Three Crafty Projects

So here I am, just one week away from MAGIC FOR A PRICE, the last Allie Beckstrom book’s release (November 6th). There are probably a million things I should be doing. And while I am working on the spin-off Shame/Terric books (oh, people, these are SO fun!) I also seem to be randomly throwing myself into creative projects.

Maybe it’s just the time of year. I always get crafty in the autumn/winter. Or it could be that I’m simultaneously super-nervous about this book (Is anyone reading it? Do they like it? Has anyone reviewed it? Would they recommend the series it to a friend? To an ememy?) and also cautiously celebrating that no matter where the chips fall, I have completed this thing.

So besides being neurotic about my upcoming book release, here are three projects I tackled this week:


Yep. I am dipping my toes into epublishing! I am releasing HANG FIRE, the short story set between DEAD IRON and TIN SWIFT in my Age of Steam steampunk series. It will be available for free on my web page, and it will also be available (for $) on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.. There are still a few bugs I have to work out, but I’ve had a lot of fun with my adventures in epublishing so far! I’ll post an update when the story is actually ready for downloading/reading. Hopefully, that will be within the next couple weeks.


I suddenly was overcome by the urge to find a solution to my yarn storage. I searched thrift stores for ideas but had no luck. So I scoured Pinterest, looking for what other people have done to keep their yarn tidy. Undecided, I gave up on the search. Then I stumbled across four solid wood shelves on super sale at the fabric store. Perfect!

My yarn corner in my office:

I love having all of my yarn in one place, sorted by type. It makes me want to get busy knitting up some of those skeins into gifts for the holidays!

Shoe Mods:

While searching for yarn solutions at the thrift store, I instead stumbled across a tacky-but-adorable pair of boots that may or may not also be blood stained.  I brought them home intending to fix them up. Someone suggested Mod Podge as a solution, so I checked it out. Turns out you can fix up shoes with the gluey stuff. I decided to try it out on an old pair of shoes before tackling the larger boot project.  One trip to the fabric store later, and I had results!

Here are my old comfy shoes:

Here are my new Super Shoes:

Pow! Super! I adore these shoes! And when I walk, I silently recite, “pow! super! pow! super!” with every step.  ‘Cause wearing these shoes makes me feel like I can take on any deadline in the world!  Pow. Super.


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