vampires? (plus Giveaway)


That's the question I've had from more than a few people over the years: "Why vampires?" Why do I love stories about them? Why do I want to write stories about them, no matter how 'done to death' (ha!) they may - or may not - have Continue Reading