Dota is one of the biggest games in the world whether you count its concurrent players or the enormous esports events that Valve hosts for Dota 2. Dota 2 will be on the list of the biggest ones out there. With a chance to get into Dota 2’s eSports scene, everyone wants to be an excellent player to have a shot at it. As you know that dota 2 is one of the most complex PvP Games Out there and being good at it can take some time, but I’ll try to help you with this guide here’s how you can be a good player and rank up in Dota 2.

Focus on Your Specific Role:

Like every other game if you have to get better at something you need to narrow down things to focus on and in Dota 2 you have to pick a position like a mid-layer or a support role to focus on your own gameplay this means understanding your hero’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the role that your position is meant to play in the team composition. Thereupon if you are picking a certain position pick a hero that compliments it. If you are just starting out, then don’t pick a hero who is popular because there is a learning curve for every hero so pick out beginner-friendly heroes that can cope with your situation.

Watch Gameplays:

This tip is universal for any game regardless of genre. If you want to get better at watching the gameplay of professional and experienced players can help you a lot you can point out the mistakes that these players aren’t making and take every bit of information of what they are doing in different roles, positions, and scenarios. Watching your own game replays can also benefit you because if you made some mistakes in the heat of the fight you try and point that out and hopefully can work on it.

Try To use Optimal Builds:

There is no one-size-fits-all but try to use optimal builds in Dota 2 games, as the best builds will vary depending on the hero you are playing, the team composition, and the game state.

Therefore, you can utilize these general tips to create effective optimal builds in games to get an advantage One important tip is to focus on getting items that will help you survive, it is important to make sure that you are difficult to kill. Items such as Bracer, Blade Mail, and Shiva’s Guard can all help you to survive in team fights and ganks.

Dota 2 Accounts:

If you are having vexations Grinding in the game and losing constantly because let’s, be honest dota 2 is a hard nut to crack in this scenario, it’ll take quite some time to rank up on your own and this can extend especially if you are solo queueing. Buying Dota 2 accounts that have decent MMR and cosmetics in it can be a good choice because they are cheaper than buying cosmetics and grinding in the game.