Sometimes It Starts with a Song

Dame RindaFirst, I'm going to be a bit of a tease and tell you that next week, I'll be sharing something fun... Until then, I thought I'd do a quick post today with songs and music that have inspired stories, characters and scenes. Only it Continue Reading

Humor, Whimsy and Motivation

Dame RindaI borrowed part of this title from Samantha Stoner off Twitter. ;) I’ve spent many years sharing stories about my family. I happen to believe all families have interesting dynamics and love hearing about the more quirky tidbits from Continue Reading

Readers on Deadline (ROD #27)


Dame RindaReaders on Deadline (ROD) is a monthly Deadline Dame feature where we post an intriguing image and invite readers to be inspired and share the results in up to 250 words right here in the comments. (We now have a Facebook page which mirrors Continue Reading

Random Odd Invasion!


Those Odd Shots! First they beg us to be in their band. (I'm pretty sure it's because we have all the cool leather clothes and they hope we'll share. I mean, jodhpurs!?!) But now we find this? Not cool, ladies. Dear Deadline Dames, You think Continue Reading

The Year In Review, plus contest

Today I'm saying my thirties. Tomorrow I turn forty. The big changing-of-the-tens column. Life officially about to start, according to some. Over the hill, according to others. (The benefits of aging, like with enjoying a book, is Continue Reading